Belize Victory over Nicaragua Copa Centroamericana

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Belize Victory over Nicaragua Copa Centroamericana - 01/23/13 02:17 AM

2-1 Victory!! While Belize scored in the first half, leading 1-0, they played defensive during the second half. Nicaragua managed to get even in the last 10 minutes: 1-1. Then totally unexpected Deon McCauley managed to squeeze in a brilliant winning goal in the last few minutes: 2-1. Belize's first victory ever in the UNCAF Copa Centroamericana.
Viva Belice!
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Re: Belize Victory over Nicaragua Copa Centroamericana - 01/23/13 02:54 PM

Belize won its first-ever game at the UNCAF Copa Centroamericana and grabbed the inside track on an automatic berth in the CONCACAF Gold Cup with a thrilling 2-1 victory over Nicaragua on Tuesday at the Estadio Nacional.

The scoreboard was opened against the run of play in the 29th minute, when Midfielder Trevor Lennen ran onto a ball at the top of the box, and rifled a shot into the back of the net that Nicaraguan goalkeeper Denis Espinoza could do little about.

Nicaragua continued to press, but it was Belize that nearly extended its lead two minutes before the half. Harrison Rochez shot strongly from the top of the box, but his drive was denied by a diving Espinoza, and Lennen's follow up shot rolled just wide of the Nicaraguan goal, sending the game to halftime with Belize up one.

In the second half, Nicaragua upped the pressure even more, pushing for the tying goal that would keep its quest alive to qualify for the Gold Cup. But they were denied time and time again by Belize's superb goalkeeper Woodrow West.

In the 70th minute, team captain David Solorzano put Belize on notice, placing a free kick just high from 20 yards.

The stage was set for a dramatic finish, and it wasn't until the 85th minute that Nicaragua finally broke through.

A long ball was settled skillfully in the box by Felix Rodriguez, who cut back for Elvis Figueroa. The 24-year-old pounced on the bounding ball and slammed the equalizer past West.

Nicaragua was inspired and just two minutes later Samuel Wilson cracked a drive off West's post from 20 yards.

The game went to stoppage time and looked headed for a draw, until Belizean forward Deon McCauley caught up to a hopeful long ball up the middle and tapped past a sprawling Espinoza to give Belize the lead and, as time was signaled, the victory.

The victory was Belize's first in the competition after 23 games. Nicaragua's defeat extended its Copa winless streak to seven and eliminated it from the contention.

Belize is now second in Group A on four points in Group A, two ahead of Guatemala. The Chapines will face first-place Costa Rica later in the evening. If Guatemala fails to beat Costa Rica, Belize will qualify for its first-ever Gold Cup.


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Re: Belize Victory over Nicaragua Copa Centroamericana - 01/23/13 02:56 PM

HISTORY; Belize Wins At Copa Ceontroamericana, Poised to Advance

Belizeans all across the country are overjoyed tonight - our National Football Team is poised to advance to the semifinals of the 2013 Copa Centroamericana being played in Costa Rica. That is after a dramatic, HISTORIC 2 to 1 victory over Nicaragua with a sensational goal in the 90th minute of today's Game with Nicaragua.

The prolific striker Deon McAuley scored the go-ahead goal at the end of regulation, and you could feel a wave of joy sweep across the country as it went in. We'll look at the unforgettable goal again:..

For the record, Mcauley was the top striker in the entire world in the World Cup qualifiers in 2011. Travis Lennan scored the other goal for Belize in the 29th minute. And this is history, because today's win makes it the very first time Belize has won a match at the Copa Ceontraoamericana or as it used to be called, Concacaf Gold Cup. We had drawn four times - making this first victory even sweeter.

And so this evening's victory gives Belize four points in the tournament - and puts us in second place in Group A. That can change, and we'll tell you how.

Guatemala plays Costa Rica tonight. They have two points - and if they beat Costa Rica - which is highly unlikely, they will then have five points - more than Belize. And though the Guatemalans are not favoured to win that game, we'll have to wait and see. Until then Belize is sitting pretty, poised to advance to the semifinals and ensured a berth in the Gold Cup - which is the next Qualifying event. If that position holds, it would be the very first time Belize advances.

It is a major validation for the new executive of the FFB - and we'll talk to their representative a little later on in the news.

New FFB Executive Validated

As we told you at the top of the newscast - Belize beat Nicaragua this evening in dramatic fashion in the 2013 Copa Ceontroamercana. This means the team is poised to advance to the semifinals and unto the next qualifier the Gold Cup - which is a historic first. That's reason for all of us to celebrate, but none more than the news executive of the FFB - for whom this is the first major international showing. We spoke to Public Relations Officers for the FFB and they gave us a synopsis of what they thought of how the game was played and its importance:..

Luis Pena, PR Officer - FFB
"The game was well played as you can see. The National Team selection for Belize played an exceptional game. We were up one nil and then we were draw and then again Deon Mcauley scored a goal in extra time, so this gives Belize a very good position to qualify for the Goal Cup."

"This game itself, even if we do advance - it's a first for Belize isn't it?"

Luis Pena, PR Officer - FFB
"It's a first, its history in the making for Belize we are all excited. Now you have to watch the game at 8pm because Costa Rica and Guatemala will battle it out. Guatemala has a lot on the line now because if Guatemala loses or draws automatically Belize may advance."

"How strong is the Guatemalan team compare to the Costa Rica team?"

Marlon Kuylen, Executive Member - FFB
"Costa Rica is favored to win the whole tournament. The pressure in on Guatemala now for sure."

"Do you have a reason to route against Guatemala tonight?"

Marlon Kuylen, Executive Member - FFB
"Definitely, I am hoping too that because our national team coach is Costa Rican - the Costa Rican team would want to do even better yet to help our coach and our team to advance."

Daniel Ortiz
"We notice that in the second half of the game Nicaragua controlled a lot of the balls. Can you tell us what factors as professionals played into effect?"

Luis Pena, PR Officer - FFB
"What I believe happen is that the first goal I think we got a little bit complacent but then again when Nicaragua tied the game then it was time to step up to the big times."

"Assuming then that Guatemala would lose the game tonight who do we play? What's the competition like, how do we advance in this tournament?"

Marlon Kuylen, Executive Member - FFB
"It's gets tougher because then we are going up against the 3 best teams in Central America. On a note here, that we must be proud because regardless, our league is a semi-professional, we are playing guys that are playing professionally, so this is a huge step in the right direction for us."

"I know it's a team effort but what does the future say about the Woodrow West and Mr. Mcauley?"

Marlon Kuylen, Executive Member - FFB
"I am positive that in the very near future these guys will be getting contracts to go and play internationally. Belize has the talent and it's a pity that the past federation didn't capitalize on what we had and it gives me great pleasure to see that in just 10 short months that we have accomplished what we have done and we may be patting ourselves on our shoulders but you know what - it's the team, it's the players and their families behind them and our sponsors of course that made this possible."

The outcome of tonight's game between Guatemala and Costa Rica will determine if Belize advances. That will be played tonight at 8:00.

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Re: Belize Victory over Nicaragua Copa Centroamericana - 01/24/13 02:16 PM

Belize gets historic football victory in Costa Rica


There is enough bad news to depress an entire nation; but we’ll defer those stories for a while and open up our newscast with news coming out of San Jose, Costa Rica. The National Stadium in the Costa Rican capital was the venue for a history-making football match featuring Belize and Nicaragua. For Belize, it was a chance to do what had never been done before, advance to the next round of competition in the Copa Centroamericana. Belize needed to win the game to be assured of a berth to the next round and from the opening whistle, the team came out hard. Star goal keeper Woodrow West was at the top of his game, making a number of saves. And then came the big moment of the first half of the game for Belize.

The equalizing goal for Nicaragua was scored in the seventy fourth minute. But in the ninety first minute of the ballgame, Deon McCauley gave team Belize the decisive edge.

The win by Team Belize assures the nation of its first advance beyond the first round in international football competition.


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