Ceviche Recipe

Posted By: cajunman

Ceviche Recipe - 08/17/04 02:02 AM

can anyone here give me a good Belizan ceviche recipe?? I have found hundreds of recipes online, but I want to make sure it is similar to what we found in San Pedro....we are hosting a tropical themed wedding shower Saturday and just decided to make some.....thanks in advance...
Posted By: Bobber

Re: Ceviche Recipe - 08/17/04 01:38 PM

Check this out.

Also, since I got sick of mexican ceviche (too much fish and octopus tentacles) I wondered if I could get some conch. Checking with our local seafood market, they called their supplier who said they did carry it and could deliver it to the market. It was around $12 a pound. I also found that most of the markets buy from a central disty, so if you are in the mood for conch, check it out. A pound of conch makes a lot of ceviche.
Posted By: JeanH

Re: Ceviche Recipe - 08/17/04 02:58 PM

Since it's so hard to get really fresh fish here in small town midwest, I've resorted to using shrimp to make ceviche here. I do boil it for about 30 seconds, most recipes that I saw seemed to recommend boiling shellfish briefly. Jean
Posted By: robert k

Re: Ceviche Recipe - 08/17/04 03:56 PM

hey bobber, a good substitute for conch is some diced abalone, you can get it in a can, makes great ceviche!! of course, i like fresh triggerfish the best,
Posted By: Bobber

Re: Ceviche Recipe - 08/17/04 04:17 PM

I always keep a pound or so of frozen conch on hand. If I run out, my local meat market is now keeping it on hand or can get it within a day or so. Never got into abalone, have to try it sometime I guess. I like the triggers on a barbecue, seems we always catch more of those than snappers. This is making me hungry.
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