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Ceviche - 04/27/06 07:03 PM

Was in SP in Jan/Feb and had ceviche for the first time ever and LOVED it. Anyone with a good recipe? No conch available here in Nova Scotia, but all other shellfish are. Thanx.
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Re: Ceviche - 04/27/06 07:48 PM

fish or seafood & lime juice basically - can add onions, celery, peppers, fruits. Do a search here - there have been some good recipes posted over the years.
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Re: Ceviche - 04/27/06 08:44 PM

Hi Nova,
If ya can hook up with rastapasta (Maralyn)you'll have a good recipe. She shared over the internet with me many years ago.IGA
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Re: Ceviche - 04/28/06 12:09 AM

Fresh cilantro helps. Even cooked cocktail shrimp works well.
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Re: Ceviche - 04/28/06 06:03 AM

from an old post by SIN, very simple and delicous. I like to add diced cucumbers and a pinch of salt to it.

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Any islander will tell you that octopus ceviche is the best, onced tenderized properly. Shrimp is a good alternative once not overcooked and slightly undercooked allowing the lime to cure the shellfish slightly. Fish tends to fall apart. We love chicken ceviche here on special occasions using livers, gizzards, hearts, feet and other throw away parts. Most gringos don't partake in this.

Conch is a big snail by the way.

Seafood of choice
Fresh finely diced habaneros (no seeds)
Fresh lime juice
Finely diced onions and carrots
Cilantro (as much as you like, especially the stems)
Some throw in diced tomato, optional

Ice cold Belikin with salted glass!!!

If you let it marinate 3 hours to overnight, the seafood will absorb the flavor.

NO FRUTIS, OILS, VINEGAR or fancy gourmet stuff should be included. Dilutes the flavor.

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here is another link
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Re: Ceviche - 04/28/06 01:39 PM

I get the urge for some good conch ceviche every now and again. Unable to find any conch (just by looking around), my brother-in-law Denny (who happens to be in the wholesale fish biz) suggested I have the local meat market guy who handles a lot of fish call the distributor. Apparently the few local distys all deal with a bigger distributor. He called, and they did handle frozen conch. Took only a few days to get it. Very good, and it was about $10 a pound. If I can get it in Minnesota, you should be able to get it about anywhere if you try.
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Re: Ceviche - 04/28/06 02:16 PM

Ahhh, know nothing can compare to MY ceviche prepared dockside at paradise Villas.

PS: How are you, man!

Hugs, Stephanie
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Re: Ceviche - 04/28/06 02:36 PM

Hey Steph, how's it going? St Louis now I seem to remember? How's the funky dog doing?
I seem to remember we shared a few beers, but I don't remember tasting your ceviche. Probably in such an overload from the taste I blanked. Are you still in the States?
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Re: Ceviche - 04/28/06 03:05 PM

Thanks all, it's on the menu for Sunday! To Kra-Z-K: can't do the Belikin tho - can't get it here. Called a distributer in the US but they don't ship to Canada. Will be having Alexander Keiths India Pale Ale instead...
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Re: Ceviche - 04/28/06 03:53 PM

Bobber, check your PM!
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