Sports Council Beats FFB In Court

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Sports Council Beats FFB In Court - 09/17/11 01:56 PM

Things have been patched up between the Ministry of Sports and the Football Federation of Belize after FIFA reigned in the Federation. But there was s till a matter pending in court.

It dates back to June when Montserrat was supposed to come to Belize to play a world cup qualifier and the ministry of sports said the FFB had been decertified and so it would not make police available for security purposes.

The FFB argued that the Government was compelled to do so and asked for an injunction stopping government form stopping the police form providing security.

As we said - It's a moot point now since things have been patched up - but today in court, the judgment was delivered by Justice Minette Hafiz.

She dismissed the FFB's application for an injunction and awarded cost to the National sports Council.

Sports Ministry spokesperson Miley Garcia was careful not to gloat when we spoke to him about it today:.

Miley Garcia, Sports Ministry spokesperson
"Madam Hafiz passed down her judgment and essentially what she did was dismissed the claim of the FFB and awarded us cost also."

Jules Vasquez
"Now you all have basically made peace with the FFB, how was this consequential?"

Miley Garcia, Sports Ministry spokesperson
"I think that by now the case didn't have much bearing on what was happening."

The ministry is now providing assistance to the national team.

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Re: Sports Council Beats FFB In Court - 09/17/11 04:00 PM

All this BS* in Belizean Football. FIFA should sign new people to run the FFB so we can have a proper stadium with security...

FIFA give the FFB Million of dollars to promote local football leagues in Belize. The money is suppose to be used for grass roots football, stadiums, nets, etc....
Since my stay in Belize I have witnessed 10 football games on the mainland as well as San Pedro and the Guatemala game.. There is no stadium/pitch worth playing on in San Pedro. And the pitches on the mainland are all Cow Pastures. When is the head of the FFB actually going to invest good money in Belize football so they can rise higher and higher in the Fifa Rankings and actually be able to hold a good friendly/competitive football game or even a World Cup qualifier.

I almost forgot to mention that is there even a good training facility for our boys who wear our colours representing our nation. I have not seen one as of yet.
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Re: Sports Council Beats FFB In Court - 09/17/11 04:29 PM

It is a sad day when a Sports Council has to go to court against the FFB...
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