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Posted By: Marty

Boxing Match - 08/28/06 09:39 PM

The last boxing match was a huge success. Itís coming again. There will be 5 Ė 7 bouts on September 24. The last time it was held at the RCís court and this time it will be held there or at the BoatYard. Please attend and support our local boxers.
Posted By: LaraTravelBelize

Re: Boxing Match - 08/30/06 07:30 PM

Thanks for this marty.

I train the fighters, along with Bubba Busceme. We are still a little unclear as to the final location, but we are VERY excited about this upcoming event. Vernon Evan and Pablo from Ambergris Jade have been instumental in helping get Belize City on board. The coming fight is scheduled to be against Belize City. Should be an AMAZING NIGHT!

We are planning on Sept 20 for the fight, but unfortunately, a LOT of cost will go into holding at the boat yard. While Tom is being VERY gratious with the Boat Yard, we will need to build bleachers if we are to hold it there. SOOOO...anyone, or any business interesting in sponsoring San Pedro Boxing, please let me know.

I can be reached at 206-2179, and we train daily on the palapa by either Carib Island or Sunset come on out and see what we're up to!

Thanks everyone!
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Re: Boxing Match - 08/30/06 07:35 PM

I went to the last boxing match,and it was the best sporting event that I have attended on this island-My question is, Why on earth change the location?-the RC basketball has bleachers a bar and everything else-except no toilets-I understand all profits after expenses go back to the town-seems perfect to me.
afew years ago there was a boxing match at the Boat Yard and it was difficult to get a good view
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Re: Boxing Match - 08/30/06 08:04 PM

i was a perfect location last time!!!
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Boxing Match - 08/31/06 01:02 PM

Toilets worked fine at the basketball finals.

Lara I've PM'ed you with some info.
Posted By: LaraTravelBelize

Re: Boxing Match - 08/31/06 03:05 PM

short version of the why...long version sent on PM to those that wanna know...

1/3 of the door goes to the school for rent of the 5 aside
1/3 goes to town council.
1/3 to pay for the opposing fighters, their trainers, and one family member to travel to the island, stay in a hotel, and eat, pay the referrees, the time keeper, the police for security, the judges, the advertising, the doctor on call, and to buy additional equipment, and build the ring (which needs to be rebuilt for the next fight)

At 600 seats in the 5aside including the floor seating, it simply mathematically, future for the event. Yes, there are sponsors, but the overhead on this is really really high.

Short term, the 5 aside is great, however, i think if we spend a little more portable bleachers for the Boat Yard...we have a hit. There is a ton of space to set up booths to make it a bigger event overall, things for kids to do before and between matches, a great restaurant, and washroom facilities....oh, and we wont be blocking up traffic in the center of town smile

Of course, there is even more to this, and i would love to discuss it in detail, but bare in mind that there is a lot going on behind the scenes to make the event, so i ask for your support in either case....5 aside, or boat yard, and ask that you trust that there are legitimate reasons for either decision smile

I do ask here, though, that any questions, concerns, donations or other items relating to Trianing or Promotion be directed to me, any thing regarding Belize City to Vernon Evan, and anything regarding Town Council Sports Commission specifically, be directed to Pablo at Ambergris Jade.

thanks again so much for your support! i really believe that this is something that can be great for the island, and ultimately the country...if we can get it flying again....need to be able to generate some revenue to pay for all that though...

Hope to talk to many of you before then...but if not, see you there!
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Re: Boxing Match - 09/01/06 12:00 AM

A great restaurant at the Boatyard-Where exactly is it situated !!
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