Barge facility

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Barge facility - 11/07/07 01:04 PM

It seems the Eiley's have secured their dredge permits and will be starting again on their new barge compound on the the front of the island in Boca Ciega.
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Re: Barge facility - 11/07/07 02:45 PM

I don't understand it. They have been using the facility in the back of the island. So what the heck is the problem? The beach in front of the Club Caribbean subdivision is going to be covered with silt and muck while they dredge and for some time afterward. Will they do anything to prevent this?

I just wonder if ANYONE has ever been denied a permit to dredge?
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Re: Barge facility - 11/07/07 02:59 PM

Only Gringos or those not related to someone in power. Same as everywhere else. But hey administrator before you censor/delete this tread...consider this. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get anything brought over and delivered from the mainland. The lack of transport for everything from rebar, concrete, gatorade, foodstuffs, and everything in between is a real problem.....and it is still slow season. Sure wish the powers that be and others with a vested interest in doing business could get together and come up with a solution. Time to stop pointing fingers and try to find a solution that will both keep the environment safe and keep the island alive with the day to day necessities. Wishful thinking....a pipe dream??? Surely Hope Not.
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Re: Barge facility - 11/07/07 04:30 PM

Just last week they said they couldn't bring down a neighbors container because the roads were too bad. (DUH) What do they think they are going to do when they have to bring all their shipments into town? "when the roads are too bad"
Real smart move
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Re: Barge facility - 11/07/07 05:38 PM

Maybe the trolly from South Beach Belize will have cargo cars!!!!!!!
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Re: Barge facility - 11/12/07 04:56 PM

The light has come on for many of us now. The new barge location in Boca Ciega is for the new "South Beach" development. Mr. Pearce has interest lagoon dredging South, so it would make sense he has interest in this barge location. They have been grading roads, cutting mangroves and clearing for this new development as we speak. Looks like Mr. Pearce won't need those cargo cars
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Re: Barge facility - 11/12/07 05:19 PM

I don't understand what you mean by Mr. Pearce having an interest in the Eiley dredging. He has his own dredging operation a few hundred feet north. He is also using the barge landing with Mash right by his dredge operation. Are they going to start using both?
There are a lot of questions that need to be answered. I'm hopefully going to try and find these answers next week.
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Re: Barge facility - 11/12/07 05:29 PM

Sorry for the mis-information on the dredging locations. The person reporting was confused on the two locations and thought he had the one accross the road from you, JZB. It sure makes sense they would use the barge further South, it being closer and not having to go thru the terrible mud boggs in rainy season.
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Re: Barge facility - 11/12/07 06:03 PM

No more mud bogs! Mr. Pearce (or Pierce?) has been going nuts with his new road grader. We now have the nicest non-paved roads on the island! How long will it last? Only time will tell.
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Re: Barge facility - 11/12/07 06:23 PM

Thats good news about your road JZB.
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Re: Barge facility - 11/12/07 06:33 PM

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Re: Barge facility - 11/12/07 06:49 PM

Great news, looks like our property values just went up.
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Re: Barge facility - 11/12/07 07:00 PM

Our company has the pier rights next to the oceanfront barge operation in the beginning of South Beach in the Twin Dolphins parcels. The side results of the barge traffic are the formation of a new spit of land, about 15' from the seawall and the appearance of a concrete barrier fence with wired hurricane inserts running all the way down to very near the waters edge. I am curious as to the application of the Queens right to have passage here????? Clearly, the situation is such that the company that runs the barges has a different set of information that I do. Our development plans have had to include 31' of beachfront, which is considerably set back, by about 28' from the front edge of this commercial fencing. I sure could use that portion of land, as anyone would want to... A big issue is the trashy way the landing has been structured. What an eyesore; wires, concrete, plastic trash, garbage, pallets, basically a bunch of crap lining the landing area for the barges.
Further, there are childeren operating the deckhandling of lines and gangplanks. Now, I am all for family business ethics, but would have to look closely at the charges applied versus those paid to a ten year old deck hand. Much less, what is the labor law?
Additionally, there are time when I go to the property and find a barge tied off next to the pier and using the landing as if it were part of the operation. I wonder if there has been a contemplation of payment for this commercial use of a pier...No one has approached our company with compensation to date.
Business is business, permits allow usage, and good fences make good neghbors, but I will have a tough time marketing a product to an upscale clientele with this situation continuing as it is.

That's my two cents on the deal.

Jack Burnett
South Beach Vistas
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Re: Barge facility - 11/15/07 02:40 AM

According to Manuel Heridea, Belize Rural South Rep., they are only getting a temporary bulkhead and dredging about 600 ft. so Blake street can be finished. With the low tides arriving in Jan. they can't get into the back unless the last 600 or so ft. of limestone are blasted out of the marina. GOB won't spend the necessary cash to do that so MASH will have to stop using their own landing soon too as it will soon be too shallow to enter.
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