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local living ... - 12/21/13 04:22 PM

I would like information on programs there in Central America whereby a person lives with a local family in exchange for work or cash. Its not a typical "rent" situation; but more like a foreign exchange student arrangement. Can anyone give me information on this type of program. I'm not really interested in the corporate programs. I am interested in living arrangements that help the local people and the local economy. Thanks in advance.
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I'm not aware of any programmes locally, but anyone participating in such a programme would have to have a work permit. The tourist visa does not allow for work of any sort, even volunteer work.
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Re: local living ... - 12/21/13 06:45 PM

In PG you can pay to live with a local Maya family.
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Re: local living ... - 12/21/13 06:46 PM
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