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Flavours Savour The Spotlight - 09/05/12 01:25 PM

A few minutes ago, a new exhibition-dedicated entirely to local cuisine-was officially launched at the Image Factory. Freelance reporter Janelle Chanona got a chance to preview the presentation this afternoon and spoke with organizer Tanya McNab.

Tanya McNab
"We are showing a lot of our food photography. We also try to show a different spin on the natural ingredients. What you will see here is a lot of images of raw ingredients or things that are being grown in the fields and things like that. Things hopefully nobody has seen before from the cookbook."

Janelle Chanona
"Were you surprise by anything that you discovered from this culinary journey?"

Tanya McNab
"Many things - I wouldn't even know where to start on that. But definitely I was by no means nearly educated as I am now as to the different food and which one really belongs to each culture and things that I grew up in but never really ever make connections with or figure out. Coconut is one on them - coconut is what makes a dish creole - like that's why creole bread is named creole bread because it's the coconut milk and things like that."

"We want them to leave with an appreciation of where all these dishes came from and the influence that the cultures have on the food."

If you missed tonight's opening, don't worry the exhibition will be on display for the entire month of September. We'll have more on the exhibition's launch in tomorrow night's newscast.

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Picturesque Flavors of Belize

In July, the Flavors of Belize cookbook was launched at the Biltmore Plaza with a grand cocktail that featured sampling from several cooking stations of cultural cuisine from the recipe book. Locally, the book has been well received and its Publisher, McNab Designs is in the process of launching it in the U.S. But while that is in the pipeline, at this hour, McNab Designs is putting off an exhibition at the Image Factory to coincide with the national celebrations. Tanya McNab says there’s a recipe for everyone.

Tanya McNab, Principal, McNab Designs/Flavors of Belize

“It is important for everyone to understand the history of the food; it’s things we eat everyday; they are a part of our everyday lives and that people understand where it came from—it’s sort of a small history lesson for everybody. It is something that you can come and walk through just fifteen, twenty minutes and see things. There are recipes there, there are cultural notes for everything that you see displayed and it sort of gives you that history lesson.”

Duane Moody

“And a video as well, right?”

Tanya McNab

“We have an ongoing video throughout the exhibit which shows food, it also shows some of the original artwork that we have which was the making of the video, A Cookbook Trailer, and some of the actual launch event itself. The exhibit shows a lot of the raw ingredients, a lot of—we always see the food on the plate and it is always prepared; but sort of the raw ingredients that go into it and how we have sort of a set of ingredients that are used across the board in different cultures. Corn is an example that is very Mayan and very Mestizo and how those ingredients have created the food.”

Duane Moody

“Tanya any particular piece that you favor?”

Tanya McNab

Tanya McNab

“Of all the different dishes that are being shown here, I think my favorite is the panades—that’s been a favorite of mine—and any corn-based meals like that, garnaches, fry tacos, in fact that’s one of the items on the menu tonight. We’ll also be having foods so that people can get sampling of some of these cultures. So far, the book has been doing really well; especially in Belize we have been doing really well. We also intend to start marketing in the United States in the next four months and that is exactly. We wanted to continue to ride this weave of enthusiasm and excitement for this book and we though what better month than September to do it in.”

The launch started at seven p.m. and the exhibit will be opened at the Image Factory for the month of September from eight a.m. to five-thirty p.m.

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When Flavour Meets Culture

Last night we told you about the exhibit launched by the folks who brought you the Flavors of Belize Cookbook. Well, now they have put together a pictorial representation of Belizean Food - and it looks good enough….to eat!

Janelle Chanona went to the opening last night and she has this report:

Janelle Chanona, Reporting

September is all about national pride: our national heritage-national pastimes-and national dishes.

Yasser Musa, Director, Image Factory Belize
"Food is everything."

That's why for the month of September, the Image Factory will be hosting a pictorial presentation dedicated to Belizean food.

Yasser Musa - Director, Image Factory Belize
"As a people who live culture, we see food as the ordinary. But what has been captured now is that it has been elevated to a kind of artistic prominence, with the photography, compositioning of the food. So, I think that this is a real breakthrough using something that we take for granted, and elevating it to a very high visual status."

Gilvano Swasey - Curator, Image Factory Belize
This gives a great overview of how culture has mingled, how they have mixed, and some of the ingredients have jumped from one area, and you even get lost. You might say, 'Sere is a Creole dish,' when it actually was a Garifuna dish. So, it gives you a better understanding of how we have intermarry our tastes and culture. It also gives you a great idea of appreciation of how things are prepared. People would ask, well, ' Why would you launch a cook book at an art gallery?' Well, cooking is a form of art, preparation of the food itself."

The team behind the Flavors of Belize the Cookbook planned the exhibition.

Tanya McNab - Publisher, Flavors of Belize-The Cookbook
"We hope that it really will inspire people to appreciate a little more, and definitely for our visitors who are coming home for the September Celebrations, that they can see copies of the book, and that they can experiment while they are back home. The idea is to be able to share it, and in doing so, that they can cook all these recipes right at home, even if they don't live here anymore."

Priscilla Thomas - Librarian, Turton Library
Looking at it there, the way how they put it - how they took the photograph, it's like 'Oh, my food could look this, even though I just decided bake chicken, rice and beans - whatever'. But it gives us a different view on our local cultured food. It's just awesome, and I feel like people are missing out, when you just take the thing for granted."

David Vasquez - Sales and Marketing Manager, Belikin
"Someone like me, who's never been inclined to the kitchen, this has now has pushed me toward trying to play a little bit with menus and cooking a little bit. It's incredible how simple and basic it is, but at the same time - in terms of the menus - but the pictures themselves are really incredible in terms of motivating you to want to cook. So, that's the thing for me."

Karen Diaz - Manager, The Health Store
"I didn't know that Belizean food could look that good in print. Everybody's a fan of Belizean food, once you get to try it out, but to actually see it in those vivid colors; it makes you want to try every single recipe."

Yasser Musa
"It's inspiring to see how beautiful, creative, straightforward, the images touch our hearts. And so, I think that this is a show that teachers from across Belize should certainly try and bring their students to visit."

Our national foods are certainly symbols of patriotic pride but they also make Belizean history more poignant.

The exhibit is open from eight in the morning to five thirty in the evening Monday to Friday throughout the month of September at the Image Factory.

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VIDEO: Flavors of Belize Exhibit

The Flavors of Belize exhibit is currently at the Image Factory. The Flavors of Belize cookbook had their big launch over the Summer, and now the exhibit will be on display until the end of September. Here are pictures and video from the opening ealier this week, where they got to interview Tanya Mcnab, the creator, along with the curator of the Image Factory.

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