Today's Belize News: June 3, 2013

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Today's Belize News: June 3, 2013 - 06/03/13 11:31 AM


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Specials and Events

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The San Pedro Sun

Doctor Love: Send Money
Sending money to a television preacher to continue the work of God is a good thing right? A reader wants to know if the money will be put to good use.

Letter to the Editor: Perfectly Perplexed
In the editorial of May 23, Mayor Danny exclaims, “Everything is perfect here.” Perfect? Where? I live in San Pedro, an under-paved, crime-troubled, litter-covered, animal-torturing, service-impaired, broken-bridged community on Ambergris Caye. This island supports San Pedro and Belize with thousands of tax dollars, yet sees slow improvements for those who live here and pay. Our taxi drivers replace costly shock absorbers when the roads are like an obstacle course. Our neighbors also pay to repair golf carts which take the bumps hard, not to mention feeling back pain. Our friends replace bicycles and cell phones as thieves help themselves. We wonder who our police officers are as they sit behind windshields after we/I begged at a Town Meeting that they walk among us to develop relationships in the business and neighborhood communities. When I walk and ride around I see bottles, Styrofoam, and cardboard every few feet, on sand, dirt or pavement. As I approach the largest business, I plunge into more ruts and puddles while encountering more trash around the beverage plant. Our animals, from dogs to crocodiles, suffer at the hands of ignorant torturers who aren’t traceable or accountable.

Wolfe’s Woofers: Wine and Sophistication
Drinking a bit of wine makes the ladies sophisticated, right? Riiiight.

Misc Belizean Sources

Capital City Cycling Race
The Belize Cycling Association had a race yesterday. Congratulations to all the winners! "The Capital City Cycling Race held on Sunday June 2, 2013 featured 41 riders riding from Belmopan to La Democracia Village to Caves Branch Bridge on the Hummingbird Highway and back to Belmopan for a total of 60 miles. The race was won by Junior Rider Giovanni Lovell of the BTL Team who escaped from a breakaway group in the Hummingbird Hills. 2nd Jose Choto of Belikin, 3rd Allen Castillo of Bennys Megabytes 4th Angel Tzib of Bennys Megabytes 5th Erwin Middleton of Team C4 First Female was Shalini Zabaneh of Sagitun 2nd Junior was Zahir Figueroa of BECOL Uprising and 3rd Junior was Phillip Mencias of Capital Jewel Cycling Team A big thank you to the sports supporters and sponsors which included Hon John Saldivar, Grace Kennedy Ltd, A-Z Preschool, Mr. Miley Garcia, El Rancho and Capital Sales Bike Shop."

Bullet Tree Falls Corn Fest
The Bullet Tree Falls Corn Fest was Friday and Saturday. They had football as the main event Saturday, and the Queen of the Corn pageant on Friday night. Corn wine? "Bullet Tree had their Corn Fest this weekend. They had fun, games, food, football, and much more."

Express Oh! Cafe's Grand Oh-pening
The Express Oh! Cafe had its grand opening yesterday, and it was a roaring success. "There's a new coffee shop in Cayo, Santa Elena to be exact, and you can't miss it; seriously, you can't. They have great frappuccinos, coffee, pastries, and even have daily food specials. It's the most artsy coffee shop ever, and they are open on Sundays. Good food and coffee, and there should be entertainment coming soon. See you there!"

SHJC's 2013 Graduation Ceremony
Sacred Heart Junior College held their graduation ceremony for the class of 2013 yesterday. It was in their, literally just finished, new auditorium, which was decorated beautifully for the occasion. Maria Marin, the guest speaker, had a phenomenal speech for the graduates about goals, dreams, and ambition. The students' speeches were also witty and imaginative. Congratulations, SHJC graduates, and like Dr. Eve Aird said, 'it's not really goodbye, it's see you later.' "SHJC had their graduation at their new auditorium. It was the perfect venue, and the graduation ceremony went well. The guest speaker, Ms. Maria Marin had an outstanding speech that will surely motivate the students as they go into the world to make a difference."

The Belize Times

Audrey quits Oceana Vice President
The news that Audrey Matura-Shepherd has quit as Vice-President of Oceana stunned Belize. At a press conference held on Thursday afternoon, Matura-Shepherd’s admitted that the resignation had to do with a clash between her and supporters of Caleb Orozco’s UNIBAM, after she expressed concerns about possible consequences of UNIBAM’s constitutional challenge. Matura-Shepherd’s comments were posted on her personal Facebook page, and in it, she asked whether since section 53 of the criminal act (section being challenged by UNIBAM) deals with sodomy as well as acts considered “unnatural” such as bestiality, she wondered whether another group such as one supporting bestiality may also seek to affirm their status in society. It is believed that pro-UNIBAM individuals took offense at the comments and launched a campaign against Matura-Shepherd. One individual, only known by name as Kenrick Raymark Theus Diaz, took the matter as far as Oceana’s Washington office, in a letter in which he sought “corrective measures”. We understand that Matura-Shepherd, who is a columnist in the Amandala newspaper, was told by her Oceana superiors that if she wanted to keep her job, she could continue writing on issues other than the UNIBAM matter. Matura-Shepherd did not take the restriction lightly. In a statement to the media, issued prior to the conference, Matura-Shepherd said she will now pursue her “legal career… while balancing family obligations”.

Do the honorable thing!
As a small child, I remember Arlette and Dave knew each other from high school. They graduated together but went their separate ways. A few years later, their paths would cross again and this time as fate would have it, they fell in love. They dated for a few months and eventually decided that they wanted to get married and build a life together. They both wanted children and did not want to wait. Unfortunately, several years went by and Arlette did not conceive. They tried everything, different positions, different herb mixtures and she even spent hours holding her legs up because she was told that that would help. They prayed a lot, read books and spent countless hours on google. They learned about ovulation cycle, follicular phase and some big words like hypothalamus. They tried to catch the estrogen levels when they were at their highest point. They knew all about the pituitary gland and that it sent out the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) that sent out the follicles to develop into mature eggs. They found out that ovulation occur when a mature egg is released from the ovary, pushed down the fallopian tube, and become available for fertilization. They became almost experts but still, no luck! They were told to avoid stress, illnesses and tried not to disrupt normal routines. At times it was almost comical as they did some almost impossible things to make it happen. Every month, Dave longed desperately to hear the words that so many other men normally dread; honey I’m late! But every month, Arlette’s period arrived on time. There were times when one or the other would cast a suspicious glance the other’s way, but they loved each other too much to lay accusations. Still, the possibility existed that either Arlette was barren or that Dave was impotent. They decided that either way, they could not live without each other and in desperation even discussed the possibility of adopting. But Dave wanted his own for child.

Poaching threatens Chiquibul Forest
From the month of October to March 2013 FCD’s research team was actively involved in studying the effects of poaching on game species in the Chiquibul Forest. The four man team conducted its research along 12 transects in areas including the Caracol Archaeological Reserve, covering a total of 384 km. This study was aimed at determining the diversity of terrestrial games species; calculating the relative abundance by species for each game species recorded and to evaluate the impact of illegal hunting on the relative abundance of target species. A total of 1,022 individuals of 24 different species were recorded where the most abundant species were squirrels, quash, collared peccary, crested guans, and keel billed toucans. The study reveals that abundance of game species from the western border to the interior of the study area was even, meaning that more than likely game species are targeted throughout the entire Chiquibul forest, and are impacted by poaching independent of how far these are from the border. It is also safe to conclude that hunters have been targeting large bodied species, leading to a severe reduction on abundance of targeted species and have begun to target smaller individuals as well as non-traditional game species such as the keel billed toucan. The team did not record any sightings of white-lipped peccary, confirming the assumption that the species has become locally extinct from the Chiquibul Forest, since it is a species favored by hunters. Guatemalan xateros and poachers have been penetrating deeper and deeper into Belizean wilderness areas and they pose the highest threat to the population of species. Poaching is fast becoming a lucrative activity not only for subsistence but for commercial purposes. This is confirmed through records made of Guatemalan nationals being detained with up to 15 game birds. ...

Faber assaults Police Officer
Former UDP chairman Patrick Faber has become more bitter and erratic since losing his bid for Deputy Leader to Dean Barrow’s choice, Gaspar Vega. This past Sunday, Faber took his rancorous behavior to Hattieville where the village council elections were being held. During the elections, the UDP’s Education Minister Faber couldn’t help himself but get in rabid exchanges with the women of the village who found him to be an obnoxious little politician. During an exchange with one of the women, Faber even hit her with a flag stick which he carried on his shoulder. When other rabid UDPs arrived, Faber’s sour attitude worsened. He turned his venom on the Police who struggled to maintain order. In one instance, Faber’s temperature shot up the roof when he saw a group of voters entering the gate to join the voter’s line. Faber approached the Police Officer, who was manning the gate, menacingly, and began lecturing the officer. The officer was shaken, and in a moment had to hold back himself, when he was pushed by the UDP politician. ...

BTIA rejects Crawl Caye proposal
The Belize Tourism Industry Association, which represents tourism stakeholders countrywide, has declared their opposition to a proposed cruise port project in Southern Belize, and urged Cabinet to follow their direction. High ranking UDPs who have been awarded influential posts in the Barrow Administration are using their connections to push through a project with Norwegian Cruise Lines to build a cruise port on Crawl Caye. The proposal is not a popular one. Tourism stakeholders say the project is a threat to the environment and Belize’s tourism product. Crawl Caye is located inside the Southwater Caye Marine Reserve which is a World Heritage site. The Caye is also near the Barrier Reef, a heritage which is constantly under threat from the Barrow Administration. To build a cruise port for large ships would require clearing and dredging which would seriously damage the mangrove environment. ...

Does inequality really need to be tackled? The twin forces of globalization and technical innovation have actually narrowed inequality globally, as poorer countries catch up with richer ones. But within many countries especially in the poor developing world, including Belize, income gaps have widened. In Belize, poverty and inequality have reached such an alarming level that the society as a whole is in crisis. The majority of Belizeans are living in survival mode. More and more families have become marginalized, vulnerable and dependent on the hand-outs of the ruling UDP politicos who have turned vote-buying into a norm in the “democratic” process of electioneering. Large sums of money get siphoned from the Barrow/state-owned enterprises: Social Security and B.T.L. to well-connected insiders who are awarded fat inflated contracts ostensibly to carry out infrastructural projects. The crumbs from the national budget is doled out to the poor supporters just enough to keep them quiet. The teeming masses are threatened with the hammer of victimization and transparent intimidation if they dare step out of line; if they dare to raise their voices in protest. If they do, no more food pantry for them; no chance of getting a plot of land on which to build a little house or start a little farm. Just talk to the many Belizeans not only in Harmonyville but right across the country from Corozal to Toledo. ...

Louisiana School girls are national basketball champs
The Louisiana Government School girls from Orange Walk Town won the national primary schools basketball championships held in Belize City on Friday, May 24. The Sugar City girls ran over the Holy Redeemer girls 22-13. MVP Yasel Sutherland had 8 points. Siriann Chi and Aaliya Leiva each added 4 points, while Zelita Catzim and Jannil Dominguez each tossed in a bucket for the 22-13 win. Holy Redeemer’s Zaria Jenkins had 7 points, while Diana Elijio and Felicia Arzu each added a bucket. 3rd place went to the Hopkins girls who blew away the Libertad girls 25-3. Sharette Requena scored 11 points; Shameika Peters added 10 points and Rushelle Ramos and Odajah Casimiro each tossed in a bucket. Libertad’s Tamira Nunez hit a single trey. ...

San Ignacio FC wins Mexico’s “2013 Copa Tulum”
San Ignacio United FC travelled to Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico on 25 May 2013 to participate in the 2013 Copa Tulum. Five teams from Mexico participated including; Cancun state selection, Campeche state selection, Tulum state selection and the Chetumal University. San Ignacio United FC won the Championship after defeating Cancun in the finals with a 2-0 victory. Both goals were scored by Leonard “Macho” Valdez. ...

U-17 female footballers face Guatemala on Sunday
The National U-17 Women’s Football Team will play the Guatemala national team on Sunday, June 2 at the FFB Goal Project Stadium at 4pm. On Saturday, May 18th, our national team played against Guatemala in Antigua, Guatemala, but lost 8-0. The home-field and home crowd advantage may boost our girls’ spirits, therefore, Belizeans are asked to come out and support this historic game. ...

Gaspar Vega Again! – Vega’s Nephew collected $179,000 for paving of OW road, but no work done
Orange Walk Town residents, specifically those living on San Antonio road are demanding to know where is the $179,957 paid to Imer Hernandez, the nephew of Deputy Prime Minister, for the paving of San Antonio Road. The payments were done to “Imer Hernandez Development Company” by the Ministry of Works for among other things, the scarification of the existing pavement on San Antonio, supply and compact mat on the road and double surface dressing. This is at a total payment of $179,957. The payment invoice for the Ministry of Works confirms that the work was “executed”, but for the residents of San Antonio Road, there is another reality. No such thing happened! The residents have been enduring the hellish environment contaminated by dust that causes sickness and infection. Documents show that payments were made to Hernandez’ company since February 24 2012, but today, a whole year later, no construction has started. ...

by Katie Usher There is a new art and social initiative being presented from Belize City. Several young artists and poets have joined forces to portray Belize through their lens and viewpoints. Arrrt Team and Youth Voices have collaborated efforts to showcase an art exhibit and poetry performance Imagine Nation at the Image Factory Art Gallery. The exhibit is supported by REACH, a newly established NGO that focuses on “Research, Education and Advocacy for Social Change”. It is backed by a group of concerned Belizeans with expertise in social research and development. The mission of REACH is to foster community self-evaluation, social change and more informed policy and decision-making through high quality social research. I got a sneak peak of some of the works exhibited at the Image Factory Art Gallery. I will admit, unabashedly, that these young artists have inspired me to reconsider and fortify my conceptual and graphic discourse. Confronted with the crime climate that has washed the Belizean shores and continued inland, destroying and compromising every peaceful corner, like a tsunami, I have been hardly inspired to make art, consume art or even discuss art. ...

Land of the Free Part 2
Land of the free! What does it mean to be free? Nothing is for free. If it didn’t cost you, it’s costing someone else! When you steal something, someone else has to pay. In our beautiful country, the national anthem boasts of our freedom. What are we free from? Do we behave as if we are free or do we behave as an animal on a leash that has no idea he is free and therefore restricts himself from a better life, living in one constant circle day after day? Belize is a young country, but sadly, a naïve young country that only goes as far as boasting of her wealth but nothing more. We function as if the wealth flows from a never ending spring and carelessly manage it. Come, we say to one and all, come enjoy the land of the free….. But free for what I say? Free to call our borders artificial? Free to run ships onto the reef? Free to ship drugs through? Free to cut our xate leaves? Free to cut our rosewood? Free to mine our gold? Free to take our oil? Free to shave down our Maya ruins? Free to take as much land as you need? Free to borrow millions and not repay? Free to jack the businessmen after you hangout on the streets whole day? Free to sell drugs? Free to kill for hire or revenge? Free to change our laws to suit your personal agenda? Nothing is free. Everything costs something and values something. ...

UDP raids land in Caye Caulker
A petition letter from Caye Caulker residents has been gathering huge support for a call on authorities to rein in the politically-appointed lots committee. The lots committee, which is appointed by the Area Representative to undermine the duly elected village council, is set up to distribute land. In the case of Caye Caulker, the residents say the lots committee is giving away land to undeserving persons including non-villagers and political cronies. The residents say that recently land was used as a political gimmick to advance the UDP’s agenda in the upcoming village council elections in mid-June. Some 150 lots were issued out to persons who don’t deserve a piece of the island. The villagers are concerned that their children and future generations of original residents will not be able to inherit any part of the island, because of the UDP’s land giveaway. In the petition, they write, “We the undersigned villagers call on the Prime Minister, our area representative and the Minister of lands and the Caye Caulker village council to rectify this wrongful move ASAP and give back what is rightfully the Heritage of our Caye Caulker villagers”. ...

It’s hard to raise a child when you’re still a child
By Dr. Angela Banner Joseph “It’s about time we make the well-being of our young people more important than ideology and politics. As a country, we benefit from investing in their future by investing in pregnancy prevention” – Jane Fonda Globally, the discussion of teen pregnancy is increasing and the debate is rampant on whether to provide free condoms in schools, whether to teach abstinence-only sex education, or whether to ask parents about teaching sex education in school. What all of these things have in common is that children should not be having children. Teen pregnancy is a family’s greatest nightmare and can lead to a national public health crisis of young mothers. What we have learned is that teen-age pregnancy is associated with increases in single parenthood, poverty, unhealthy babies, juvenile delinquency, developmental delays in children, increased school dropouts, reductions in attaining a college degree, increased incarceration, and a dismal future. Society has shown that children of teen-age mothers are more likely to become teen parents themselves. Teen pregnancy is both a cause and a consequence of a host of social ills. People often believe that teenage pregnancy occurred because of irresponsible behavior, misinformation, or “I didn’t believe getting pregnant would happen to me.” What many teenagers don’t understand is that being a parent is a full-time job; 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. You cannot turn a switch on and off, of when to be a parent, and you cannot send your child back when you want to go partying with your friends. Once you give birth, that baby is here to stay: A permanent fixture in your life and always at your side. ...

by anthony sylvestre On 21st November, 2012, sixteen days after being re-elected to serve the 2nd District of Illinois for a 9th consecutive term, Jesse Jackson Jr. resigned from the U.S. Congress. (US Congressmen have elections every two years). In his resignation letter to the Speaker of the House, he said this: “I have made my fair share of mistakes. I am aware of the ongoing federal investigation into my activities and am doing my best to address the situation responsibly, cooperate with the investigators, and accept responsibility for my mistakes, for they are my mistakes and mine alone. None of us is immune from our share of shortcomings or human frailties and I pray that I will be remembered for what I did right. It has been a profound honor to serve the constituents of Illinois’s Second Congressional District and I thank them for their patience, their words of support and prayers during what has been, and what will continue to be a very trying time for me and my family.” This, from a man who had an otherwise exemplary record representing the 2nd District of Illinois for 17 straight years and who polled on average 83.5 % of the votes casted in the 10 elections he contested for that congressional seat. Indeed, as he also recorded in his resignation letter to the Speaker of the House, he had worked to have built for his congressional district: new train stations, water towers, emergency rooms, affordable housing, community centers and healthcare clinics, nearly a billion dollars of infrastructure and community improvement on the South Side of Chicago and thousands of new jobs created. ...

NEMO fails small test – “We noh hear from dem yet” – storm victim
Persons affected by a severe thunderstorm that damaged their homes three weeks ago have said they have had to struggle to recover without the help of the Government disaster-response officials at the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO). On Thursday May 2nd, a heavy storm that caused small tornados and hail storm, passed through Belize and left behind a wreckage in several communities. In Shipyard, in the Orange Walk District, homes were turned over and farm animals were killed to a total loss of $300,000. In Lord’s Bank, Ladyville and Belize City, several homes were damaged by the heavy rains and hurricane-like winds. The day after the storm, NEMO coordinator Councillor Phillip Willoughby pretended to be savior as he went to the affected homes promising that NEMO would write a report and forward it to Ministers Anthony “Boots” Martinez, Mark “Gangman Style” King and Godwin Hulse for assistance within “a reasonable time”. Well, it seems Willoughby is still writing up his report as the bureaucracy hasn’t worked. Storm victims say they haven’t seen Willoughby or heard from NEMO since then. “We noh hear from dem yet,” said a storm victim when she called into the KREM WUB show on Monday. She explained that she can remember when Willoughby stood in her yard and told the media that he is doing a “damage assessment”. The BELIZE TIMES contacted another storm victim whose house suffered major water damage after his entire roof blew off. He said that when he attempted to contact NEMO, he was told that his case is not “a national disaster” therefore NEMO is not concerned and won’t assist. It appears NEMO is awaiting for towns and cities to be levelled or lives to be lost before they act on an emergency. Their refusal to provide assistance demonstrates their utter failure in such a small test that the severe thunderstorm turned out to be. Now imagine when the big test comes about, Belizeans better brace for the worst. ...

First Henderson…now Jeffries comes out of closet – Former Police Top Brass expose loyalty to UDP
There is something disturbing taking place in Belize. Individuals who swore to uphold the law and protect and serve all Belizeans without any form of bias, and who reached the top of the hierarchical ladder in the Police Department, are coming out of the closet declaring their loyalty to the UDP. In our Sunday, May 19th newspaper issue, the BELIZE TIMES showed the former Commissioner of Police David Henderson campaigning for the UDP in Unitedville. Henderson, who led the Police Force up to three months ago, was photographed while parading in a UDP T-shirt, pledging loyalty to the ruling party. This week, another former ComPol was caught meddling knee-deep in politics. Crispin Jeffries, who preceded Henderson, was a UDP candidate in the village council elections in Hattieville. If your head is shaking, we understand. The bullish, bull-headed, it’s-my-way-or-the- highway Jeffries, a political candidate? That’s right, and we have the photo to prove it. ...

First Annual Bayman Triathlon in Corozal
The First Annual Bayman Triathlon organised by “Team Papas” and the Belize National Triathlon Association was held in Corozal Town on Sunday, May 26th, 2013. The event was a three-course challenge that included a 350 meter swim, 10 kilometre bicycle ride and a 3 kilometre run. There were 26 participants who all competed valiantly for the top place. The results are as follows: Female 1st – Shalini Zabaneh $500 + trophy 2nd – Kerah Eiley $400 + trophy Junior (18 and younger) 1st – Eric Donis $500 + trophy 2nd – Michael Grajalez $400 + trophy 3rd – Daniel Cocom Male Elite 1st – Kenroy Gladden $500 + trophy 2nd – Kent Gabourel $400 + trophy 3rd – Luigi Urbina. $300 + trophy ...

PUP’s winning ways continue!
The People’s United Party continued to win this past Sunday when the third set of village council elections were held. Tremendous victories were gained in San Andres in the Corozal North constituency, Sarteneja in the Corozal South East constituency, and Fireburn in the Orange Walk District. Other victories came in the Stann Creek District in the villages of Valley Community, Alta Vista and a good showing was had at the Steadfast elections. In the Toledo district, the PUP won San Pedro Columbia, Medina Bank, Indian Creek, San Miguel, Silver Creek and Golden Stream councils. ...

High School’s best and brightest – Part II: SJC, Wesley College and Gwen Lizarraga High
The office of St. John’s College High School provided the statistics via phone to us last week Friday. There will be huge graduations across the High School, Sixth Form/Junior College and the Extension Division. Extension which will see 64 students graduate across a range of programs and the Junior College will pass out 250 students across several Associate Degree Programs. But since it is only the high school that we are dealing with, we’ll start there. Of 117 student-candidates across four 4th Forms, 104 will graduate on Sunday, June 9th, 2013 at the SJC Gymnasium on Princess Margaret Drive. [The High School ceremony will be at 3:00 p.m. while the Junior College ceremony is in the morning at 9:00 a.m.] The Valedictorian is Justyn Craig, and the Salutatorian is Luis Aleman. ...

PUP Leader’s address to Cane Farmers on Cane Farmer’s Day
Today, I am here to honor you and to pay my respects to each and every one of you for your contribution to Belize’s development thru this very important industry. Allow me to congratulate all of you on another successful Sugar Cane Crop. Your hard work, perseverance and dedication have once again been rewarded. My report as of May 25th, which was Crop Day 175, indicates that cane farmers have delivered One Million Sixty Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Six Tons of Sugar Cane, which represents a 47,000 ton increase over the same period last year. Similarly, Sugar Production has already surpassed last year’s one hundred and fourteen thousand five hundred and thirty six tons (114,536). And while these increases in delivery and production are notable, what the Industry will perhaps be most proud of is the consistent and meaningful improvements in Crop Quality. Once again the TC/TS Ratio has improved moving from 9.29 last year to 9.14 this year. This improving Crop Quality, above all else, represents our greatest hope for the future of our industry. This we know could not have been possible without a collective sense of unity and direction among those present here today. It is that spirit and sense of purpose that has allowed Belize to survive the many serious challenges facing the Sugar Industry. ...

UDP out of order!
Every week, the UDP has been abusing their power to intimidate voters in the village council elections. This past Sunday, UDP big wigs flocked to Hattieville to bully voters. Patrick Faber, Sedi Elrington and Edmond Castro were joined by UDP lackeys Kenworth Tillett, defeated Deputy Chairman candidate Roosevelt Blades, defeated candidate Lee Mark Chang, Education employee Vernon, rabid mascot Brian “Yellowman” Audinette, and UDP Councillors Eric Chang and Dean Samuels all turned out to pressure voters. UDP abusing Government resources and intimidating voters at village council elections As expected, the UDP has politicized the village council elections, injecting their political agenda into the community process. The elections are no longer about ensuring better leadership in their communities, but about giving the UDP more power and control. That’s all that matters to them. ...

GOB stay application fails – Court adjourns hearing for next week
The injunction issued April 16th, 2013 by Supreme Court Justice Oswell Legall remains in effect as the application to lift the injunction was not heard today. Oceana in Belize, along with Co-Claimants Citizen Organized for Liberty & Action (COLA) & the Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage, won a historic legal victory when Justice Legal delivered his judgment in Claim #810 of 2011. The judgment declared all six offshore Productions Sharing Agreements (PSAs) “unlawful, null and void.” Judge Legall furthermore granted “an injunction restraining the defendant, servants and agent from carrying out the provisions of the PSAs. Shortly after its loss in court, the Government stated its intention of appeal the decision. At the behest of Princess Petroleum Belize Limited and Providence Energy Belize Limited government applied for a stay of execution of the injunction. The hearing of that application started before the Chief Justice today. However, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin adjourned the hearing until next Tuesday, June 4th, 2013 at 10:30am to allow more time to review the submissions made by Government’s lawyers Denys Barrow, SC and his daughter Naima Barrow as well as the counter submissions made by Oceana and its Co-Claimants, arguing that the injunction remains in force until the appeal is heard by the Belize Court of Appeal. ...

Kudos to PUP on progressive vision
A viable economy is the bedrock of development, growth, stability and well being of all nations including Belize. So in addition to its True Development agenda, the PUPs must adopt an agenda to allow the implementation of 20 more new commercial banks, ten more competitive sugar factories, 20 food/agricultural businesses, 30 more oil prospecting companies, as many citrus producers as normal profits will sustain, 50 cheese making factories, expansion of cattle market, get Belizeans to return to the retail merchandizing business and the daily boledo business, and to encourage development of gold, lead, and other natural resources to include fishing production and tourism activities. Belizeans must be the owners of these income producing assets or just die in face of our paternal attitude towards foreigners. We must also change, add to our laws to administer these new industries and we don’t need foreign time-servers to inject into our legal system. The economy is the most important vehicle in our fragile existence. So mote it be! ...

On Noh Mul destruction
It is an international scandal. Belize is once again being treated like a private property by certain party members of the UDP. Enough is enough, Belize has spent years build an international reputation for its unique cultural heritage and its protection of natural resources. Both of these are key to our economic well being over the long term. This is not the first time members of the UDP organization have run over the basic ethics and standards of stewardship expected of any member of society and certainly the leadership of Belize. It is sad day for Belize and a sad day for our future. A small country such as Belize is, cannot afford such disregard for the health and protection of the very attractions that bring tourist dollars to our shores and make the jewel shine. ...

KHMH hazard!
Dear residents of the Caribbean Shores and Freetown areas as well as businesses and schools in the immediate vicinity of the KHMH. For several months I have been monitoring with great concern several unexplained illnesses that are caused by viruses which affect students from the Belize Elementary School, Belize High School, Nazarene High, Pallotti High School, All Saints and St. Joseph Primary School. I have noticed that since November of 2012 the KHMH has been using the incinerator to burn highly infectious and hazardous waste on their compound. It’s in my view that the incinerator emits virus and bacteria that could leave traces in the building and can even be transmitted from person to person. This must be of great concern to since several restaurants operate in the vicinity of the hospital. I have taken the responsibility of contacting members of the KHMH board, the media and public health but so far to no avail. It’s an opportune time to closer examine the situation especially since the matter of the unexplained bacteria at the intensive care unit of the hospital has claimed the lives of 12 infants in 20 days. ...


Treats around town and a perfumed chocolate meltdown/a>
Been on a major junk food binge the past couple of days and since we were on foot Marina’s and Super Buy south were the places Dick and I ended up shopping at. Marina’s was my pick as I needed to get meat and scored butt bacon, chips an Oh Henry bar and flour tortillas. Super Buy was Dicks choice for junk food, as a result we both ended up buying Cracker Jack and are in agreement the prizes were much better when we were kids Below are pictures a couple of places I recommend stopping at if you are snack or gift shopping in town. You can circle the block and hit all 3 easily starting with Belize Chocolate Company at the bottom of front street. Look for Greenhouse right by Reef Radio and TV on middle street and further down on the same side of the street Rum Cigar store.

“You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Had a lay-in yesterday morning (after our anniversary celebration the previous night) and did not get up until 6.45 am. It felt really unusual. It was light outside! After showering, dressing and eating breakfast I popped down to Captain Shark’s to pick up the license plates for our new golf cart and also to see if they could fix the annoying noise coming from the rear flip-flop seat. Getting the license plates was easy but fixing the seat is another matter. It appears that one of the small pads that ‘cushion’ the back of the rear seat had broken off during transit. A temporary fix was applied until a more permanent one can be fitted when I take the ‘cart in for it’s first service in around four weeks. Cannot really recall how the rest of the morning ‘disappeared’ but it did and before Rose and I knew it was time to head to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and we got there (thanks to a lift from Rafael (aka The Frog)) in Daniel Camal’s,our building contractor, truck when he picked us up not long after we had walked over the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge. As a consequence we got there around 1.30 pm.

Mennonite Gurls A'ken Cook: Fancy Egg Scrambull
1 cup diced ham 1/4 cup chopped gree onion (scalleeuns) 3 Tablespoons buttr 12 aigs beete 1 6oz. a'ken diced Gree Chiles Cheez Sauce: 2 tablespoons buttr 2 tablespoons flour 1/2 teespoon salt 1/8 teespoon peppr 2 cups milk 1 cup grated cheddar cheez Method: Melt buttr n' heevy large skillet. Saute ham and gree onyuns n' buttr. Add beete aigs and diced gree chiles.

May 26, 2013 - June 1, 2013 Fishing Report
It’s great to welcome back Nick from Australia! He and Captain Tomas have a plan to do some damage with an arsenal of fly rods and fly boxes that are exploding with flies. The Cammer Family came back and this is a family that fishes together! Jim and Dee brought their group from Cutthroat Anglers – and the whole group has been a delight. We have been double hauling into the wind during casting clinics in the afternoon, and believe me, these anglers are leaving here with fishing memories and a double haul that will be the envy of all their angling friends back home. Mark brought out the vice and started tying up some beauty’s for bones – his spontaneity had other anglers joining him around the vice for some creative patterns and new tricks. Ken and Megan ripped it up with Captain Jr. on spin and they are already looking forward to returning next year. A couple of highlights for me – Matt, age 8, figured out right away he needed to catch a bonefish so he could receive a bonefish pin before they go back home. He showed up an hour after arriving with his spin rod in hand – grabbed some shrimp from me and made it happen. I have no idea how many species he has landed this trip. My dear friends, Janet and Don were here and they learned how to fly fish! They love to fish, so this is a whole new chapter for them. It was their first international trip and they had a blast. Thank you to our El Pescador Family for a great week and helping our anglers meet their dreams.

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Planning a couples’ trip abroad with another couple; Who gets the master bedroom?
A few years ago I went on a couple’s trip to Ambergris Belize with my husband and one of our favorite couples. When planning the trip everyone contributed to their creative ideas, wants, and needs which seemed fairly simple & realistic; however the topic at hand that was never discussed was who gets the master bedroom? It seems like a pretty fair question but how can you be fair across the board without stepping on anyone’s toes when there is only one master bedroom. We’ve never had this problem before with our favorite couple as we have vacationed other resorts together. However, I have since learned when you’re traveling abroad or to any destination that houses one master bedroom some type of discussion should be orchestrated when talking about the resorts, dates, activities, in our case nothing was discussed and we were in for a rude awakening.

Take a Family Sabbatical and Take Back Your Life
Even if you have only ever taken one-week vacations, you know the kind of freedom that comes from breaking out of your everyday. Time away can recharge you, inspire you, and clear your thinking. If you’re in the right frame of mind, a vacation can do wonders for your soul. What if you could go away for longer than one week? Wouldn’t it follow you’d be even more inspired…more refreshed? My husband and I have four kids, and we are now at the tail end of a six-month family sabbatical in Belize. It IS possible. And it’s wonderful. We’ve felt the deepening of our children’s knowledge about culture, courage, and camaraderie has more than made up for any lack in mathematics or cursive writing. (And we are supplementing at home so they don’t backslide too far in any given subject.) Once we’d talked to our grade school at home and got their full support, we knew we were one step closer to our plan happening! We could take a break from our life. We could sneak out, steal some time from The Schedule and The Culture we lived in, and come back with new eyes and a fresh start.

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