Getting vehicles and freight to Belize

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Getting vehicles and freight to Belize - 07/29/10 03:13 PM

Its Transmigrante season again!!

Professional driver (Canadian) with Commercial Driver's License and 25 years safe driving experience.We are available to transport your vehicle and/or goods from Canada/USA/Mexico to Belize. No visas required, reasonable rates. Experienced with all borders, customs agencies and procedures. Heavy equipment no problem. Save yourself the hassle and headaches. Please contact to discuss your specific needs and let me offer you a custom and flexible service to get your vehicle and contents safely to Belize. We have great references so please ask!!

In many case it is more cost effective to purchase an inexpensive vehicle in the US and have this driven down with your contents rather than using a shipping service. Custom packages available and convoy services also possible.

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Re: Getting vehicles and freight to Belize - 08/12/10 02:39 PM

To view some of our references, please check the or use this link:

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Re: Getting vehicles and freight to Belize - 08/28/10 05:49 PM

Just one more reason not to make this trip yourself if you are not familiar with the route.
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Re: Getting vehicles and freight to Belize - 12/17/10 05:37 PM

es we did drive through Mexico following Frank who sort of ran interference for us. Frank, unlike us, does speak Spanish and that was very helpful; he also knows the routine of when to pay bribes, to whom and how much.

Frank likes to emphasize that this is "not for the faint of heart," and I'll confirm that it is no Sunday drive in the country. It is work. But once you get that idea that it is gong to be somewhat of an ordeal, it can be a fairly enjoyable drive. You are driving through a highly militrarized zone. But the odds of getting through unscathed are hugely in your favor, particularly, if you escorted by Frank.

There are some things that are out of Frank's control: for example, how long might you be held up at the border, or traffic jams caused by one thing or another. These unpredictable events caused our having to sleep in the car two nights, but we made the best of it.

Resilience, a positive outlook, paying attention and listening to Frank, these are all things that will help you.

In short, I would recommend Frank as guide. He is all business and committed to his mission, whether it is 'protecting the load,' or caring for his charge. I'll be happy to answer any specific questions you might have. Feel free to write.


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Re: Getting vehicles and freight to Belize - 12/24/10 06:38 PM
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Re: Getting vehicles and freight to Belize - 01/26/11 12:36 AM

shipping household goods from Buffalo, NY to San Pedro this fall.. presumed ocean freight to be most economical?
Planned on filling a 8'X8'X20' container with Golf Cart,Scooter, Kayak,Furniture,Clothing,etc.
Seeking quotes for Door-to-Door shipment.
Do you have a better idea? We will have QRP status and do not have any use for a Truck on Ambergris Caye.
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Re: Getting vehicles and freight to Belize - 02/10/11 12:41 PM

People use Pascasio, he now avoids this mess & potential loss of cargo by avoiding Mexico. :P
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