Magma Marine Gas Grill w/ Rod Mount Holder $475

Posted By: hazzyy

Magma Marine Gas Grill w/ Rod Mount Holder $475 - 08/04/15 01:34 PM

This grill is awesome. If you do beach bbq or like to cook fresh caught fish or lobster this is perfect. The push button sparker is not working but all you need is a match/lighter to light the propane.
For sale are: (click on the items they are links)
MAGMA Original Size Marine KettleŽ Gas Grill
MAGMA Marine Kettle Grill Pow'r Grip Fish Rod Holder Mount

The grill runs on propane, the small 1 lb bottles. The same ones a camping stove would use. The grill comes with the rod holder attachment. This allows you to position and mount the grill level in the rod holder. It also allows you to keep the grill over or near the edge of the boat depending on your rod holder location of course. I apologize for the rotated pics but the forum upload tool rotates the pics no matter what rotation I use on the computer. frown
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