National Anti-Doping Organization in Belize Suspended

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National Anti-Doping Organization in Belize Suspended - 08/23/18 10:51 AM

Belizean sports has an international black-eye because the National Anti-Doping body - known as NADO - has been suspended.

The decision was taken last week at a meeting of the Regional Anti-Doping Organization, RADO in Cuba. Belize's Rep Dr. Michael Pitts did not make it to the meeting - reportedly due to illness. But, it's the third time Belize has missed this meeting - and RADO says that's strike three.

In a letter to the Minister of Sports Patrick Faber and the President of the National Olympic Committee, Patrick Faber, the Chairman of RADO Dr. Saul Saucedo says, quote, "The members of the Advisory Board of the RADO-CAM express their concern about the absence of the representative of Belize in the meeting of the Advisory Board of the RADO-CAM, this year being the third time that he does not participate consecutively." o "Considering the above, the members of the Advisory Board of the RADO-CAM, agree to suspend the benefits and delegation of responsibilities in anti-doping matters of Belize." End quote.

So, that means NADO has been stripped of its power by the governing body - and cannot take samples from any athlete. It's a huge embarrassment, since an anti-doping is a critical part of international sport - and now Belize has no recognized body to do it.

We spoke to the President of the Olympic Committee, Hilly Martinez who lamented the development. He said that Belize will now have to set up an extraordinary meeting of the members of the Advisory Board of the RADO - at its own expense. He said Belize will also have to show them an office for the National Anti Doping body - and such an office will have to be built and outfitted. The Sports Council has reportedly agreed to house that office.

This embarrassment comes on the hells of another earlier this month when RADO had to lift a suspension on a banned athlete after it was found out that NADO doesn't have its own office or its own refrigeration to store samples. They were being stored in NADO Director Michael Pitts' refrigerator at home.

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Re: National Anti-Doping Organization in Belize Suspended - 08/24/18 10:29 AM

What’s G.O.B. Gonna Do About RADO Suspension?

The Regional Anti-Doping Organization has suspended Belize’s National Anti-Doping Organization.  This happened on August fourteenth, following another absence by Belize’s rep Doctor Michael Pitts at a meeting of the Advisory Board in Cuba. According to the official letter that was copied to Minister of Sports Patrick Faber, this is the third consecutive time that Doctor Pitts has missed meetings and as such benefits and delegation of responsibilities in anti-doping matters have also been removed. This decision, however, can be reversed through an extraordinary meeting of the board at the request of G.O.B.  The decision has given Belize a black eye in the world of sports. Today Minister Faber says that they will have to adhere to the requests of RADO.

Patrick Faber, Minister of Sports

“The sporting world is very funny. They demand that we participate when it requires some serious funding. If you don’t participate in X, Y, Z, they ban you, you can’t participate; you remember the ordeal with CODICADER and so on. And until it is that we are getting some large sums of money allocated to the sporting portfolio then I am sorry, we will probably have to continue being dismissed at times. But I can assure sporting enthusiasts and even the international community that Belize has no intention of flouting the procedures of anti-doping or any other areas of sporting where we have run afoul of these international organizations. And that since we have been put in this position, I suppose as with many other things in the government, when the whip is cracked from outside, we will have to try to see what we can do to fall in compliance with what it is they are asking. You have my assurance that we will be working on that.”

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