Emergency Meeting for Concerned Citizens

Posted By: Marty

Emergency Meeting for Concerned Citizens - 06/21/12 08:29 PM

Emergency Meeting for Concerned Citizen tonight at El Divino at 7:30 to discuss the crime problem.

San Pablo is having a neighborhood watch meeting at 6:00 at Caribbean Villas.
Please attend your neighborhood watch meeting if you live in San Pablo.
If you don't live in San Pablo please come to El Divino for a meeting at 7:30.
Someone said to me 10 groups of 10 is still 10.
One group of 100 stands much stronger. Your presents COUNTS!

Have you been robbed, threatened to be robbed? Broken into, seen someone get robbed. Lost your sun glasses or a phone to someone taking it. It STINKS!
Now it has escalated to more than just petty crime. Please show your support.

All neighborhood watch members, all business owners, if you own a bar or restaurant, all fishermen, tour guides, real estate agents, resort owners, dive masters from dive shops, tour companies, airport workers, bank workers....everyone that depends on tourism needs to attend. Show your support and help us stop the crime.

If we don't have guests on our island can you survive here?
If the answer is yes. We wish you well.
If the answer is no. Then we need to set personal issues aside and stand as one.


We have a Mayor that cares. We have a Super Intendant of Police that cares. We have the resourses to stop this fro happening. We need to be one team, one group and stand together and take back our island.

No Tolerance

Please come tonight. It is really important.
Posted By: bywarren

Re: Emergency Meeting for Concerned Citizens - 06/22/12 12:15 PM

Hope we get a report of what was discussed.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Emergency Meeting for Concerned Citizens - 06/22/12 06:05 PM

Just curious - who called the meeting - sorry but I am laid up and couldn't make it. Sure hope others from NACNW did.
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