Barrow’s fragile gang truce in jeopardy?

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Barrow’s fragile gang truce in jeopardy? - 03/28/12 01:53 PM

On Wednesday night, March 21, several residents of Taylor’s Alley, off Orange Street and close to the downtown area of Belize City, were allegedly viciously assaulted by armed members of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU).

It is the second incident to take place in almost two months.

In late August of last year, in the aftermath of a brutal clash between armed law enforcement forces and residents of George Street after a funeral, the Government was prompted to negotiate a peace with the various gangs across the City, which has since seen them employed in various projects and being paid for their efforts.

The truce has been under threat almost from its inception, following such incidents as the death of Joshua Abraham, 9, on Independence Day, September 21, near his home on Victoria Street; the killing of another 9-year-old, Aaron Pope, at his George Street residence after a home invasion, and most recently, an attack on an apartment complex in the heart of George Street territory, on Dean and Plues Streets, which has sparked a threatened lawsuit.

In this latest incident, according to the victims, three squads of police officers, two in the camouflage uniforms of the GSU and the rest a mix of Anti-Drug Unit (ADU) and Dragon Unit officers, entered the alley and, without apparently either introducing themselves or explaining the reason for their presence, began to beat and assault certain residents in the presence of their families and children, leaving one with a broken jaw and sprained ankle. The incident took place in less than an hour, from approximately 8:00 p.m. to 8:45 p.m., and at its end the officers left as they came.

Speaking with the local television outlets after the incident, the most well-known of the persons assaulted, Arthur Young, appeared to be in one breath threatening possible retaliation for Wednesday night’s events, and in another, shying away from such retaliation.

Young told Channel 7, in reference to the GSU: “I don’t know who are dealing with the GSU, but GSU have to know that we know where they live and we know where their woman lives and we know their children. We know everything, so if they are trying to turn us into a monster, they have to watch out, because if we turn into a monster, then there would be a lot of bloodshed and we don’t want to do that.”

“They supposed to try come in here and talk to us, reason with us or something. You can’t come and beat us up because that will not happen. That will have to stop.”

But elsewhere in the interview, he stated, “We just have to stay strong and at the same time we have to focus, because if we deal with the officers the same way how they deal with us, it will be bloodshed, because we can do the same thing, but we just are restraining ourselves from doing that because that is not what we want.”

And he said to Channel 5, regarding the relationship between residents and police: “I think it is not fair because the police could come and do their job, and we always respect them when they come around, and if they want someone, they can just take them. But if they come and keep beating us like that, then a man can only take so much. And then we don’t want to have no problem like that with the law.”

Later in that interview, he again appeared to straddle the thin line between retaliation and reconciliation.

So which is it? For now, it appears to be reconciliation, as Amandala found out this afternoon when we visited the alley and spoke to residents, including Young.

Asked specifically about his “tough talk,” Young explained, “Belize dah wa small country. Everybody know each other. So we don’t need for it to reach this level of problem for everybody to come and talk to each other.”

The gangs, says Young, who is a Conscious Youth Development Programme (CYDP) supervisor, have been keeping to their end of the bargain, staying out of trouble and doing the work for which they have been paid.

In fact, he told us, Taylor and Trench Alley have no problem with nearby rival George Street or the other gangs signed to the truce.

What they do have a problem with, he stated, is that the GSU have been “acting senseless…no different from us who they demonize…they need to do their job professionally. If they continue [like this], I’m not saying we are going to do anything to them, but other people might be different from me, see it differently, and certain people don’t exercise their knowledge, so they might deal with it a different way.”

Young added that the police brass “have to acknowledge themselves that the situation that the ‘street guys’are in, by [doing] things like this they are putting themselves in the same category.”

“Retaliation is not in our mind…but they have to know you can’t fight fire with fire, something else, but not that,” Young concluded.

Instead, they have made their formal statements to the police and today to the Ombudsman’s Office, and plan to cooperate with a three-person investigating team appointed by new Minister of National Security, John Saldivar.

Minister of State in that Ministry, Mark King, paid a visit to the area on Friday morning and listened to the residents’ complaints; area representative (Mesopotamia), Michael Finnegan, has been on record as condemning the GSU’s tactics.

The Department itself has made no comment, and we were not able to reach any senior officials at press time.

Another target on Wednesday night who spoke to us today on condition of anonymity told us that the regular police patrols passing through the area since March 21 have continued to attempt to “run off” the residents from the area, and defended the fragile truce, saying that the money they receive helps them tend to their families and is not used for illegal activity.



Suppression Unit made by residents of Taylor’s Alley have been submitted, and it does not paint a pretty picture of the GSU. According to a statement from the Ministry of National Security, the investigators appointed by the Minister earlier this month, found that on March twenty first when the GSU descended on Taylor’s Alley, the behavior of the Police Officers was excessive and unjustifiable. The official statement says that while the team is mindful of the fact that there may be occasion for the use of force, they were of the opinion that there is no indication that this was such an occasion.

The evidence is that the Police took the complainants by surprise and they received immediate compliance from the complainants. In view of the findings of the Investigating Team, the Ministry has decided to remove all ground commanders and individuals identified as those that were excessive in their behavior; to provide overall training on law and procedure to all members of specialized units and to carry out a thorough review of the criteria for membership of specialized units will be done.

The official statement says that while action will be taken against the identified perpetrators, the Investigating Team believes that traditional disciplinary action would not yield much success at this time. Furthermore, the Investigating Team has established that some of the stories of the complainants and the witnesses were to some degree embellished.

The Ministry of National Security, based upon the findings of the investigative team, today apologized via the press release on behalf of the Commissioner and members of the Belize Police Department, to the residents of Taylor’s Alley for the excessive behavior of its officers. Members of the investigative team were former Commissioner of Police Hughington Williams, Donelle Hawke and Ian Gray.


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Re: Barrow’s fragile gang truce in jeopardy? - 03/28/12 04:44 PM

I'm not sure Arthur is the poster boy for innocent victim, which does not mean the GSU were not out of line, but google Arthur on local news and see his accomplishments, like not getting convicted of his many serious charges.
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Re: Barrow’s fragile gang truce in jeopardy? - 03/28/12 09:05 PM

Katie you have hit the nail on the head. Everything must be aimed at raising conviction rates. Sentencing need to be reviewed, for some reason they are given credit for time served for both the day and the night (as was explained to me) and only serve 1/2 of the sentence 10 years=5 years. What few convictions we get are shortly returned to the streets. When a murder takes 3 years to go to trial what are the chances of getting a conviction? Memories fade, witnesses no longer available, witnesses subverted, evidence misplaced as time passes.
The solution does not lie with limiting civil rights. That is the very thing we are fighting against. The level of crime is interfering with our civil rights and measures that further limit civil rights are counter productive. We must focus on the major factors affecting the conviction rate. Those are Police procedures, prosecutorial issues and the critical need for a speedy trial.
In the meantime get the kids off the streets and into school while we concentrate on making them jobs and a safe environment.
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Re: Barrow’s fragile gang truce in jeopardy? - 04/19/12 02:09 PM

Is the Gang Truce in Jeopardy?

The Gang Suppression Unit has been quiet since a three man Commission determined that they had used excessive and unjustifiable force on Taylor’s Alley residents. The Ministry of National Security apologized but Taylor’s Alley said no thanks. They asked for compensation and that was met by a swift response… NO. So that’s where that is and Minister John Saldivar embarked on a national tour of the police formations.

In the past two weeks, areas of the City have again become a war zone. So is the gang truce holding or is it sustainable? In our weekly poll many believe it is not and that the shootings and murders are the work of gang affiliates. This afternoon, Minister of State Mark King who has responsibility for the Gang Truce says the truce is ongoing, successful and strong. According to King, who was not answering phone calls, there are regular meetings and daily interaction between gang members and himself.

King says in a release that “We have many projects in the pipeline that will involve members of the Gang Truce program and will provide more jobs to these individuals. I maintain that I will work close with these young men and will give them a chance for positive change. Their human rights will be upheld.” King ends his release saying that most if not all of the crimes being committed lately are being done by individuals who are not part of the gang truce programme.

Channel 5

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Re: Barrow’s fragile gang truce in jeopardy? - 04/23/12 04:26 PM

Shelton “Pinky” August and Arthur Young Dead

On Sunday 22nd April, 2012 about 11:15pm information was received that ARTHUR YOUNG, leader of the Taylor’s Alley Gang and who was wanted for the murder of Shelton “Pinky” August, George Street Leader, which occurred on Friday 20th April, 2012 was being harbored at a house owned by Robert MARIANO of a Bonefish Street, Vista Del Mar, Ladyville, Belize District.

An Operation was subsequently launched at the mentioned address and as a result the house appeared abandoned, but shuffling was heard inside as the Police announced their presence. The house was eventually breached and inside of one of the bedrooms, Arthur YOUNG was found inside and attempted to escape, but was apprehended.

Whilst being escorted to the Eastern Police Division in Belize City a struggle ensued between YOUNG and officers inside the pan of the Police vehicle as he attempted to disarm one of the officers. The firearm discharged and resulted in YOUNG sustaining injuries. YOUNG was rushed to the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital where he pronounced dead on arrival. Police investigation continues.
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Re: Barrow’s fragile gang truce in jeopardy? - 04/23/12 04:45 PM

Arthur is on video tape shooting Pinky and girlfriend Friday night at the gas station. Two of many other lives he has taken by himself or orders for someone else to do so. He knew after Friday nights killing he only had days left til the gang or police got him. And they did.
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Re: Barrow’s fragile gang truce in jeopardy? - 04/23/12 05:22 PM

Belizeans’ Safety being Addressed
Belmopan, 23rd April, 2012.

The Ministry of National Security wants to reassure Belizeans that it will continue to work diligently to provide a safe and secure environment to all especially the residents of Belize City in the wake of the recent shooting death of an alleged gang leader Sheldon August Tillett AKA Pinky who was shot and killed on Friday 20th April 2012.

Please be informed also that since Friday although there were several shooting incidents only one other homicide took place in Belize City on Allen Pitts Crescent where Peter Flowers was killed.

The Ministry reiterates that despite rumours, no more than four (4) homicides occurred over the weekend and again reassures the public that it is putting measures in place to ensure the safety of the Belizean public.
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Lots of discussion on Patrick Jones' Facebook page:

under the LOVE TV thread... "Arthur Young killed … details shortly"

Press conference starting now...
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Re: Barrow’s fragile gang truce in jeopardy? - 04/23/12 05:26 PM

Is there a live link we can listen to Marty?
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Re: Barrow’s fragile gang truce in jeopardy? - 04/23/12 05:34 PM

yeah its on now here:

you might have to download the real audio player first
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80 more cops on streets, but is gang truce on life support?

The press conference had just started when shots rang out again in the city on Freetown Road. Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, however, blamed the social media for exaggerating the crime situation and outlined what the government is doing in response to the crime wave. News Five’ Jose Sanchez also has this story.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

B.D.F. General Dario Tapia, Acting Commissioner of Police David Henderson, C.E.O. in the Ministry of National Security George Lovell, Mesop Area Rep. Michael Finnegan, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Boots Martinez, Mark King and the man in charge of the National Security Ministry, John Saldivar, were at the head table at this morning’s press conference. Saldivar scolded the Facebook gangsters who increased the weekend murder count.

John Saldivar

John Saldivar, Minister of National Security

“The reports especially in the social media of a bloody retaliation which rumored up to a dozen dead and more to come was thankfully just idle or malicious exaggeration. These reckless rumors, however, and the real anticipation of retaliation did put our entire nation on edge for almost seventy-two hours. The truce alone does not guarantee public safety. And as a result, a conscious decision was taken by the ministry to enhance the police’s efforts on the streets of the city. An increased number of security forces were deployed resulting in increased visible presence since the eighteenth of April in and around all known hotspots. This obviously did not deter the senseless string of violence which occurred over this weekend. The recent gang rivalry activities between George St. and Taylor’s Alley started with death of Orlando Reyes on the afternoon of twentieth April around three-thirty p.m. This was followed with the double murder of Shelton August Tillett, aka Pinky and Kamille Andrews approximately eight hours later at the Esso Gas Station at Mile two and a half on the northern highway. About fourteen hours later, another murder occurred on Allen Pitts Crescent on the twenty-first April 2012 where Peter Flowers was shot and killed. And on the twenty-second April, Mister Larry Sutherland was shot in the stomach and he remains in the K.H.M.H. in a critical condition. There have also been reports of random shots fired but what I have detailed above is the extent of the casualties related to this weekend’s spate of violence in the city.”

Since Friday, there have been four recorded murders in the city, one person was killed by the police and oen person was killed in the capital over the weekend.

John Saldivar

“Starting yesterday, Sunday twenty-second April 2012, the Belize Police Department supported by B.D.F. commenced the deployment of troops and police which will see at its height the number of officers on streets of Belize City increased by close to eighty. This is allowing in greater numbers to effectively contain, interdict and dismantle all factions that are not participating in the truce and are involved in these criminal activities. These operations are done to ensure that violence and crime are reduced and that the truce returned back to its November 2011 status. The concept of this operation is to contain the level of violence in Belize City by increasing the presence of security forces. This will be done by effectively patrolling by means of foot, ATV, motorcycles and vehicles and targeting of special areas and persons of interest. I have no doubt in my mind that our efforts—both from a policing perspective and from the dialogue and intervention perspective—will yield the desired effect in a very short time.”

But even with eighty additional boots on the ground, another person was shot. During the Minister’s speech, forty year old Corrington Bowden was shot in the head near a boutique on Freetown Road.

Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

“I don’t have full details. I know that Corrington Bowden was shot a little after ten o’clock this morning on Freetown Road—this is almost with the junction of Victoria Street and Barrack Road. The bullet entered one side of his head and exited the other side. He is listed in critical condition at the K.H.M.H.”

Jose Sanchez

Fitzroy Yearwood

“You don’t know if he has any affiliation at this point with any gang?”

Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood

“Well Jose, as soon as I get back to the office I will be able to comment on t hat. But for now that’s all I have about that incident.”

John Saldivar

“We are facing a very challenging time in our nation right now with gang related activities, homicides and other criminal activities in the streets of Belize City. Corruption in the police department seemed to add to the already volatile situation that makes our job even more challenging. I am confident that we can and will bring things back to normalcy not only in Belize City but across this country.”

With fourteen murders in fifteen days, and a person shot in the face, this morning on Freetown Road, there must be an improved plan to keep citizens safe. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

Channel 5

Ministers meet gangs on Sunday

The violence spurred the government to meet. On Sunday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow met at ITVET with several ministers and this morning a press conference was called. Firstly, the press savvy prime minister was present at both but it was left to the Minister of National Security, John Saldivar to deal with the crime. Saldivar’s statement was short and the question and answer period was shorter. The significant information to come up was that since Sunday, there are more police on the ground. But the most incredible statement has to be that the gang truce is holding. News Five’s Jose Sanchez has a look at both events.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

Following the four murders in the former capital, the government held an emergency meeting at the ITVET on Freetown Road on Sunday. Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Michael Finnegan, Boots Martinez and John Saldivar attended the gang meeting.

Dean Barrow

“The minister will speak to you.”

John Saldivar, Minister of National Security

“I think that the news of all that has been happening over the weekend has been greatly exaggerated. As far as the statistics go, we have four murders; one the execution of Mister Pinky Tillett. We are satisfied with the containment and we will have details about that in our press conference.”

John Saldivar


“Will the state be making any authoritative moves to contain what people feel will be an outbreak of a gang war?”

John Saldivar

“We are confident that our measures will be adequate and we’ll announcement them tomorrow.”

And at Monday’s press conference, the question was raised of whether or not the gang truce was on life support since founding leaders of George Street and Taylor’s alley have lost their lives to the weekend gun violence.

Jose Sanchez

“You mentioned the gang truce. Whether the leaders who were part of this truce were killed in murders or perhaps accidentally as the investigations might still show at the hands of the police. What is the status of the gang truce? Is there still a negotiation being that the leaders themselves have been shot or are dead? Where is that now?”

John Saldivar

“In terms of gang truce we did have a meeting yesterday with I believe eleven leaders of various groups around the City. We are confident that the gang truce is holding among those leaders and we are still currently looking to dialogue with the other remaining groups that were not present at the meeting yesterday, but we are confident that aside from what has happened over this weekend, the gang truce is holding and persons who are a part of that truce are committed to the truce.”

Jules Vasquez, 7 News

“These Ghost Town and George Street are considered and as far as Taylor’s Alley…”

John Saldivar

“And as far as I know, Ghost Town was there, George Street was absent and I believe Gill Street was absent—those are the only two that were not there. But as I have said to you, what I have gathered from those that were there is that they are holding to their part of the bargain. As I also said earlier, with this operation in place, full force will be brought down on those who are not participating.”

Jules Vasquez

“So is the work program—I understood the original premise of the work program which started in September which is the gang truce is was that hold down the violence and employment will maintain; again fourteen murders in half a month. Apparently the violence is not being so held. On what basis do we continue? Is there some metric basis that we can say well so much work is being accomplish and so much is being paid thus we continue the truce?”

John Saldivar

“It is clear that a majority of those involved in the truce are maintaining their word and their commitment to the truce. It has already also been made clear to those who are breeching the truce that they will not be allowed to be a part of the work program.”

Channel 5

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Re: Barrow’s fragile gang truce in jeopardy? - 04/25/12 02:39 PM

Amandala EDITORIAL: Gang violence escalates

On Friday night the Maximum Leader of the George Street gang was ambushed and killed at a Northside Belize City gas station. As the news spread late Friday night and early Saturday morning, a hush fell over the old capital, because most adults residents believed that this sensational murder marked the end of the gang truce, of sorts, which had been in place in Belize City since September last year.

On Sunday, one of our sources indicated to us that the significance of Friday night’s assassination was not lost on the socio-economic elite of the Northside, that they were scared of what the future held for Belize City, and for themselves. Now, then, this may be as good a time as any for this newspaper to move away from the Southside model we introduced, as a graphic teaching tool, about 17 or 18 years ago.

As with most such models, the Southside model was imperfect in application. It was imperfect because there are at least four specific areas of the Northside where Southside conditions are the norm. There is, however, much more residential evidence of prosperity on the Northside than there is on the Southside. And, over the past years, gang violence has become mostly Southside.

The Southside model was controversial from the beginning, one reason being that any concept introduced by Amandala is always greeted with skepticism. A big reason for that chronic establishment skepticism, frequently controversy, is that, while Belize is a predominantly Christian nation and everybody else in the Belizean media waves the Christian flag, this newspaper, while manifestly respectful of Christianity, has a reputation of being sympathetic to Islam.

In any case, the main criticism of our Southside model was that it was divisive, and that is, we concede, a fair criticism, except for the fact that the divisions were already in place: we did not create those divisions. Another criticism came from long-time residents of the Southside who felt that the Southside model reflected negatively on that section of the city they have known, loved, and held in high esteem for decades and decades.

Where the commonality of our existence in Belize City is concerned, we understand that the drug business always brings a divisive culture with it. Drug dealing is illegal, so it has to be secretive. The principals are suspicious, seek to establish an aura of intimidation, and they are absolutely violent when they have to be. Belize City residents began to feature high, hard fences, and vehicles became heavily tinted. We citizens had to draw away from each other, instead of reaching out to one another as our culture had been before Hurricane Hattie.

We can remember wealthy businessmen like Guy Nord, Ernest Black, and David Estephan, Jr., who sponsored championship football teams between the 1950s and 1970s (we are referring to Dunlop, Berger 404 and White Label, respectively), and ended up in comfortable relationships with their roots players.

Money did not divide Belize City as much back then. There was interaction/camaraderie between the rich and the poor which took place at horse race meets, political functions, and the like. In fact, the undisputed political leader back then, Right Hon. George C. Price, practiced what some called social engineering – in handing out lots and designing new housing areas, he often structured it so that rich and poor Belizeans lived next to each other.

Today, there is alienation, separation and polarization in Belize City. This climate affects business very negatively. Anything that reduces the alienation, separation and polarization in the old capital will contribute to better business. They say the rising tide lifts all boats. The question is, how would you go about creating a rising tide, how would you go about reducing tension and suspicion and hatred and violence?

At this newspaper, we thought we saw something about to happen before it began taking place. But you can’t really do anything about anything here unless you acquire political power, or unless you are extraordinarily wealthy. We think that Belize City has reached the present crisis state because the politicians and the wealthy didn’t care, and they had no vision. The more important part of that is “didn’t care.”

The Southside model made it so that no one can now claim he or she cannot see. Today, all of us can see. Now, what we need to do is begin to care.

All power to the people.

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Re: Barrow’s fragile gang truce in jeopardy? - 04/25/12 03:00 PM

Gang Truce Dying with Leaders; South Side Gangster shot in Chest

Jermaine ‘Horse” Garnett

The gang warfare is not letting up in the city. Just after five this evening, a well known affiliate from the South Side Gang (SSG) was shot on a main thoroughfare. Jermaine ‘Horse” Garnett was shot while he sat inside a Landcruiser, which was parked in front of the Freetown Drug Store. According to his wife, Pamela, Garnett was with her on Freetown Road conducting business shortly before five this evening in the vicinity of the drugstore. Prior to exiting the vehicle he told her that he was hungry and would wait a while to purchase some pastry. While seated in the vehicle he was approached by an individual his wife says he recognized. The young man then reached for a firearm and before Pam could alert him of what was about to happened the gunman fired a single round hitting “Horse” in the upper left side of his chest. The second attempt to shoot him resulted in the weapon, a point three-eighty revolver, slipping out of the gunman’s hand. “Horse” then jumped out of the driver’s side of the vehicle where a struggle ensued between him and his attacker for the weapon. Seeing that the gun was out of his reach Horse then ran into the direction of Kelly Street. According to Pam, the proprietor of the drug store sheltered her inside the business for fear that the gunman would turn on her. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports.


Jose Sanchez, Reporting

A shooting incident occurred late this evening on Freetown Road. An alleged member of the South Side Gang, Jermaine “Horse” Garnett, was shot while he sat inside this Landcruiser with license plate 34857 which was parked in front of the Freetown Drugstore. Garnett’s wife was inside filling a prescription when the incident occurred. the owner of the establishment, Raul Acevedo, said that Pamela knew that it was her husband who was shot.


Raul Acevedo

Raul Acevedo, Owner, Freetown Drug Store

“A bout five o’clock, one of my regular customers, Miss Pamela, she come in come fill wah prescription right. So when she come in ya, I gone and full the prescription. But when I di full out the prescription like how dah only me one deh yah, I deh out di look outside fi see if anybody come in. So her husband was sitting outside in the vehicle waiting for her. And this dah bout five o’clock then about five minutes later, we just hear a gunshot. I saw her husband sitting in the vehicle and I saw like when he got out—I noh see nobody else come around ahn. And then when the gunshot, she holla, “they shot mi husband.” Like automatically she say that dah her husband they shot. and when she run outside, we noh see nobody—I gone outside with ahn and we noh see nobody. We noh see ih husband; we noh see no gunman. That dah basically it.”


Jose Sanchez

“But was it her husband who was shot?”


Raul Acevedo

“Apparently it was because her husband was sitting in the vehicle and ih missing now. And everybody that know her husband di say yes dah her husband because they see her husband di run down Kelly Street. They say ih jump ina wah car and the man ker ahn dah hospital. I noh wah say that but that da the rumors weh everybody di tell me.”


Jose Sanchez

“So they were in the Landcruiser?”


Raul Acevedo

“Yes, yes—the white Landcruiser that was parked out here; they were in that.”


Jose Sanchez

“And no idea why, she didn’t say why anyone would want to shoot her husband? She seemed to just know it was her husband.”


Raul Acevedo

“She noh say nothing. As she hear the gunshot, she just know ih husband—because when she look out she never see her husband in the vehicle—she said they shot her husband.”


Jose Sanchez

“There must be a reason why I guess, but she didn’t say anything. So she went; where did she go?”


Raul Acevedo

“She just shout they shot mi husband and she break down and cry. She had like wah nervous breakdown right away.”


After he was shot, “Horse” ran very fast on Freetown Road around the corner into Kelly Street where he jumped in a car and begged the driver to take him to the K.H.M.H. Eighty additional officers on the streets, have done nothing to stop two recent shooting incidents, however the Minister of National Security says the gang truce is holding. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.


Late reports are that a suspect has been apprehended and it is alleged that he may have been involved in the shooting of Corrington Bowden in the same area on Monday.

Channel 5

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