Smoked Fish

Posted By: captain5510

Smoked Fish - 12/01/10 10:10 PM

I am taking orders for smoked Cobia It is smoked and Vac U Sealed they are all fillets and will last 6 mo in the freezer great for that Christmas party please pm me if you are interested, I also have smoked Mullet, if you want your fish smoked I also do that also.

Posted By: papashine

Re: Smoked Fish - 12/01/10 10:48 PM

I smoked fish was really hard to keep it lit! laugh
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Smoked Fish - 12/01/10 10:55 PM

And the cats came from miles around!
Posted By: ron

Re: Smoked Fish - 12/01/10 11:46 PM

but they were hep cats.
Posted By: belizean47

Re: Smoked Fish - 12/02/10 02:23 AM

Sounds really good. Wouldnt mind some Cobia at all!
Posted By: P.J.

Re: Smoked Fish - 12/07/10 09:09 PM

I had some of this at Mata Rocks last weekend. It was GOOD! Worst part about it.....everyone else ate it before I could get more.
Posted By: Johnny18

Re: Smoked Fish - 12/07/10 10:21 PM

You have to make sure it is properly de-boned or it will poke holes in the paper when ya roll it to smoke it!

All joking aside....I LOVE Cobia! it's GREAT on the barbie too! And if anyone hasn't tried smoked mullet, they're in for a treat!
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