Karate kids from México and Belize to face-off

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Karate kids from México and Belize to face-off - 02/19/11 03:53 PM

To be of sound mind you must also be of sound body. Mental health is improved and balanced with physical activity. And one of the most physical sports in Belize is improving the outlook of its younger members while promoting sportsmanship in a competition that is attracting local and foreign talent. The Shotokan House of Karate is playing host to fighters from Mexico and from dojos across the country. On Saturday morning at the Belize Elementary School auditorium, an open competition for children and adults will take place and in the evening the setting will be used for elite matches between Belize and Mexico.

Shihan Kelly, Grandmaster, Shotokan House of Karate

Shihan Kelly

“The two events happening tomorrow is an open martial arts competition. The divisions age range from three years old to elderly, i.e. seventy years old. It is an open division—different categories, different belts, different ranking for children and adults competing in that division.”

Jose Sanchez

“Who will be there? Is this a Belizean only event?”

Shihan Kelly

“No, no, no. This is an event that is an open event. We have Belizeans, martial artists traveling in from Dangriga, Hopkins, from north, south, east, west of Belize. Also we have some international, i.e. México fighters, are coming with their children to compete during the day event and also a night event that we will be having.”

Jose Sanchez

“So essentially we’re going to see some Mexico Versus Belize fights?”

Shihan Kelly

“Yes, you will see that and our hope is that the training that our fighters have been training here at the academy and working real hard in the streets of Belize is gonna pay off once they go into battle with the Mexican fighters. The evening event—just some information on the evening event—that one is when the Belize Elite Karate Team that is made up of black belts, adults and our children that have been training very hard, they are going to be fighting against a taekwondo team that is made up of talented fighters black belts and other ranking from the country of México.”

The day match starts at ten a.m. and the round house kicks of the evening elite matchups are at five p.m.

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Re: Karate kids from México and Belize to face-off - 02/27/11 03:46 PM

House of Shotakan Wins Belize - Mexico Karate Tournament

Karatekas of House of Shotokan Karate of Belize City enjoyed a 73-58 points victory when they hosted black belt martial arts enthusiasts of the Eagle Park Tae-kwon-do Martial Arts Academy of Mexico for an international karate tournament at the Belize Elementary School auditorium on Saturday, February 2011.

The host dojo won eight of the 11 Kumite matches, but the visitors won the opening bout in which Jose Angle Mota Martinez triumphed over his Belizean opponent, Isaac Rumbley 3-2. Jennifer Larrieu, a student of St Catherine’s Academy, dominated her Mexican opponent, Jasnuri Garcia: 9-4 in the second kumite. Cragan Cleland won the third kumite 7-1 over his Mexican foe, Miguel Barragan. Brandy Arana also prevailed 8-7 over his Mexican antagonist, Daniel Salvador Ramos Delfin, in the fourth kumite of the tournament. Belizean Jose Diaz also dominated his Mexican opponent, Adrian Romero Torres in the fifth kumite. Ashton Tasher won the sixth kumite 8-6 over his Mexican foe, Deud Malacon.

William Chuaya pulled one back for the visitors when he edged out his Belizean opponent Rupert Brown 6-5 in the seventh kumite. Luis Andres Perez Rodriguez also dominated his Belizean opponent 9-4 in the eighth kumite. The Kuylen sisters Carmelita and Carla also continued the Belizean women’s dominance in the martial arts; as Carmelita triumphed 8-7 over her Mexican antagonist, Juliette Velez Belmont, while Carla landed roundhouse kicks on her Mexican opponent Claudia Barrera Rivera to win 9-5. Mexican Moises Vega won the final kumite of the evening 6-4 over his Belizean opponent, Dr Pedro Arriaga.

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