Belizean Chicken Escabeche

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Belizean Chicken Escabeche - 03/19/12 01:09 PM

Escabeche is a type of chicken soup made with onions as the main part of the body. The one ingredient that makes this soup so special is distilled white vinegar added to the soup to make it tart. Allowing the onions to steep for just the right amount of time gives the soup a sweet and sour taste.

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Re: Belizean Chicken Escabeche - 12/23/15 11:41 AM

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3 to 4 lbs .Whole Chicken
2-3 plugs garlic ( crushed)
10-12 spice seeds
Water ( sufficient enough to cover chicken )
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 tsp thyme
Vinegar or sour orange to taste( start with 1/4 cup )
3-4 oregano leaves
1 jalapeno pepper ( or to taste )
2 1/2 -3 lbs onions
1 tsp margarine


1. Wash hands
2. Cut up chicken and clean with lime or vinegar . Season with salt and pepper .
3. Put chicken in water and add garlic, oregano , spice seeds , cloves and jalapeno
4. Boil then simmer chicken until tender
5. Remove chicken from water
6.Place chicken on bakin sheet and Bake in oven to make crisp and brown
7. Add more water in pot if necessary . (Add vinegar or sour orange to taste )
8. Bring to a boiling point and add onions
9. Just as water boils remove or turn off heat
10. Add 1 tsp margarine and sprinkle with little oil
*Serve with corn tortillas .
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