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Posted By: streetchie

condo development - 11/01/04 10:06 PM

I just read about a condo complex being built on Ambergris "just north of the river." Excuse my ignorance, but is this "river", the same a "the cut" with the hand farey? If so, that kind of large scale development will serious alter the feel of one of my favorite parts of the island. Any thoughts?

Re: condo development - 11/01/04 10:18 PM

anyone out there "in the know" that would like to talk about it?
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: condo development - 11/01/04 10:39 PM

...alter your feel?

best advice, .... buy all the condos preconstruction, ..... and then ask them not to build.

If you are not in a position to do so, I guess your feelings will definitely be altered.

Posted By: streetchie

Re: condo development - 11/02/04 02:54 PM

So, SIN, I take it you're for Cancun-style development in Belize?
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: condo development - 11/02/04 03:53 PM

Well ............. um ........... yeah.

Unless you can singlehandedly support all the individuals and families that will be employed directly or indirectly by these developements.

Cancun is a bit of an extreme.

The keyword here is "sustainable developement".

Posted By: streetchie

Re: condo development - 11/03/04 06:55 PM

I read your profile, SIN and now it all makes sense. You must be planning to make money on this project. Time share salesmen have changed "the feel" of the island as much as the tacky condos themselves. Hope you make a million.
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: condo development - 11/03/04 07:47 PM

and..........your point is?
Posted By: streetchie

Re: condo development - 11/03/04 07:58 PM

......while you make money off these tacky f##king condos, the island loses its charm. So, do you use the "hassle tourists at the beach" sales approach or the "free vacation in exchange for sitting through a painfully boring presentation" approach? Just curious.
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: condo development - 11/03/04 09:50 PM be honest, neither. Different developer.

Let me ask you a question.

Do you live here? If no, when is the last time you have been here? Where have you stayed?

What did you like or dislike about Ambergris.
Posted By: klcman

Re: condo development - 11/03/04 10:26 PM

that's 3 questions, but who's counting :p
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: condo development - 11/03/04 10:39 PM

4 actually
Posted By: CAPTAIN bigzeke

Re: condo development - 11/03/04 11:39 PM

Which reminds me of one of my favorite lawyer jokes.

A guy says to his lawyer how much would you charge me to answer three questions?
The lawyer says $500.
The guy goes that's a lot of money, don't you think?
The lawyer says yep what's your third question?
Posted By: Mike and Daphne Ryan

Re: condo development - 11/04/04 08:03 AM


We bought our place on AC because it had a three storey limit on buildings, among many other reasons. The Island infrastructure will not support huge hotels many storeys high. Their appearance in this place would change its character much more than the continued horizontal devleopment.

We will probably sell and go somewhere else if AC turns into Cancun. We didn't choose Cancun for lots of reasons.

Mike Ryan
Posted By: streetchie

Re: condo development - 11/04/04 02:43 PM

SIN, My wife and I lived in San Pedro from '01-'03, the best years of my life and she'd probably say the same. We had to hi-tale it back to the states when my mother became ill, but we still own 2 houses just south of town and get back every month. Probably will move back full time within the year.

The things I like about San Pedro and Ambergris, in general, is that its different. Most Caribbean locations have been polluted with t-shirt shops, McDonalds and frat boys. Since I don't like any of these things SP was attractive. I'm not against development nor am I naive enough to think that San Pedro will remain the laid back place that I discovered nearly 20 years ago, but this project that we're talking about WILL change the place and I disappointed for it, that's all. Now go sell those time-shares! =)
Posted By: Bobber

Re: condo development - 11/04/04 06:23 PM

Point goes to....Streetchie. A lot of us agree with you.
Posted By: tincup

Re: condo development - 11/04/04 07:03 PM

I do look forward to the day that we have a "real" grocery store north of the cut. Taking the golf cart across the cut by ferry adds up in time and dollars (I normally don't stay long enough to purchase a one month pass which gives you about a 50% discount with daily use). With all the new condos, villas and timeshares up north I would think that the demand would be there. Believe they are planning for one at Reef Village eventually.
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: condo development - 11/05/04 08:30 PM

If you look again at the project, which I am not involved in, you will notice the proposed site is reclaimed swamp. We have lots of that to go around. If you look a little harder, the layout shows mostly home sites with a few three story condotel buildings designed after "Blake House" like the Alliance Bank.

Looks like a very attractive development.

The BTB and GOB has done very well to keep developers within their limits in attempts for sustainable developement.

I also hope this balance will be maintained. But the families that live and work here would also like the opportunity to travel and see the world. We welcome well designed projects like this, they will make this a reality.

Posted By: MALIBU

Re: condo development - 11/05/04 11:10 PM

Point still goes to.....streetchie.
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