Belize Weather Forecast: January 9, 2019

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Belize Weather Forecast: January 9, 2019 - 01/09/19 12:13 PM

Belize Weather Forecast: January 9, 2019

General Situation:
Ambergris Caye: Conditions this morning by Elbert just before or after this post!
Belize NMS: Relatively moist conditions prevail over the area.
Advisories: None.
24-hour forecast: Cloudy spells today with some showers mainly over the sea and a few showers along the coast and south this morning then mostly inland and south this afternoon. Cloudy at times tonight with a few showers mainly over the south and coast.
Winds: North-Northwest | 5-15 kts, Sea State: Slight-Light Chop
Sea Surface Temperature (°f): 81
General Outlook: For Thursday is for a decrease in showers with showers becoming isolated Thursday afternoon and Thursday night.
Daily Tropical Weather Outlook: Tropical cyclone formation is not expected over the North Atlantic, the Caribbean Sea, or the Gulf of Mexico during the next 48 hours. Click for more...

Marine Conditions:

  Winds Seas Waves Details
Today N-NW 5-15 kts Slight-Light Chop 1-3 ft SOME SHOWERS OVER THE SEA. A FEW SOUTH.
Tonight N-NW 5-15 kts Slight-Light Chop 1-3 ft SOME SHOWERS OVER THE SEA. A FEW SOUTH.
Tomorrow NW 5-15 kts Light Chop-Choppy 2-3 ft ISOLATED SHOWERS.
Outlook N 5-15 kts Choppy 3-4 ft ISOLATED SHOWERS.

The Caribbean Sea

Typical patches of low clouds and scattered showers exist area- wide. Scatterometer data depicts moderate to fresh trades across the basin with strongest winds, ranging in the fresh to strong categories, in the typical spot near the coast of Colombia due to the pressure gradient between high pressure north of the area and lower pressure over South America. These conditions will prevail during the overnight hours.

Little change is expected through the end of the week.

  High Low
Coastal 28° C
83° F
20° C
68° F
Inland 29° C
84° F
18° C
65° F
Hills 24° C
75° F
17° C
62° F
Low: 6:36 AM High: 12:24 PM
Low: 5:49 PM High: 12:01 AM (Thu)
Sunrise: 6:25 AM Moonrise: 9:00 AM
Sunset: 5:34 PM Moonset: 8:44 PM

Four Day Weather Outlook:

For more information, check the Daily Tropical Weather Outlook.
CLICK here and here for detailed local weather data

Climate Prediction Centers Central America Hazards Outlook

Current Conditions and weather history for Ambergris Caye / San Pedro

Current Caye Caulker Weather Information

Belize National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO)

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Re: Belize Weather Forecast: January 9, 2019 - 01/09/19 02:12 PM

On Ambergris Caye we have a Northerner visiting for a few days. The sea is flat calm around our barrier reef. I couldn't resist this rainbow shot yesterday at sunset. We're having scattered showers that gives us lots of rainbows. The expected high temperature for today is in the lower 80's.

[Linked Image]
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Re: Belize Weather Forecast: January 9, 2019 - 01/09/19 02:17 PM

BEAUTIFUL Double Rainbow!!!
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Re: Belize Weather Forecast: January 9, 2019 - 01/09/19 04:16 PM

From Belmopan...

Cloud, cloud and clouds, both the Caribbean and a higher level cloud movement are from the NE, covering most of the country, just a few sunny spots occasionally, but significant rain showers coming in over much of central Belize and Stann Creek district this morning due to clashing air masses.

Looks like much of today will be cloudy for most of us, much of the day, with outbreaks of rain in many central and southern areas on and off over the day.

Temperatures in Belmopan :
( Coast usually cooler, hills even cooler ) Last night min. 22C 71F Yesterday max. 28C 82F Yesterday Rain 1.9 mm ( 0.07" )

Ambergris Caye:;loctype:1
Caye Caulker:

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Re: Belize Weather Forecast: January 9, 2019 - 01/09/19 04:52 PM

The Cloud and rain picture. The Caribbean clouds are coming in as normal, from the ENE, but there is some invisible air moving up from the south, clashing with the high level cloud from the NNE causing two lines of clashing, causing lines of rain. These lines of rain are moving in from the ENE, but the lines them selves are moving northwards, so the upper line, which was over Belize City, and so going south of the Cayo district, has now moved further north and now coming at central Belize. This was happening yesterday, but way out in the Caribbean, now it is happening above Belize. Even a bit of cool air trying to push in from the west, towards Toledo.

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Re: Belize Weather Forecast: January 9, 2019 - 01/09/19 06:07 PM

Updated satellite view

[Linked Image]
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Re: Belize Weather Forecast: January 9, 2019 - 01/09/19 07:39 PM

It is complex weather around us at present, so rapidly changeable. It appears that the Caribbean easterly air and clouds are being undermined by a new cool air push from the north. The result is that some clouds are developing into heavy high clouds, rather like ITCZ swellups, only in this case they are not ITCZ activity. But the end result is high swellups, that then collapse, causing rain showers all over the place and apparent cloud bubble movements northwards, as shown by the white dotted lines. This is likely to continue for most of today.

Tomorrows WEATHER for Thu 10 Jan 2019

The clouds are still largely over Belize and rain showers continue to come down from the NE. The erratic weather is starting to stabilize.

Looks as if tomorrow Thu 10 Jan will be a bit similar to today, but probably less rain, and a bit more sunshine.

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