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Posted By: beachesareus

real estate/businesses for sale - 01/15/03 10:37 PM

My husband and I are going to AC in early Feb. We are thinking of purchasing a small business there. Anyone have any experience with this. We're open to any and all advice.

Thank you!
Posted By: susangg

Re: real estate/businesses for sale - 01/16/03 03:08 AM

I am not sure whether tourism rentals is your idea of the kind of business you want, but if so, you might want to check out my two condo units for sale, at //
You could live in one unit and keep the other on the tourist rental market. Or you could rent out both if you have plans for a house already.
(Rental page is at //
The rental business is well established and we do pretty well. If you don't have as demanding a career as I do and could put a little more time into it (like responding to all emails right away, which sometimes I can't do because I have briefing deadlines or marathon deposition sessions) you could do better, and we have a fabulous manager.
My contact info is on both pages.
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