Finale for the Ballin' for life basketball

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Finale for the Ballin' for life basketball - 07/29/10 10:27 PM


[Linked Image] The big finale for the Ballin' for life basketball competition is finally here. The games are scheduled for tonight and Friday night. The Belize bank bulldogs will be competing against the Orange Walk running rebels, while the UB black jaguars are set to compete against the Belmopan bandits. Today, we got the chance to speak with the Belize Basketball Association Public Relations Officer to find out what they're hoping for.

Mark Usher, Public Relations - BDBA

"We expect a lot of people tonight because Belmopan is in, Belmopan has a team, so we expect 4 bus loads from Belmopan and Orange Walk junior is in the finals, so we expect 4 bus loads from Orange Walk and of course Belize City fans will always support. So it has been good enough that we got by and we look forward to better next year."

Emaun Hyde
"Do you think that support affect how well teams play in the basketball games?"

Mark Usher
[Linked Image] "Oh definitely, each and every one of these will tell you, if they see a full stand, they probably will be nervous and when they are settle down they will perform because every artist wants an audience and basketball is art."

Emaun Hyde
"Are you excited about the games?"

Mark Usher
"I am so excited now, Mr. Basil (President) please don't put me behind the bar or put me to work the door because I want to watch the game. It's going to be some marvelous games I am telling you. Lets quickly look at UB; UB have all the super stars; they have a very good coaching staff; you are talking about Kirk Shabba Smith, Darren Bovel, Faron Leroy Loriano, Steven Williams and Pratt. These guys are super basketball players. I can't forget Claude "too tall" Jones, and then when you flip and you look at Belmopan, Belmopan has Jay Chavarria, Kurt Bergess, Isani Enriquez and a number of other quality players. They have a very good program going, it's going to be a marvelous run and gun type of game. It's going to be basketball, the way it suppose to be played."

Emaun Hyde
"Who do you think is going to win?"

Mark Usher
"I am not allow basketball won't allow me. Let me's hard. I prefer not to say. I just want everybody to come out and have fun and I want the teams to come out and put their best foot forward which I know they will and the best team will win."

The game for tonight and Friday are scheduled to begin at 7 pm.
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Ballers For Life

[Linked Image] The Belize Basketball Federation's annual 2 week summer camp called- Ballers For Life - came to and end today. Campers from across the country gathered at the SJC gymnasium to take part in a one day closing rally and basketball tournament. Frank Lord- Executive Member of the Belize Basketball Federation told Seven News more.

Frank Lord, Executive Member BBF

"The BBF in conjunction with UNICEF came together to hold this 2 weeks summer camp for the kids ranging from 12-18. Last year was the first year we did this ballers for life camp and kids from all the districts came in to finish up with a tournament."

Monica Bodden
"How many kids took part in the camp?"

Frank Lord, Executive Member BBF
"I think it's more or less about 800."

Monica Bodden
"And the overall objective of the association?"

Frank Lord, Executive Member BBF
[Linked Image] "Well we have a 4 year plan and the idea to start basketball from the minor level which includes all the primary school kids going up to the national team program. But we are concentrating more on the kids."

Minister of Sports - John Saldivar - was the guest speaker at this morning's Opening ceremony -for the one day rally and basketball tournament.
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Re: Finale for the Ballin' for life basketball - 08/09/10 12:41 PM

O.Walk Running Rebels win Digicell ‘Balling for Life’ Junior champs

[Linked Image] The Orange Walk Running Rebels won the 2010 Digicell “Balling for Life” junior basketball championship with 63-60 win over the Belize Bank Junior Bulldogs at the Belize City Center on Sunday, August 1.

In Game 1 last Wednesday, Alejandro Baptist led the Belize Bank with 20pts as they squeaked by 59-58.

The Bulldogs led 19-12 in the 1st quarter and 40-24 at the half time break.

The running Rebels outscored the Bulldogs 13-6 in the 3rd quarter, but Bulldogs’ Kachief Thomas added 8 pts, team captain Sherwin Garcia and Raheem Flowers added 7 pts each, and Luis Barcelona added 5 pts, 9 rebounds to keep the Bulldogs ahead 46-37 at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Randy Usher had led the Rebels with 18 game pts, while Michael Martinez scored 13pts and Jamal Harris added 11pts and grabbed 7 rebounds in the 58-59 loss.

In Game 2 on Friday night, the Rebels tied the series by running over the Bulldogs 68-52. Randy Usher led with 22pts, Roger Reneau added 11pts, Jarrel Velasquez and Jamal Harris scored 7pts each. Omar Tesecum and Michael Martinez tossed in 4 pts each.

The Bulldogs led 12-10 in the 1st quarter but Matthew Young’s 17pts tied the score at 27-27 at the half. Raheem Stine and Sherwin Garcia both added 6 pts each, but the Rebels led 45-41 at the end of 3, and out-scored the Bulldogs 23-11 in money time for the 68-52 win.

In Game 3 on Sunday, Alejandro Baptist again led the Bulldogs with 26 pts. The score was tied at 12-12 at the end of the 1st quarter, but Randy Usher (23 game pts) Michael Martinez, Marcel Richards and Jarrel Velsquez gave the Rebels a 26-20 lead at the half.

Alehjandro Baptist and Kachief Thomas each drained in a long trey in the 3rd quarter and Garcia, Barcelona and Matthew Young poured in more buckets, but the Rebels continued to lead 46-40 in the 3rd quarter.

Matthew Young added 11pts and the Bulldogs outscored the Rebels 20-17 in money time as they tried to tie the score, but Jarrel Velasquez and Jamal Harris’ 10pts each kept them ahead 63-60 for the win.

In the awards ceremony following the game, the Most Valuable Player trophy for the regular season was awarded to Steven Smith of Truckers, while the most points’ award went to Albert Tasher of Ghetto Ballers. Matthew Young won Most Rebounds and Rebels’ Rany Usher won Most Assists and playoff MVP.

The Belize Times
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Re: Finale for the Ballin' for life basketball - 08/09/10 12:44 PM

UB Jaguars win Digicell senior basketball championship

[Linked Image]The University of Belize Jaguars won the 2010 Digicell “Balling for Life” senior basketball championship by posting back to back wins (70-54 and 77-59) over the Belmopan Bandits at the Belize City Center last week Wednesday and Friday nights.

In Game 1 last Wednesday, UB led 15-2 after the 1st quarter and extended their lead to 30-13 at the half.

The Jaguars posted a 49-39 lead at the end of the 3rd quarter and won going away 70-54.

Bandits’ Dorian Jones, 12pts, and Christian Rodriguez 0pts, but led the bandits but Bandits big man, Kirk “Chengo” Burgess, managed only 9 pts and nine rebounds. Jay Chavarria hit 2 treys to add 9pts and Mark Wagner drained in 1 trey.

UB’s Leroy Louriano added 15pts and Kirk Smith drained in 2 treys to add 10pts and give UB’s playoff MVP Winston Pratt who led all scorers with 23 pts and 9 rebounds all the help he needed.

UB’s Farron Louriano had 8pts and 7 rebounds while Darren Bovell drained in 2 treys and UB’s captain Stephen “Muerte” Williams added 4 pts.

In Game 2 on Friday night, UB had to come from behind for the 77-59 win to clinch the championship. The Bandits came out strong to lead 17-15 in the first quarter, (Stephen “Muerte” Williams 2 treys and Winston Pratt 7 pts), but the Bandits were still up 31-29 at the half.

Williams, however, would drain 2 more treys to finish with 17pts while Pratt had 13 game pts, and Farron Louriano added 9 pts. Leroy Louriano scored 16pts, as the Jaguars had wrested a 57-43 lead after three quarters. Veteran Darren Bovell added 10pts and Ryan Zuniga had 5 pts for the 77-59 win.

Burgess led the Bandits with 19pts, Evan Salazar had 11pts while Mark Wagner scored 7 pts and Dorian Jones added 6 pts.

In the awards ceremony following the game, the Most Valuable Player for the regular season was Kirk Burgess of the Bandits, while the most points award went to Gene Myvett of San Pedro Tigersharks who also got won Most Assists. Elsworth Itza of the Berger Boys won Most Rebounds and UB’s Winston Pratt won Playoff MVP.
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