Art Supplies?

Posted By: canukgirl

Art Supplies? - 05/26/08 06:13 PM

Anyone have art supplies for sale?
Or does anyone know where to buy art supplies either here on the island or in the City?
Posted By: dabunk

Re: Art Supplies? - 05/26/08 08:24 PM

In belize City there are a couple of places, Angelus Press is one, and the other is the huge purple building that sells all kinds of stuff up the street from Belize Diesel, cannot remember the name right now.
Posted By: wade the gringo

Re: Art Supplies? - 05/27/08 12:03 AM

What items are you looking for?
Posted By: belizegial

Re: Art Supplies? - 05/27/08 01:54 AM

Stationary House is the next place I think you're talking about Dave.
Posted By: dabunk

Re: Art Supplies? - 05/27/08 02:25 AM

Dats da one!
Posted By: Scott Kick

Re: Art Supplies? - 05/27/08 03:05 AM

If anyone wants to do a trip to Belize for art supplies at Angelus Press, I need to pick up canvas and paints anytime after the 3rd of June!

Safety in numbers and all that.
Posted By: Cooper

Re: Art Supplies? - 05/27/08 04:08 AM

Again what are you looking for..I in the last 8 years in my business..I do my own prints..need computer stuff..paint originals..need canvas..make my own like most local artist..the artist paints are expensive..better ways around that..good brushes can be found in the strangest places...Artist have been producing art here for along time without going to Angelus press..thank god that they are here to supply what cant be bought elsewhere..P.M. me if you want to talk about art supplies....
Posted By: canukgirl

Re: Art Supplies? - 05/27/08 05:40 PM

I'm looking for paints and canvas, drawing paper.........
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Re: Art Supplies? - 05/28/08 01:34 AM

There is also a large art supply store in Cancun near the central bus station.
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Re: Art Supplies? - 05/28/08 02:33 AM

A very rough canvas that is used by many artists can be bought at either Liberty store or Simon Quan in Belize City. Most if not all of the art supplies I've seen in stores in Belize has been student grade and not good quality at all. I've seen artists use regular latex house paint or chinalak for lack of anyting else. I have had the best success with purchasing supplies online on websites like and having it delivered to someone coming down.
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