Belize Vs Mexico This Weekend

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Belize Vs Mexico This Weekend - 06/11/08 10:06 PM

Anyone know what channel this will be on and at what time? Sorry if I missed a previous post.
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Re: Belize Vs Mexico This Weekend - 06/11/08 10:09 PM

Sunday, 1:30PM on Cable Channel 33
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Thanks Jesse...Lobsterfest or....hmmm...a lot of options this Sunday it seems!
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Are Belize's Boys Ready for the Big Time in H-Town?

Belize’s 21 member national football selection is in Houston, Texas tonight. On Sunday they will play against Mexico’s national football selection at the Reliant Stadium. As we’ve been reporting, this is the first time that Belize has advanced beyond round 1 in the World Cup qualifying matches – and more importantly – we will be playing against the region’s number one team – Mexico. So our small team will be playing a huge game against tremendous odds in a mega stadium. We visited with the team yesterday and Keith Swift has part two of our story on their road to Houston.

Ian Gaynair, Member – National Football Selection
“I am prepared for that. I love the camera, I love the crowd.”

And Ian Gaynair and these other players will get the crowd and cameras on Sunday here - at the Reliant Stadium in Houston Texas. It is a modern sports arena, 1.9 million square feet and it can seat 70,000 people. It is the home of the Houston Texans football team but on Sunday it’ll be home for these players – Belize’s national football selection. Coach Ian Mork worries that the sheer size of the stadium will affect the players.

Ian Mork, Coach
“The mental aspect is probably the most difficult part to teach because experience is what really teaches the players in those situations where there is 60,000 fans there and there is pressure. They just need more experience. The mental part has to be that they can all count on each other, that they understand that it is a team and they all need to play for each other and once that happens- then usually you can get a justified result.”

Coach Mork says that only half the problem.

Keith Swift,
Do you expect Mexico to bring out its big boys, its best?

Ian Mork,
“Without a doubt, they are all going to be there. The pressure is on them.”

But there seems to be little pressure on our dream team. Yesterday in Belmopan we met them relaxed, some watching TV and others playing cards. Veterans Harrison Roches and Shane Orio were subdued but confident.

Shane Orio, Team Captain
“When it comes to my contribution, I think the first 15 minutes of the game is important and hopefully I will be able to use my experience to cool down the guys. The reality is that most of the guys are not used to playing in front of 50,000 to 60,000 fans compared to the fan base in Belize. So that is our only concern at this moment and we can say that we know the Mexican national team and we are working tactically to get the job done.”

Keith Swift,
You think some of these players will be intimidated?

Shane Orio,
“When I went to Costa Rica I was intimidated to play in front of 22,000 fans my first game but that is three to four years ago. So I think for a person not used to playing in front of thousands of fans, shouting at you, I think it can be and for us if it affects us, it can be in a negative manner.”

Harrison Roches, Member – National Football Selection
“I play big games same way and Mexico is just another game to take us somewhere. We need to step up and do something for our country because I think it is time.”

And that’s just what Daniel Jimenez plans to do. He is only 20, fresh out of high school and eager for the challenge. For him, history is at their doorstep.

Daniel Jimenez, Member – National Football Selection
“This game is one of the biggest games that Belize ever had in history and I don’t think that the Mexicans will come and say that this game is for us. If we don’t go and say it is for us, we will never get it.”

Ian Gaynair,
“I am going in there confident as always. I feel we are going to go upset the world like I told you the last time.”

Our 7NEWS crew that has been following the team since its road to the World Cup began in January, will join the team in Houston tomorrow. Sunday’s game begins 2:30 pm local time.

The team is led by Shane Orio. He is joined by Deon McCauley, Victor Morales, Tyrone Pandy, Harrison Tasher, Dennis Serrano, Ryan Simpson, Deris Benavidez, Albert Thurton, Elroy Smith, Bernard Linarez, Trevor Lennon, Carlos Slusher, Harrison Roches, David Trapp, Everal Trapp, Jerome James, Cristobal Gilharry, Ian Gaynair, Daniel Jimenez, and Jerome Serrano.
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Mexico, US start qualifiers against Belize and Barbados
Mexico and United States kick off their tortuous World Cup qualifying campaigns on Sunday knowing that the slightest slip-up could eliminate them after just two games
Mexico face their tiny neighbours Belize and the US host Barbados in the CONCACAF region's second preliminary round, first leg ties.
Costa Rica and Trinidad & Tobago, the region's other representatives in Germany two years ago, also enter the fray at the weekend which features a potentially volatile meeting of South American neighbours Suriname and Guyana in Paramaribo.
The eventual winners of the 12 ties will go into three groups of four with the top two in each group then qualifying for a further group of six which will determine the region's representatives in South Africa.
The system is generally disliked by the larger nations as it exposes them to the possibility of a major upset ending their World Cup hopes before the group stage even starts.
"It doesn't seem fair that we have to play a home-and-away series just to qualify for the region's group stages," United States forward Landon Donovan told FIFA's Web site ( in April, looking ahead to the tie.
"When you meet one of the so-called smaller teams, nothing is going to be given to you. You still have to go out there and beat them," added Donovan, who won his 100th cap in the 0-0 friendly draw against Argentina on Sunday.
"Who knows, we could hit the crossbar eight times and they could have the game of their lives. We could find ourselves out of contention before the real competition even begins."
"This is soccer, man, and it's not played on paper."
Barbados are among the more dangerous of the lesser teams and have a number of English-based professionals eligible including Wigan Athletic's Emmerson Boyce.
Mexico will face Belize under caretaker Jesus Ramirez with new coach Sven-Goran Eriksson only taking charge afterwards.
Belize, 158 places below their opponents in the FIFA rankings, are officially the home team but the match will be played in Houston because the country does not have a stadium which meets FIFA standards.
Belize's squad consists mainly of locally-based amateurs, with a sprinkling of players from clubs in Costa Rica and Guatemala.
Costa Rica visit the Caribbean island of Grenada on Saturday while Trinidad & Tobago host Bermuda on Saturday.
Grenada, with an attack spearheaded by Blackburn Rovers forward Jason Roberts, hammered US Virgin Islands in the previous round.
Jamaica, again under Brazilian coach Rene Simoes who led them to the 1998 World Cup finals, host the Bahamas on Sunday.
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Re: Belize Vs Mexico This Weekend - 06/13/08 09:01 PM

Good luck Belize

Mexico are "slight" favorites!!
Mexico to win 1/22
Draw 10/1
Belize to win 20/1

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