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recipes - 04/07/08 10:25 PM

I know belizean recipes were posted somewhere but I can not find them. My daughters class is having a Cinco De Mayo day(sorry if not spelled right) she needs an original Mexican breakfast recipe. Any help would be great. Of course it's due tomorrow.
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Re: recipes - 04/07/08 10:26 PM

Huevos Rancheros is Mexican
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3 kids already submitted that one the teacher wants them to be creative, so she sent them back to the drawing table.
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Re: recipes - 04/07/08 10:38 PM

Here's a suggestion as well on this site there are more recipes

You could also try menudo - it's famous in Mexico but takes forever to make and may not go well with kids palates. We love it though.

Seems like a lot of things in Mexico revolve around eggs, cheese and tortillas.

OH! How about a Mexican Pastry???
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Re: recipes - 04/08/08 12:15 AM

Pastry seems to be the pick
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Re: recipes - 04/08/08 12:18 AM

Fryjacks & johnnycakes!
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Re: recipes - 04/08/08 12:28 AM

Fryjacks and coconut bread and powder buns

She is bringing in all 3 recipes..

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Re: recipes - 04/08/08 12:33 AM

Driving through Mex we usually eat at very local restaurants. Usually we get refried black beans with "queso blanco" white cheese (almost like a ricotta/dry cottage cheese), corn tortillas (not fried) and chorizo (mexican sausage)or even longanisa and scrambled eggs. Sometimes, depending on the part of Mexico, fried plantain.

Soft corn tacos seem to be the fast food of choice.
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Re: recipes - 04/08/08 02:32 PM

How about a tamale pie? I have a "mexican" recipe for it that's easy to adapt using corn meal and a lasagne type pan.
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Re: recipes - 04/08/08 02:37 PM

Breakfast burritos lol
Posted By: colomojo

Re: recipes - 04/08/08 11:57 PM

Neecee - can you pm me that recipe - believe it or not I have never made a tamale pie and it sounds really good.
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Re: recipes - 04/09/08 03:13 AM

thank you all she was the only one with different recipes.
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