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Quote of the day - 06/19/11 02:16 AM

Bertie Chimilio, FFB President
"Obviously we have a new Prime Minister by the name of John Saldivar because he has been ordering the ministry of foreign affairs, he ordering the police now; he deals with the gas business, so where are you our Prime Minister? Obviously we don't know where our Prime Minister is none the less I was very surprise at the powers he had."
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Re: Quote of the day - 06/19/11 03:07 AM

mmm???...I'm guessing that English was not Mr.Chimilio's best subject in school........


"I only fish on days that end in "Y" smile
Posted By: Katie Valk

Re: Quote of the day - 06/19/11 04:15 PM

Dr Chimilio is a vet. Long running dispute over who runs Football fed in Belize; he is pissed off, as are the players.
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