Seafood Open and Closed Seasons

Posted By: Marty

Seafood Open and Closed Seasons - 07/12/20 11:42 AM

Did you know that in Belize, even if seafood is caught during its open season, it is illegal for a person to be in possession of it once the season is closed?💭

That's why it's always good to know your open and closed seasons. Belize's closed seasons are:

Queen Conch: July 1st - September 30th** (Can be earlier if quota is met)
Spiny Lobster: February 15th - June 14th
Nassau Grouper: December 1st - March 31st
Wild Shrimp: July 14th - March 14th
Hickatee: May 1st - May 31st

Fish sustainably. Eat responsibly.

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