Belize game against Honduras at Central Park

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Belize game against Honduras at Central Park - 01/25/13 10:21 PM

Belize game against Honduras on big screen at Central Park today!

Belize National Football Selection will be facing off the Honduras National Team at 5:30PM at El Estadio National in San Jose, Costa Rica today, Friday January 25th. The San Pedro Town Council in conjunction with SEAduced by Belize invites the general public to come out to Central Park at 5PM to witness the football game that will be shown live on a big screen at the park.

A projector with a huge screen, complete with sound system will be mounted and seating will be provided. Everyone is encouraged to come show their patriotism, wear your Belize t-shirt, colors and bring your flag! Bring your friends, bring your family and lets all cheer for Belize!



Due to the rain the Town Council is moving the big screen from the park to the Lion's Den where the public is invited to come and watch the Belize/Honduras football game today at 5:30PM. GO BELIZE!!!!!
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Re: Belize game against Honduras at Central Park - 01/26/13 03:18 AM

B. Beckeles 67' 1 - 0

After Panama defeated Guatemala for fifth place today, then Honduras vs. Belize took the field in the first of two semifinals matches. Belize, however, couldn’t land a goal. Final score in that match was 1-0. Honduras’ game winning goal came from Brayan Beckeles at the sixty-seven minute mark today. Honduras advanced to the finals while Belize headed to the third place match.

Yes we won !!! might not have the number of goals wanted ....but we won...the whole nation was watching and cheering for our National Team ...We came together as a country !! I am proud ...all of Belize is proud...Yes We Won.....Blessings....
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Re: Belize game against Honduras at Central Park - 01/27/13 01:32 PM

FFB: "A Respectable Loss"

Tonight, football fans and Belizeans generally may be a little downcast because of this evening's loss to Honduras one-nil in the final of the Copa Centroamericana. But football experts agree, it was a very respectable loss. Belize was a decided underdog against a world class Honduran team which was better conditioned, more experienced and more patient. And even with all that - they only scored a single goal in the 67th minute in a game they had to win. We asked Marlon Kuylen (quee-lyn) of the FFB executive for his post mortem on the game:..

Marlon Kuylen
"The team played very well. Honduras as you know is a very experienced team, they are the defending champions on this tournament, they are a World Cup qualifying - they are playing to go to the next World Cup. Our showing was impressive. The Honduras team as I said are professionals, their patience paid off, they are experience and there were some fatigue on our part."

Daniel Ortiz
"While the country was looking at the game hoping for a Hail Mary, there were some that said that they predicted that we would have lost. How do you respond to them in light of the performance from the National Team?"

Marlon Kuylen
"This 1-0 loss is a very respectable loss. Most people thought that we would get blown-out. In fact they though so when we went into the tournament. It's a very respectable loss, we've done very well. It's not over yet, we will play for the third place match on Sunday and kudos to the Belize team."

Daniel Ortiz
"Sir, what's the competition going to be like for that third place game? We have the next two teams who are going to match up. Tell us about each team if they should have to face us in a third place game."

Marlon Kuylen
"We already tested Costa Rica and you know we loss 1-0 in that match. My prediction is that Costa Rica will go all the way. I think we will face Salvador which I think will be a easier opponent for us because of the size. Our team is bigger than theirs."

As he mentioned, Belize now prepares for the third place game which will be played on Sunday afternoon against either El Salvador or Costa Rica - which you can see live right here on Channel 7.

After that match, the National Team returns to Belize on Monday at around 4 p.m.

They will get a hero's welcome home because Football Federation of Belize has organized a motorcade from Brodies on the Northern Highway, where they will travel down Central American Boulevard, down Cemetery Road to Albert Street, and they end at the Yabra Field. We'll have coverage on Monday.

Channel 7

Honduras advances to UNCAF final

Defending champion Honduras edged upstart Belize, 1-0, Friday night in the semifinals of the UNCAF Copa Centroamericana to earn a place in the championship match against the winner of the late match between host Costa Rica and El Salvador.

The teams played through an extremely active, but scoreless, first half in which the chances came frequently and were evenly divided. Top-notch goalkeeping from Belizean Woodrow West and his Honduran opposite number Donis Escober denied multiple scoring opportunities.

The proceedings became increasingly tense as the second half got underway, with both squads aware that a trip to the final was on the line.

Honduras came close several times through the pairing of U.S.-based attackers Oscar Boniek Garcia and Jerry Bengtson. But it was Belize with the clearest chance of the second half's early going, when right back Evan Mariano tried his luck from distance, only to miss just wide.

The Catrachos finally broke through in the 67th minute, as rambling right back Bryan Beckeles got up the field and into the Belizean area, where he rifled a shot past West for the 1-0 advantage. It was the 27-year-old's first international goal, though, he has scored twice in the CONCACAF Champions League for Olimpia.

Belize continued to attack bravely and had its best minutes in the late going, when Elroy Smith curled in a free kick that was narrowly cleared out for a corner by the Honduran defense.

Despite the Belizean pressure, Honduras managed to hang on for a narrow victory.

The Hondurans head into Sunday's final unbeaten in their last eight Copa Centroamericana games and have conceded one goal or less in their last 14 outings in the competition.

After not playing a game in 2012, Belize will contest its fifth in 10 days in the third-place match, also on Sunday.


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Re: Belize game against Honduras at Central Park - 01/28/13 02:05 PM

Sports Commentary: Belize's performance against Honduras

By Wellington C. Ramos

I was anxious to watch the game between Belize and Honduras, who are competing for the Central American Cup. By the time I got to see the game, it was about ten minutes in the second half. Honduras were playing quality football, with teamwork, ball control, passing to their teammates, avoiding turnovers, shooting and creating opportunities to score goals. Belize on the other hand were playing too much of a defensive game.

Born in Dangriga Town, the cultural capital of Belize, Wellington Ramos is a former Belize national team player Their defence was stuck in the goal area, putting a lot of pressure on themselves, the goal keeper and blocking his view on several occasions from seeing the players. There was a free kick and one of the Belizean players in the wall, turned his back to the kicker and opened up the wall. Luckily, the goalkeeper was good and he saved the ball. I was not impressed with the way Belize were playing and I felt that they were going to lose the game.

The defensive players did not play Honduras a midfield game to run out of the goal area whenever they had an opportunity. This gave the Honduran players enough space to knock the ball around the Belizean players as if it was a practice match and that they did well. The Belize midfielders were not even playing midfield and spent a lot of time hanging around with the defence in the goal area, causing congestion and confusion. Their opponents were not attacked when they had possession of the ball because the Belizean players were too far away from them.

It was only going to be a matter of time before Honduras were going to score a goal because the ball was mostly in the Belize goal area throughout the entire second half. Eventually, one of the Honduran players got a pass and he kicked it hard into the goal and he was not attacked by the Belizean player who was close to him and the shot scored. That goal could have been avoided because the defence just stood there and did nothing. Plus, even when the goalkeeper jumped for the ball, it passed his hands closely. I do not believe that the coach of the Belizean team told the Belizean players to play the way they did because that game’s performance was poor.

Belize will not go to the finals because they lost this game but they need to watch the video of the game so that they can see how terribly they performed. I believe that whatever sport a player plays, he or she should give the game their 100%. The goalkeeper was playing his best but the others did not play as if they wanted to win. In the whole second half that I watched, Belize only took about two shots on goal against the Honduran goalkeeper. The best shot was taken by Mariano and if that ball had gone a little bit more to the left that was definitely going to be a goal. The next time Belize play any team, they need to play midfield football against the team.

The sweeper should bring up his defence to the midfield line throughout the entire game. That will reduce the space for the other team to be knocking the ball around them and it will become a man to man match. Belize will also put the pressure on the opposing team which will give them more chances to score goals. Some of the Belizean players look fit and young and can outrun those Honduran players and could have won that game. Belize had no offence that posed any threat to the Honduran team.

The way they played, it was a game that favoured Honduras from the beginning. If Mariano, Roches and McAuley were playing forward with an excellent centre midfielder, with this type of football strategy, the Belize national team would have been a force to reckon with. Belize can find those midfielders in our country because I know they have them.

Still, I am beginning to see some progress with football in our country and I will do anything to see that football in Belize advances to its highest level. We are coming a long way from where we were and I am asking all of our people to support our football team. Football is the number one sport in the world and it will bring a lot of publicity and money to our country. Pretty soon Belize will be playing in the World Cup and I will live to see that day as a former football player and a proud Belizean citizen.


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