Belizean Cassava/Yuca Pudding or Plastic Pudding

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Belizean Cassava/Yuca Pudding or Plastic Pudding - 05/15/13 11:59 AM

Cassava or Yuca is a vegetable that can be used to make a certain type of bread and puddings. It is very starchy so is makes this pudding gelatinous and sticky, but very tasty. This pudding is a lot like the Taro or Coco Cake already at this site.

Now, this recipe here I cannot take responsibility for. This DELICIOUS cassave pudding was the works of a very friendly woman named Miss Claudette. She has by far the BEST Cassava Pudding and Banana Bread in this entire country. No lie.

I will have Miss Claudette come over and make her banana bread and she will be one of my featured cooks in Belize. Now if you would like a sample of Miss claudette's pastries she can be found at the BIG Lime Green Chinese Shop in Hattieville on the Western Highway in Belize, it's the ONLY lime green chinese store in Hattieville and if u miss it you shouldnt be driving.. Those of you not in Belize, Im sorry you'll have to make it from this recipe or come to Belize.

So for ingredients you will need: 2 big cassava, 1/2 cup of Sugar, Ginger, Vanilla Essence, 1 can coconut milk.

Now this recipe is very very very easy and simple.

1. Grate Cassava into a bowl.

2. add the sugar, grate ginger (this amount depends how "gingery" you want it), then you add a little bit of your essence, I said Vanilla cuz i like vanilla but you can add whichever essence you want said Miss claudette. She still refuses to tell me which essence she use. I will get it from her one day tho and of course with her permission share it with you fine people.

3. Add your coconut milk BUT, add it slowly you might or might not end up using the whole can just add it to where it gets mushy and not too watery your not making soup.

4. add everything into a baking dish and cook for 30 mins at 400F or 200C. You can add a thin layer of pie crust like in the picture but most people don't. But this is miss claudette's recipe so do the crust she said it was a simple basic pie crust. you can either buy ready made or make it yourself. Now go try it because it was very very very good.

And lookout for Miss Claudette in the weeks to come where she will be making her Banana Bread. I can't wait for that one! Enjoy

Tanya Sizzles

Cassava Making

Ereba (Cassava) has always been an important part of the survival of the Garifuna people, here is a look into how it's made.

Casava pone

Yuca Cake!! Grab the recipe here:

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Re: Belizean Cassava/Yuca Pudding or Plastic Pudding - 05/15/13 06:37 PM

Made the old way over a wood fire is the absolute best flavor. Have tried many baked in the oven that are good but not the same. Delicious!!!
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Re: Belizean Cassava/Yuca Pudding or Plastic Pudding - 01/18/16 11:21 AM

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2 lb cassava
3/4 lb sugar
2 tablespoon butter
1 1/2 cup coconut milk
1 tablespoon vanilla
1/2 nutmeg, grated
1 egg
Grate cassava in a bowl.
Add sugar, coconut milk, egg, vanilla and nutmeg.
Melt butter and pour into other ingredients.
Stir together.
Pour into a baking pan and bake at 250 degrees for about 45 minutes. ENJOY!!!


Belizean Cassava Pone

[Linked Image]


2 cups peeled, shredded yucca (sweet cassava, manioc)
1 cup coconut, shredded
1 1/4 cups sugar (or evaporated cane juice, if available)
1 teaspoon cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice
5 tablespoons vegetable oil (canola or other neutral oil)
1 cup coconut, rice, cow, or soy milk
1/4 cup filtered water
1/4 cup raisins (optional)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Peel and shred the yucca.

Sometimes yucca can be found frozen, already peeled. This makes things a loteasier.

Be careful not to cut yourself if you do decide to peel it, as it has a very tough skin.

Also, remember that yucca is POISONOUS if it is not cooked all the way through. Literally.


You can shred it by hand with a box grater, or in a food processor with the shredder blade (easiest way).

Mix all ingredients together well in a large bowl.

Place mixture in a well-oiled 8 x 13 baking pan, I prefer using glass, pyrex, or enamel baking dish for this recipe.

Bake at 350 degrees in the oven for 1 1/2 hours.

Once it starts getting crispy golden colored on top and edges, it is almost done. Check at one hour. All ovens cook differently, so watch for the color change to gauge done-ness.

Remove from oven and allow to cool for 30 minutes before slicing into brownie-sized wedges.
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Re: Belizean Cassava/Yuca Pudding or Plastic Pudding - 10/07/18 10:57 AM

Video: Cassava Baking Class

Iíve been carrying this idea for a while, and finally I decided to ask J if she would come and teach/ demonstrate the art of baking cassava bread to us. Being the selfless person she is, the answer was a definite yes with no hesitation. And so it was, I invited a few family and friends over. We enjoyed our time together enriching and preserving our culture at the same time. I am certain we will do this again and maybe more of our brothers and sisters can join us. Seremein hun soun achulagutien!

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Re: Belizean Cassava/Yuca Pudding or Plastic Pudding - 11/15/19 12:26 PM

The Making of Cassava Bread

See how the Garifuna's traditional Cassava Bread is made.


[Linked Image]

Cassava Bread- A Garifuna Staple

My Beautiful Belize recently had the special opportunity to experience the entire process of making Ereba, thanks to the Sabalís Cassava Farm owner Cyril Sabal. The process usually starts at 6AM, when farmers go to fields and uproot the tuber. Some can weigh up to 1,000 pounds! They bring the cassava to a shed, where it is peeled, washed, grated, dried, drained, sieved, and baked. I joined my colleagues in the grating process, feeling first-hand the hard work that the Sabalís put into making the cassava bread.

The last and most breathtaking part is the baking of the bread. The grains jump and coalesce over a hot comal (special flat pan for baking). High heat is necessary, so the cassava doesnít crumble, and baking on the comal harkens back to the long-held traditions of the Garinagu people.

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