Today's Belize News: May 9, 2016

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Today's Belize News: May 9, 2016 - 05/09/16 11:28 AM


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Letter to the Editor: Leaving us in the dust
Dear Editor, We had booked several miles South of San Pedro. We had a 5 minute dirt road drive. Over and over, we and all other golf cart tourists had to endure speeding vehicles and by masses. Cars, small trucks, large 8 cylinder SUVs and taxis left us behind in dust clouds caused through their speeds of up to 50 miles, all on a dirt road. These drivers had no regards for us and clearly showed no respect for us tourists. Plus there were large sand trucks again and again, all day, ALL with too high speeds and ALL developing even much more dust. This is not only unhealthy but plainly “disgusting” during a vacation. Only our 11 year old found that extremely cool: “Mommy, this is like in “Mad Max Fury Road” he smiled when a large sand truck passed us with about double the speed than our golf cart could go, forcing an extremely huge and dense dust cloud on us. Yes, if just all your tourists would be as young and naive as our boy. Unfortunately for you, we “the adults” had long decided that such unhealthy conditions we would never want again for another vacation. We are disgusted about these ugly conditions forced on us defenseless tourists. But we tourists are not all defenseless: Our ratings on all travel related online media will be our pay back. We have already planned out next trip to the tropics (Holbox Island, Yucatan Mexico), to a real golf cart island with no cars or trucks during main business hours.

Wolfe’s Woofer: The Arms of Another Woman
“Hey, Mr. Dennis. Can you help me out?” “Sure, Pascal,” I said. “I’ll help you if I can.” “I do a lot of things with the Lion’s Club. Back home in my village I am the president of the chapter. Mother’s Day is coming up and it’s a really big deal where I live. I usually only speak to forty or fifty people at the Lion’s Club but on Mother’s Day all eight hundred people in the village will be there. I need some help with my speech.” “How can I help you?” “I need a joke for Mother’s Day but I can’t remember jokes and I tell them really bad. You got any Mother’s Day jokes?” “How is this?” I asked. “Start your speech by saying, ‘The best years of my life were spent in the arms of a woman who was not my wife.’ You stop for a minute and then say, ‘She was my mother.’”

Police Report
Found Property: Fire Arm. On Saturday, April 30th, the San Pedro Police, supervised by Assistant Superintendent Henry Jemmott, Police Constable (PC) Lewis #2063 and PC Magana #2070, acting upon information received at 6:50PM, visited an open area on the right hand side of the first street in the San Mateo Area, San Pedro Town. PC Magana discovered a Smith and Wesson .22 revolver, 10 shooter with white ivory handle, to which the .22 revolver was wrapped up in a pink kitchen cloth.
Found Property: Controlled Drugs. On Saturday 30th April 2016 around 5:50pm, Police Constable (PC) Tyrell Lewis #2063 and Eduardo Magana were conducting foot patrol in the San Pedrito Area, San Pedro Town. PC Lewis observed a black plastic bag near some lumber in an abandon lot located at the back street of San Pedrito area. PC Lewis retrieved the black plastic bag and opened it, where he observed some green leafy substance suspected to be cannabis.

Doctor Love: Stuck
Dear Doctor Love, I have been living in Belize for nearly five months. I met a lady soon after I got here and we had a brief relationship but I could tell from the first that it was not going to last. It’s not that I am looking for something permanent but I do like the idea of having a steady girlfriend. Four weeks ago I met a Belizean girl and we went out altogether five times. Two weeks later she showed up on my doorstep with a suitcase. She said that she can’t afford to stay in her apartment anymore and she wants to stay with me. It is either that or she has to move back to the mainland. I told her that she is welcome to stay with me a couple of weeks until she finds something else. So far she hasn’t even been looking for another place. She seems to have settled in quite nicely in mine. She cooks and washes clothes and generally makes herself useful around the place. To be honest it is kind of nice having her around the house. Now, a friend of mine is telling me to be careful. He says she is trying to get her hooks into me. According to him if she lives with me for even a short time she can claim common-law marriage. She will have rights just like a wife so if she gets pregnant I will have to pay alimony and child support. Also, she is entitled to a share of my property if we split. This shakes me up. The last thing I want is to get married. Is what my friend tells me true? How can I get rid of her with the least bit of bother? /s/ Stuck

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Mother's Day Dinner at DuPlooy's on Tuesday
Happy Mother's Day! DuPlooy's is having a special Mother's Day dinner on Tuesday, May 10th. Celebrate your mother, and make her day special.

Bird rescue in under 12 minutes
Neighbor called me. They have an injured bird. I arrive, its a Pygmy Owl.

The Reporter

CARICOM signs energy MOU
The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) is making steps towards cleaner, more sustainable energy within the region, through a new Memorandum of Understanding signed with three partner organizations. CARICOM signed the MOU this past week with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), and the United States Department of Energy (USDoE). According to the IDB, the MOU is geared towards to increasing energy security, reducing energy vulnerability, and promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency, and low-carbon technologies in the region. As a part of the agreement, CARICOM member states will receive non-reimbursable technical assistance and programmes to promote knowledge exchanges, capacity building activities, and to help mobilize technical expertise The MOU will be followed by an action plan, where the four institutions will detail specific actions and timelines for each, along with planned collaborative activities and success indicators.

HelpAge fundraiser honors Dr. Jane Usher
HelpAge Belize, in collaboration with the Belize Social Security Board and Holy Redeemer Credit Union, held a fundraiser dinner honoring outstanding Belizean, Dr. Jane Usher. Funds raised at the event, held at the Old Belize Jungle Pavilion on Saturday night, will be used to sustain one of HelpAge’s most vital services, its Home Care Program. Chairman of HelpAge’s Board of Directors, Evan Dakers, explained that the service is important because their staff goes into the homes of elderly persons, many of whom live alone, to provide assistance they would have otherwise not had access to. “The staff goes into the homes and provides things like baths and first aid, they help to move the persons so they don’t get pressure sores from lying in bed too long, and things like that,” Dakers said. He added that while the organization charges a minimal fee, it does not refuse anyone who cannot pay, which makes the fundraiser all the more important. HelpAge conducts the home care program four times a week.


Snapshots Around Belize – There is Always a Ton Going On
I take a TON of pictures…you probably see about 5%…or less. And you are lucky for that. But here are some random others, from some great photographers on Instagram and from me, of what’s going on in Belize. It’s part of my love affair with Instagram…search for the keyword #Belize…and you can find out what tons of people are up to. Many with gorgeous photos. The company Boteboards just left Ambergris Caye yesterday but they had four amazing days with a SERIOUSLY fantastic photographer and film crew fishing and SUPing (is that a verb?) both sides of our caye.

Kids Will Go Wild Over Belize’s Green Iguana Conservation Projec
Who says you have to take the kids to expensive 3D films to see what life on Earth looked like millions of years ago? Save the cash and use it to bring them to Belize to meet the relatives of these scale-covered creatures in person at the Green Iguana Conservation Project instead. You’re welcome to accompany them and share the journey back in time, and if your trip to Belize happens to stimulate your kid’s brains, don’t be surprised if they actually look forward to geology and science classes in the future. This landmark conservation project has no equal in the Caribbean, so you get to see the fleshed out image Miriam Roberson and Daniel Velasquez had for an Iguana refuge back in 1996. Concerned that these reptiles were decreasing in alarming numbers, these two ecological seers launched a movement that culminated with the establishment of the Green Iguana Conservation Project headquartered at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Years have passed. As Iguana populations are restored, the behaviors of these scaly creatures have been chronicled, showcased and explored at what is currently ranked the #1 attraction in San Ignacio! If you’re flush, fly into San Ignacio via Belize City with Tropic Air. Alternately, rent a car and take the fully-paved Western Highway to San Ignacio. Be prepared to traverse one-way bridges coming and going. You can try the bus system from Belize City, but if you prefer a less-crowded option, taxis, rental cars, minivans and shuttles are good transportation choices.

Pool Project - Week Eight
It was estimated at the onset of this project that work would be completed by the end of last week. The crew is very close, but holidays and whatnot have pushed the end date to sometime this week. And even though this was a short week (Monday was a holiday), the crew accomplished quite a bit. Most of the wood frames for the screens have been assembled. We should start to see them going in tomorrow. Gutters have been made and installed. They are made from PVC pipe and, if you look closely at the top picture, the guys cut a narrow channel on the top. Water collects from the roof, but minimal debris. Pretty clever. Painting is almost done, including the exterior and interior of the pump house.

International Sourcesizz

I Met Belize’s Next Dictator
It all began one afternoon. I had just gotten on a plane leaving Belize, when a woman sat down next to me... with a one year old baby. At first, I was worried the child would be an issue, but it turned out that the kid, Ajax, was a dream — the woman was a nightmare. She began asking me about my major, my school, my future, my trip to Belize. I tend to maintain a healthy distance from my flying partners, but I responded politely; I told her I was a cognitive science major at UCLA with no plans for the future, visiting Belize for the first time. I returned her question in kind: “Is this your first time to Belize?” No, she had a home with her husband there; they visited often. She told me she had, in fact, given birth to both Ajax and Lisa, her daughter, in Belize. When I asked her why, she answered that she wanted them to have dual citizenship, just in case “anything went south” in America. This seemed strange, but potentially logical to me. When I asked her why they had chosen Belize, she said that they almost chosen Bolivia, but Belize was closer. Additionally, Belizean officials were incredibly corrupt and easy to buy off; they would do almost anything for $1,000. In fact, her husband and his friends were sure the government could be overthrown with “200 people or less”.

Nonstop Flights to Belize
Bursting with lush and diverse wildlife both under the sea in its coral reefs and above white sand shores in its rainforests, Belize is the ideal destination for travelers who love to explore. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of non-stop flights to help you get there, so that you can start planning your adventure today. Delta Airlines flies from Los Angeles to Belize on Saturdays in January-August and October-December. Delta offers one daily flight from Atlanta to Belize year-round, as well as two other flights that depart on Saturdays only. United Airlines has two flights from Houston to Belize year-round. United flies from Chicago to Belize on Saturday year-round.

Release your inner Robinson Crusoe and find your very own paradise
Banded by coral reef, Bird Island — a 20-minute boat trip from Placencia on the Belize coast — is a nature-filled haven. Swim, snorkel, paddle-board, fish or just flop about. INSIDER TIP: The owner, Fred, is on hand to offer tours of the area. DETAILS: Bird Island, Belize costs £249 per night, three nights minimum stay Price includes boat travel from Placencia. It accommodates up to six and has wi-fi. It’s self-catering and supplies are available in Placencia. Flights to Belize City via Houston cost from £539 return,

New World Oil To Move Away From Energy And Into Data Services (ALLISS)
New World Oil & Gas PLC Monday said it may be moving away from the oil and gas sector after signing an agreement to potentially complete a reverse takeover of a data services company, in a deal which could include a fundraising. New World Oil underwent significant change in the second half of 2015 after a shareholder action group successfully called for a board reshuffle and the company has been quiet after admitting there had been no new developments on its onshore oil project in Belize since last October. The Blue Creek project is New World's only significant asset and the licence was extended in late 2015, the same time when the company decided to relinquish its licenses in Denmark. However, the deal Monday suggests the company is hoping to offload Blue Creek and move away from the oil and gas sector entirely.

Mahahual fishing tournament
Belize team "Aaliyah Marley" makes Mexican headlines for topping first day of Mahahual fishing tournament. Final results at the end of the day.


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