Contribution for improving police barracks

Posted By: Marty

Contribution for improving police barracks - 04/25/11 07:07 PM

On Saturday, April 30, at 2:00 PM, a ceremony will take place at the Police Station to celebrate and make official the contribution of nearly $15,000.00 in goods, materials, and services collected by the Neighborhood Watches on Ambergris Caye for the express purpose of implementing a long
overdue improvement in the living conditions in the police barracks.
The following businesses and individuals who contributed goods and services to the cause of providing an appropriate standard of living for our police will receive well deserved thanks and appreciation:

Alex Eily Ė Caribbean Depot
Amalís Hardware
Captain Morganís Retreat
El Pescador Resort
Island Hardware
Mirab & Co.
Portofino Resort
Varellaís Lumber Yard

The Neighborhood Watches would truly welcome media attendance and publicity for the ceremony so that their successful efforts in this cause will symbolize and demonstrate to the whole community the kind of effect neighborhood watches can have in fighting crime, providing that substantial numbers of neighbors take the simple cost-free step of joining together, joining the neighborhood watch in their area, and hopefully going to its meetings as time permits.

Forrest Jones, Neighborhood Watch Press Liaison
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