Video: Someday is NOW! Preserve The Belize Reef

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Video: Someday is NOW! Preserve The Belize Reef - 04/10/15 11:17 AM

The Belize Reef: Our Livelihood, Our Culture, Our Future

This should be required viewing by every person who cares for and lives in Belize. There is much discussion of political parties but THIS should be the focus.....

The Mesoamerican Reef is Belize's crown jewel and a major economic engine for the country. As the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, it provides this Central American nation with thriving lobster, conch and reef fish fisheries, a strong cultural icon, and a magnet for hundreds of thousands of tourists who come each year to enjoy its outstanding diving, snorkeling and fishing opportunities. This incredible resource is in peril. Unplanned development of coastal areas -- including dredging and filling of critical mangrove forests, contamination, and overfishing -- all threaten the reef and Belizean livelihoods. In Someday is NOW!, the people of Belize speak out, demanding a coastal zone management plan and a responsible path for development.

Posted By: Marty

Re: Video: Someday is NOW! Preserve The Belize Reef - 06/11/15 11:04 AM

Someday is Now Full-length version

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