Affordable apartment rental for 1 month

Posted By: AnnieJS

Affordable apartment rental for 1 month - 06/01/15 08:58 PM

We just left San Pedro and want to come back for a longer time--about a month- next time we come. The daily vacation rental rates make this very expensive. The rental agents tell us that the only way to get affordable rates is to rent for at least 6 months, but we just can't do that. Does anyone know how to find an apartment, condo or house to rent for only one month at a time that would affordable (around $1,000 for the month plus utilities, etc) ?? Our schedules are pretty flexible.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Affordable apartment rental for 1 month - 06/02/15 12:15 PM

Not legally. All long term rentals must be 6 months. Lengths less than that must be licensed by the tourism board. Non tourist, short-term rentals are also a pain for landlords as they don't want to be looking for, and screening, new tenants every month or so.
Posted By: Shyboy

Re: Affordable apartment rental for 1 month - 06/02/15 12:35 PM

I was about to send Annie a PM that said almost the same thing.. Similar to a golf cart.. Look at the rates for a few hours, days and a week. Short term and "reasonable" are two different ends of the spectrum.
Posted By: Bear

Re: Affordable apartment rental for 1 month - 06/02/15 12:53 PM

You asked how? I suppose through extensive and ongoing queries, but don't hold your breath...

Theoretically you could find someone (an owner or their property manager) who is BTB licensed for vacation rentals that would be "willing" to accept such a rate. But the realities of that are very very slim at best. Frankly as an owner I don't see that happening given the cost of vacation rental upkeep. All "vacation rentals" are subject to the 9% BTB tax. If you do the math on a $1000/month, BTB tax included, the pre-tax monthly rate would have to be $917/month ($1000/1.09) or about ~$30/day for a 30 day month...

To expand on Simons comments: A possibility does exist when a sublease of a long term rental is legally available at such a rate, I say legally because not every long term lease allows subleasing and you have to be very careful to not create an exposure for eviction. You're going to want to see the original lease to ensure the sublease is allowed and evidence that the owner approves. That's all going to need to be brokered by the agent who handles the long term lease to begin with. As Simon pointed out, landlords or their property managers, aren't going to be willing to take on that screening hassle for such a short period unless the circumstances are exactly right (e.g. its the first or last month of a long term lessors term and they need someone to stop gap that time).
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