Security Guard Seminar for North Ambergris Caye

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Security Guard Seminar for North Ambergris Caye - 07/16/13 08:59 PM

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On Tuesday, July 9 the North neighborhood watch held a security guard seminar for all guards on the north side. The seminar was conducted by ASP Lewis Castellanos with the assistance of community police officer Juan Choc.

The seminar began with a Power Point presentation by Mr. Castellanos and consisted of three parts: definition of a security guard, duties of the security guard and what security guards can and cannot do under the law.

The power point was followed by interactive role-playing exercises on various identification techniques. This was the first time that the police department gave this presentation, and it was extremely well received by the 27 security guards in attendance.

The guards agreed that by getting to know each other and working together, as well as having more information on what to watch out for, will make the north side safer for all. The next step is to implement a radio system to connect every security guard to the other guards on the north side as well as to the police department.
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