Belize Weather Forecast: December 31, 2015

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Belize Weather Forecast: December 31, 2015 - 12/31/15 11:12 AM

Belize Weather Forecast: December 31, 2015

General Situation:
Belize NMS: A developing relatively moist easterly to northeasterly airflow will dominate our weather the next couple of days.
Advisories: **Operators of small crafts should exercise caution for gusty winds and occasionally rough seas.**
24-hour forecast: Cloudy at times today with a few showers mostly inland. Cloudy at times tonight and sunny with some cloudy spells tomorrow. A few showers will occur mostly over southern and some coastal areas tonight and tomorrow morning and over inland areas tomorrow afternoon.
Winds: East - southeast 10-20 knots with occasional higher gusts.
Marine Forecast:
Today: Winds: E-SE 10-20 kts. With occnl higher gusts.; seas: Moderate - rough.; waves: 5-8 ft.; a few showers.
Tomorrow: Winds: E-NE 10-20 kts.; seas: Moderate.; waves: 4-6 ft.; a few showers mostly south.
Marine Outlook: Friday night:- Winds: NE'ly 10-20 kts.; seas: Choppy - moderate.; waves: 3-6 ft.; a few showers mostly south.
Sea Surface Temp (°F): 83
General Outlook: For Friday and Friday night is for some cloudy spells with a few showers mostly over central and southern areas.

Tropical Weather Outlook: Tropical cyclone formation is not expected during the next 48 hours in the North Atlantic, the Caribbean Sea or Gulf of Mexico.

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  High Low
Coastal 30° C
86° F
26° C
78° F
Inland 33° C
92° F
23° C
73° F
Hills 27° C
80° F
20° C
68° F
Low - 8:25 AM High - 2:09 PM
Low - 8:52 PM High - 2:08 AM (FRI.)
Sunrise - 6:23 AM Moonset - 10:51 AM
Sunset - 5:29 PM Moonrise - 11:09 PM

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Re: Belize Weather Forecast: December 31, 2015 - 12/31/15 11:57 AM

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On Ambergris Caye this morning we have rough sea and 13 mph wind from the East.
Advisories: **Operators of small crafts should exercise caution for gusty winds and occasionally rough seas.**
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Re: Belize Weather Forecast: December 31, 2015 - 12/31/15 01:07 PM

From Belmopan...

There is a large area of very humid air over the western Caribbean, particularly near and on top of Belize at present. This is causing numerous rain showers, but they are isolated. The high level from the west his having only little effect on this. The temperatures are way up in the summer time temperatures, the dotted lines are the typical temperatures.

No. not due to any Global Warming, just abnormal movement of air, no cold fronts over Belize yet.

Looks like today will be largely Overcast, perhaps a few periods of sunshine, but rain on and off for much of the day.

Temperatures in Belmopan:
Today is probably going to be Similar, to yesterday : Wed, max 31°C 87°F Last night min 25°C 77°F ( Coast usually cooler, hills even cooler )

Monthly Weather Summary, December 2015

National Meteorological Service of Belize

Climatology shows that the main features influencing weather across the country of Belize in December are cold fronts, upper level troughs and the development of moist northeasterly airflows in the area. There was no frontal passage in December of 2015.  However, a couple fronts stalled over or just north of the country resulting in relatively moist conditions over the area. The upper levels were mostly dry during the month.   

On the first day of December a surface trough over the Gulf of Honduras supported a moist North to Northeasterly airflow over the country. This resulted in cloudy skies at times with a few showers and light rain across the country. The same feature continued on the 2nd but conditions were  a bit drier that day with only isolated showers developing. On the 3rd the trough moved a little closer to the country and moisture increased once more. Skies were cloudy with a few showers and light rain mainly over the Sea and along the coast. Similar conditions continued the following day with a weak low developing along the surface trough. On the 5th, the National Hurricane Center analyzed a stationary front east of the country. However, all observations indicated that the front was further north over Yucatan and instead the feature analyzed as the front was actually the persistent surface trough. Showers increased that day and conditions were a bit moist until the 7th.

Moisture decreased during the 8th  and by the 9th weather conditions were mainly fair with only isolated showers.  The dry spell was interrupted briefly on the 10th when skies were generally cloudy with a few showers and isolated thunderstorms mainly over central and southern areas of the country.  The 11th was a bit drier and then moisture increased slightly again on the 12th resulting in partly cloudy to cloudy skies with a few showers.

Weather conditions were mostly dry from the 13th to the 17th. During this time a frontal boundary persisted in the Gulf of Mexico and a slack pressure pattern dominated over the Northwest Caribbean Sea and Belize.  The result was a light and mostly dry east to southeasterly airflow over the country.

By the 18th a cold front advanced to the northwest Yucatan Peninsula resulting in a slight increase in moisture over the country. Conditions became even more moist on the 19th as the front became stationary over Belize. Additionally, a short-wave trough at the upper levels was just west of the country and supported moderately divergent conditions aloft. These conditions supported an increase in convective instability over the area and thunder was observed at the airport during the night  of the 19th into the early morning hours of the 20th. Cloudiness and showers decreased later on the 20th and conditions became generally dry on the 21st.

Another dry spell developed over the area from the 21st through to the 28th of December 2015. The dominant feature during this time was the Atlantic ridge to the northeast. This feature combined with a moderately intense Panamanian low over the southwest Caribbean caused tight pressure gradients over the area. The result was a gusty and dry southeasterly airflow that persisted through the Christmas holiday. Rainfall was limited with only isolated showers occurring mostly at nighttime and mainly on the eastern slopes of the Maya Mountains.

Moisture increased slightly on the 29th. This occurred as a cold front dipped into the eastern Gulf of Mexico causing winds to decrease slightly over the area. The cold front would not make it as far as Yucatan and gradually retrogressed into the northwest Gulf. However, conditions remained marginally moist through to the end of the month. Showers were generally isolated on the 30th but a few more developed over inland and southern areas to close off the month on the 31st.

Table 1 below shows the rainfall recorded in December 2015 versus the climatological mean for the month  for a few of the weather stations across the country. From the table it can be seen that most stations in the north recorded above average rainfall while a few in the south and the west recorded below average. 

Table 1.


Rainfall recorded (mm)

December Average (mm)

Percentage of Average (%)





























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