Belizean Recipes

Posted By: Sandshaker

Belizean Recipes - 07/30/00 07:22 AM

Since we seem to be having quite a discussion about Belizean foods in another topic area.....I'll post this.


There is a recipe page and Jeanie has a lot of recipes broken down into categories.

Happy Cooking! [Linked Image]

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Re: Belizean Recipes - 07/31/00 02:10 PM

Thanks Sandshaker! I knew I had seen the recipe page before but I couldn't remember where. Now I just have to wait to go home and cook!

Re: Belizean Recipes - 07/31/00 03:02 PM


Thanks from here too. Now if I can just find some fresh conch in the central midwest life will be good.

Maybe I'll stop at the local super, grab one of those nasty pen raised lobsters and let SWMBO (She Whom Must Be Obeyed), get to work cooking up that rascal tonight.

I didn't see the recipe for the Bun Man's pizza on the site. Surely a grievious oversight.

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Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Belizean Recipes - 08/01/00 04:39 PM

No CHOOCHOO.....I think the Bunn Man's pizza and cinnamon bun recipes are closely guarded secrets....LOL
The Chat 'Bout Belize site is from a lady in Belize City...Jeannie Shaw. She may not even know about the Bunn Man. [Linked Image]
Maybe we need an A.C. cookbook?.....LOL


Re: Belizean Recipes - 08/01/00 05:15 PM

An AC cookbook? That could be interesting. LOL.

RE: Dennis the Bun Man...I'm on the long side of youth and we (SWMBO and I) can say without reservation that his pizza is some of the best we have EVER had ANYWHERE. Thinking perhaps it was just the palm trees and alcohol (in moderation, of course) we sprung the pizza on our unsuspecting companions both in January and again in April. The results each time has been the same...Perfect!

The cookbook thing reminds of the chicken story from a week ago. Do you really think that there are enough "original" recipes in AC to keep it going. We could always snitch some of Art's cajun recipes, but I think he makes that s--- up as he goes. As matter of fact I KNOW he does. Or how 'bout the key lime pie recipe from Hildy?
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Re: Belizean Recipes - 08/01/00 08:00 PM

LOL....right choochoo.....maybe a folklore book would be better....LOL I know the chicken story would definately have to go in it....and Marvel's hubby's comments too!
THAT was a classic! [Linked Image]

Re: Belizean Recipes - 08/01/00 09:23 PM

Brilliant! A combination folklore and cookbook. A catchy title to draw the turistas...something like "Gourmandizing with Pisano"..."One Man's Favorite San Pedro Recipes and Tales".

I think there is great potential here. You COULD start the interview and note taking process this p.m. Probably have the recipe portion of that book done in about 15 minutes...the stories will take a whole lot longer.
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