My Top Eats in Belize

Posted By: Marty

My Top Eats in Belize - 09/27/12 01:59 PM

One of my first happy discoveries about Belize was how wonderful and varied the food is. Generally inexpensive,dining in Belize is a treat. Thereís great variety, ingredients are fresh, and hygiene is never a worry. Iíve dined with gusto from excellent resort kitchens to beach shacks and the humblest of street side vendors, and never had a rumble of tummy discontent. Itís usually real food made by real folks with a certain amount of Belizeís national ingredient Ė pride.

Any selection of the Belizean culinary arts is by nature a multicultural melange, and here are my top favourites.

Chaa Creek blog

Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: My Top Eats in Belize - 09/27/12 10:36 PM

Man, Chaa Creek is really getting sophisticated!
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Re: My Top Eats in Belize - 09/28/12 02:05 PM

Chaa is worth the trip in...
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Re: My Top Eats in Belize - 09/28/12 02:39 PM

Please remember that we are competing with other predators for gibnut. There has been a noted decline in their population, which doesn't bode well for other species dependent on them. There are specific hunting seasons for gibnut and it is only legal for licensed hunters to hunt them during these seasons. It is also only legal to sell gibnut if you are a licensed establishment. If you wish to enjoy Belize game meat, please respect Belize's delicate ecosystem and do so responsibly by making sure you only eat it at restaurants licensed to serve it.

I wanted to add to this. I used to eat gibnut and like it very much until I was educated about the environmental repercussions and the pressure being put upon the population in Belize right now.
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