Mobile Command Center for Belize Police Dept.

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Mobile Command Center for Belize Police Dept. - 08/29/13 11:22 AM

Today, the top brass of the Police Department gathered at the Queen Street compound for a historic donation, a first of its kind in Belize. Thanks to the government of Taiwan, the local police can now boast its first mobile command center, fully pimped out and ready to roll. The caravan is equipped to serve as anything from storage and workspace for crime scene management to communication workstations or even for the deployment of SWAT teams with weapons and equipment. The mobile command center, as well as radio communication repeater systems, form part of a donation worth in the region of one hundred and twenty thousand dollars US.

David Wu, Ambassador of Republic of China on Taiwan 

David Wu

“The Police Department is a vital part of the government which fights against organized crime including theft, homicide, illicit drugs and arms trafficking, etc…issues which are too large for any one country to tackle alone. That is why when the Ministry of National Security approached my embassy some time ago we gladly extended our partnership. It’s only with help from friends that we can successfully combat the rising crime rates that know no boundaries. Indeed crime is a social problem that spares no country and only through strong cooperation both nationally and internationally can it be combated.”

Allen Whylie

Allen Whylie, Commissioner of Police

“For a number of years we’ve spoken about having a mobile command center…and we’ve spoken and we’ve spoken but we’ve never actually actualized it. Today through the contribution of the Taiwanese government we actually have our first mobile command center and rest assured it will be put to use. The radio communication equipment, as the Minister says, will definitely be a plus for us because it will extend our radio coverage within Belize City. And we know that communication is the key in terms of providing the service to the citizens when they call for assistance.”

According to Police Commissioner Allen Whylie, the mobile command center has already been put to use. In additional news, from the Ministry of National Security, construction of a new Belmopan Police Station is set to start within the next few weeks.

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