Dr. H. Gayle: The Cause Of "Senseless Murders"

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Dr. H. Gayle: The Cause Of "Senseless Murders" - 12/21/12 02:02 PM

Gayle on implosion from 7News Belize on Vimeo.

So far, tonight most of our newscast has been about violence. It's everywhere and, indeed, on nights like this, seems like it is overtaking us.

And most of the violence is what we would call senseless - such as the Garrido killing…why would anyone kill a working 15 year old who had only moved into a neighborhood a few months earlier?

It's literally unbelievable….but violence anthropologist Dr. Herbert Gayle offered an explanation to these apparently senseless murders when he was here in 2010. That's when he was presenting his definitive study on male social violence in Belize.

In a presentation at the Bliss Center, he explained the concept of social distance amongst oppressed persons - and why it accounts for much of the gun violence we witness daily:..

Next week, we'll post the entire Gayle video lecture

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Re: Dr. H. Gayle: The Cause Of "Senseless Murders" - 12/21/12 03:29 PM

Smart man
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