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Cookie - 09/13/19 07:56 AM

Try this amazing wafer cookies
The cookies are thin, crispy with chocolate undertones from the cocoa powder, they are addicting. You can enjoy them as is, or roll into miniature waffle ice cream cones and fill up with your favorite ice cream. They are also great accompaniment for fresh fruit and berries, making for a beautiful, colorful dessert. They are divine when served with freshly brewed espresso or cappuccinos. Something you would fine in a fine dining restaurant as a dessert topper or in a fancy coffee shop.
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This this the recipe for the eggless cookies chip cookies for the people with food allergies. But there is no sacrifices in texture or flavor at all. Big chance you will not even know that there is no eggs in the cookies. You take a big bite and you get a delicious crunchy on the outside soft and chewy on the inside cookies with delicious buttery taste and melty chocolate chips explosion.
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