Posted By: Gaz Cooper

SWIMMING POOL WANTED - 10/05/02 05:19 PM

Does anyone have one of those Fibreglass pools (similar to Blue Tang, Milos etc ) already on Ambergris or in Belize and wants to sell it.

I am ready to order my Swimming Pool but before I do I wantedt o check if anyone has one in Belize already if So I am interested in purchasing it if not if anyone is thinking of getting one we can save tremendous amounts of money on shipping if we order them together and ship them to Belize as they stack together and shipping is carged on cubic space used.

drop me a mail to [email protected]
Posted By: JmHanna

Re: SWIMMING POOL WANTED - 10/07/02 02:43 AM

I saw a fiberglass pool at Caribbean Depot a few months ago--it was there for a long time--like almost a year?
Posted By: Gaz Cooper

Re: SWIMMING POOL WANTED - 10/08/02 11:33 PM

Hi Jim

I think that one was Milos and he put it in already thanks for the heads up though

Posted By: Arkansas Rob

Re: SWIMMING POOL WANTED - 10/25/02 05:36 PM

I am a pool salesman in the states and have been selling fiberglass pools for some time. I have a condo down there and know the area. They are great! What line are you looking at? I would be happy to give you any advice you need. I am comming down Nov. 3rd for a week, and can get with you then. Email me at [email protected]

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