Belize Weather Forecast: August 1, 2020

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Belize Weather Forecast: August 1, 2020 - 08/01/20 12:03 PM

Belize Weather Forecast: August 1, 2020

General Situation:
Ambergris Caye: Conditions this morning by Elbert just before or after this post!
Belize NMS: Present Condition: Some cloudy this morning inland south, clear in the north. Generally fair weather prevails.
Advisories: *Residents, especially those inland, are advised to stay hydrated and to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. *
24-hour forecast: Sunny with cloudy spells today and cloudy at times tonight. Showers or thunderstorms will be isolated.
Winds: N-NE, 5-15 kts
Sea State: Choppy
Waves: 3-5 ft.
Sea Surface Temperature (°f): 87
Outlook: A few showers and and isolated thunderstorms will affect the north and inland areas on Sunday, decreasing Sunday night.
Sargassum Forecast from July 28, 2020 to August 04, 2020: Several Sargassum mats were observed, especially over central and northern coastal areas, during the past few days. Therefore, there is a high chance of sargassum mats affecting local beaches in the coming days. San Pedro has a high probability and a major expected impact.
Tropical Weather Outlook: At 6:00am the center of Hurricane Isaias was located near 24.3N, 77.5W, or about 20 miles EAST of Andros Island, Bahamas. Tropical Depression #10 was centered near 17.8N, 21.6W or about 200mls NE of the Cabo Verde Islands. Click for more...

Marine Conditions:

The Caribbean Sea

A surface trough extends from well to the SW of Isaias from western Jamaica to 14N81W. Isolated clusters of moderate convection are to the northwest of the trough from near western Jamaica to eastern Cuba. Widely scattered moderate convection is also across the northern Gulf of Honduras northward to the Yucatan Channel along 21N.

Moderate to fresh E to SE tradewinds prevail across the Caribbean Basin east of the surface trough, and area producing peak seas of 7-8 ft north of the A-B-C islands and the Gulf of Venezuela. The fresh tradewind flow from the Gulf of Venezuela to Hispaniola this morning will diminish late this afternoon. A tropical wave will bring increasing winds and seas to the waters N of 15N and E of 60W late tonight through Sun night.

  High Low
Coastal 31° C
88° F
26° C
78° F
Inland 36° C
96° F
22° C
72° F
Hills 27° C
80° F
19° C
66° F
High: 7:52 AM Low: 3:22 PM
High: 9:35 PM Low: 2:14 AM (Sun)
Sunrise: 5:32 AM Moonrise: 5:07 PM
Sunset: 6:25 PM Moonset: 4:28 AM (Sun)

Four Day Weather Outlook:

For more information, check the Daily Tropical Weather Outlook.

Climate Prediction Center’s Central America Hazards Outlook

Belize National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO)

Ambergris Caye:

Philip S W Goldson International Airport:


Caye Caulker:

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Re: Belize Weather Forecast: August 1, 2020 - 08/01/20 12:03 PM

Hurricane Isaias

Crown Weather:
1. Reconnaissance aircraft are still finding that Isaias is a hurricane with half a eye wall developed. The other half is being impacted by dry air. I do think that the further west in longitude Isaias travels the more dry air & eventually stronger wind shear it will encounter. This means that IF this storm does come ashore on the Florida Peninsula late Saturday night and Sunday morning, it probably will be a weakening tropical storm.

2. I still think that the center of Isaias will either move just barely offshore of the Treasure and Space Coasts of Florida before turning more to the northeast or riding right along the coasts of the Treasure Coast and Space Coast of Florida before turning to the northeast and heading for the North Carolina coast. This will occur during the day on Sunday. My recommendation this evening is to at least charge up those drills tonight to put up Hurricane Shutters tomorrow from about Port Saint Lucie northward to about Daytona Beach – this section of the Florida coast, I think has a risk of seeing hurricane force wind gusts of 75-85 mph on Sunday. It’s not a sure thing by any means, but there is a chance – better safe than sorry.

3. Further north, the effects of Isaias will depend heavily on the storm’s track over the next 48 hours. If Isaias does move across eastern Florida, it will weaken & will then likely be barely a tropical storm by the time it reaches the Carolinas, Mid-Atlantic & Southern New England. On the other hand, if Isaias travels just offshore of the coast of eastern Florida, it may still be a hurricane by the time it reaches eastern North Carolina on Monday night and a tropical storm for Southern New England and Long Island, New York on Tuesday and Tuesday night.

I urge everyone from eastern North Carolina northward to Southern New England to keep very close tabs on the progress of Isaias. At the minimum, this will be a widespread heavy rainfall producer, but there is the potential for tropical storm force winds should Isaias take the slightly more offshore track from eastern Florida.

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For more information, check the daily Tropical Weather Outlook, click here
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Re: Belize Weather Forecast: August 1, 2020 - 08/01/20 02:38 PM

On Ambergris Caye this morning the sea around our Barrier Reef is calm because of a breeze from the North. Today is sunny with an expected high temperature of 88 f.

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Re: Belize Weather Forecast: August 1, 2020 - 08/01/20 03:51 PM

A very different weather situation this morning. The low level is going over Belize in the wrong direction, from the NW and out into the Caribbean. The high level is generally from the east, but there is another level coming down from the north, clashing out at sea and causing rain in several places. This has been moving closer to Belize and might come into Belize later today. There might be some indirect influence from the HURRICANE ISAIAS which is presently going over the southern Bahama islands as a low Cat.1

Presently, central and southern Belize is sunny, there is patchy cloud coming down over north Belize from the north and spreading into central Belize right now. No rain anywhere but that might change as the higher cloud out at sea moves inland.

[Linked Image]

Temperatures in Belmopan : ( Coast usually cooler, hills even cooler )
Last night min. 26°C 78°F Yesterday max. 33°C 91°F Yesterday Rain 1.1 mm ( 0")
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Re: Belize Weather Forecast: August 1, 2020 - 08/01/20 07:01 PM

Present Condition: Mostly cloudy in the south, more clear in the north. Mainly fair and warm weather conditions prevail.
24hr Forecast: Sunny skies with a few cloudy spells during the daytime and partly cloudy skies tonight. Showers or thunderstorms will be isolated. Residents, especially those inland are advised to stay hydrated and avoid direct sunlight or outdoor activities as much as possible.

[Linked Image]

Live Beach Cam at Blue Water Grill

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Re: Belize Weather Forecast: August 1, 2020 - 08/01/20 08:52 PM

Been watching this all day... Now getting closer to us. Rain still out at sea, but could start on land in the next hour or few.

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