Public Alert; Fake Checkpoints

Posted By: Marty

Public Alert; Fake Checkpoints - 12/13/16 02:16 PM

In view of the recent robberies on our highways and criminals impersonating police officers and setting up check points on our highways, the general public is advised that every Check Point manned by the Belize Police Department will display clearly a Police Check Point sign.

At least one police officer at the check points will be dressed in the number one uniform (Khaki shirt and blue trousers) and a marked police vehicle will also be present at the check point. If any member of the public should come across a Police Check Point that does not meet these requirements, they are advised not to stop and proceed to the nearest police station to report the matter.

Posted By: champion

Re: Public Alert; Fake Checkpoints - 12/14/16 11:11 AM

Wow, that's a tough one, if the locals are falling for this, I can only imagine what the tourist outcome would be. I mean, what tourist would simply not stop for fear of being arrested and thrown in a foreign jail. Every one of them will stop not know what is real or fake. Yikes
Posted By: ToucanSam

Re: Public Alert; Fake Checkpoints - 12/14/16 03:26 PM

The last person who failed to stop at a police checkpoint in Bullet Tree (which never has marked police vehicles present and often has officers dressed in camouflage rather than khaki) was shot by the police. So I guess my choice is: get robbed or get shot.
Posted By: Wizardofaahs

Re: Public Alert; Fake Checkpoints - 12/14/16 03:44 PM

That had to be planned, and probably from the inside.....the Travellers truck was targeted because they knew they would have lots of cash. they didn't target tourists, private cars.....need to question the employees very thoroughly. Just my thoughts. wink
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