Today's Belize News: November 7, 2016

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Today's Belize News: November 7, 2016 - 11/07/16 11:18 AM


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Letter to the Editor: Saga Humane Society says Thank You San Pedro
The directors and staff of Saga Humane Society extend their deepest gratitude to the community of San Pedro of making this year’s Halloween Spooktacular a HUGE success! Through the courtesy of this fine newspaper we would like to publicly thank the following individuals and businesses for their kindness and generosity. Alpha Omega, Ambergris Store, Amparo Fruit Shop, Ana’s Store, Best Price Store, Big Tree Fruits and Vegetables, Caribbean Chicken, Caye Mart, Cindy’s Store & Fruits, Cost Less Store, Danieli Escalante, Fruteria Michelle, Jose’s Vegetable Stall, La Fruteria El Mexicano, La Despensa, Lino’s Meats, Liquor Shop, Local Grocery, Marina’s Store, Mark’s Store, Mermaid Supermarket, Paradise Market, Quality Poultry, Publix, Richie’s Supermarket, Rita’s Shop, Rock’s Shopping Center & Golf Cart Rental, and Super Buy. The Wedding Couple. Annie’s Pastries, Aquarius Salon, A&R Supply, Ashley’s Boutique, Bella Italia Restaurant, Bowen & Bowen, Candle Garden, Casa Pan Dulce Bakery, Caye Supplies, C & S Golf Cart Rental, Beach Basket at Grand Caribe, Brooklyn Bros. Bagel Shop...

Doctor Love: Old Fashioned
Dear Doctor Love My daughter-in-law and I really have a wonderful relationship. I take care of the children, ages eight and six, two afternoons a week. If she needs time on her own she knows she can always call on me for a few hours at least. I try not to get into the “raising” of the kids but I think there are still some of the old ways that a lot of children are missing out on experiencing. I tell them I would like to see them play outside games, and learn some of the classic children’s stories I know from my childhood. They did not want to stop playing their electronic games. They complained to their mom that I took their tablets from them and made them listen to a stupid story from a book I read them. Should I give up and just let them be? /s/Old Fashioned

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

DYS Youth Awards 2016
The Department of Youth Services had their 2016 Youth Awards last week. Cayo was well represented at the event. Thank you, DYS, for all the planning and effort that went into this event. Congratulations to all the bright and outstanding youths that won!

Belize International Film Festival 2016 Schedule
The 2016 BIFF starts on Thursday, and they have quite a lineup of movies and documentaries.

The Reporter

Ministry of Econ. Dev. to hold procurement workshop
The Ministry of Economic Development, Petroleum, Investment, Trade and Commerce, is preparing to hold a week-long training on public procurement for government departments. Public procurement is the process by which public authorities, such as government departments or local authorities, purchase work, goods or services from companies. The training, funded by the 10th European Development Fund, forms a part of a regional project between Caribbean Forum (CARIFORUM) countries and the European Union (EU). The Ministry expects that through the training, equip the public officials participating with knowledge of the broader context within which national procurement policies operate and with the tools needed to develop professional procurement systems and practices. “The course will also enhance policy makers’ expertise in the field and provide the means with which they can promote the use of international best practice in procurement,” the Ministry said.

Youths awarded for outstanding performance
The Department of Youth Services (DYS) honored several youths and youth organizations at its annual Youth Awards Gala on Friday. The DYS held the black tie, red carpet event at the Bliss Center for Performing Arts where it handed out 12 awards. Awards included: Environmental Award, Innovation Award, Enterprise Award, Arts and Culture Award, Youth Worker of the Year Award, Youth in Agriculture Award, Youth in Sports Award, Pacesetter Award, Academic Excellence Award, and the Youth Minister’s Award. “Each year the Department of Youth Services engages energetic speakers who are able to motivate and inspire youth to lead positive, non violent lives,” explained Sabreena Daly, public relations officer with the DYS.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

PUP Youth election leads to fight
A man in his mid 60s is in trouble after he choked a PUP youth during the PUP’s youth arm election held yesterday in Belize City. According to reports, the man is a former driver and body guard of a former PUP leader and […]


The Palapa Bar Rises Quickly After Hurricane Earl and A Bit Of Lunch
Yesterday morning was a gorgeous day…then darkening clouds… And then this morning? Rain. It’s November. And Palapa Bar in full palapa mania. So so pretty. Take a look. And then underneath the huge open space, a circular bar…awesome. She’ll soon be back – better than ever.

International Sourcesizz

Woodstock businessman helping children in Belize
With the season of giving just around the corner, a local businessman in Woodstock, N.B., is getting ready to help people who live thousands of kilometres away. Guy Stewart has turned a vacant building into a depot to help 17 children in Belize. “Some are orphans, some aren't, but most have been removed from their parents because of abuse," says Stewart. The building is the former Sears location that closed a few years ago. It wasn’t until recently that Stewart realized what he wanted to do with it. Stewart sold his business six years ago and started looking for a way to give back. It took him five years to find his calling. “September of last year I sat down in front of my computer for the 100th time and typed in ‘mission opportunities in Belize,’” says Stewart. “For some reason I was drawn to Belize. Now I know why." Stewart has travelled to Belize and says the money collected from items sold at the centre will go towards a college education for some of the orphans there.

Jewelry designer's grace trumps controversy
Designer: Lynnae Tanner Ruff. Home: Webster Groves. Age: 40. What she makes: Classic statement jewelry with precious metals and semiprecious stones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, Czech and Venetian glass and seed beads. Hot or not: “I’m originally from Belize, but I met my husband in Portland and we moved her 13 years ago. So basically, every day we have conversations about whether it’s hot or it’s cold. And no matter, we argue different sides. He’s originally from Buffalo, New York,” she said. Traveling heritage: “OK, so my father is American, but his dad took him to Belize when he was a kid. He met my mom, who is Indian, there. She was born and raised in Belize, but her mom is from Jamaica. I was born in Belize and came to America later,” says Ruff with a lilting Caribbean accent.

Airlines' service issues with unaccompanied minors unnerve parents
It's a story that Carrie Calzaretta's 14-year-old son, Tyler, will probably tell his kids someday. This year, the Calzarettas paid American Airlines an extra US$300 (NZ$409) for their son to fly round-trip as an unaccompanied minor in order to join a 10-day educational tour of Belize. When thunderstorms delayed his flight from Miami to Newark, the airline offered to re-book him for the next morning - but not to provide a hotel room for the night. According to Calzaretta, the airline had subcontracted its escort duties to another company and the two parties couldn't agree on what to do about Tyler. "Each blamed the other," says Calzaretta. "Ultimately, they threw him on a last-minute, late-night flight to avoid him having to sleep on the floor of the airport. "We had to pick him up in the wee hours and in a total panic."

Commentary: Our country cannot afford to elect Donald Trump and his Republican Party
By Wellington C. Ramos. It is now ten months since Associate Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died and the Republicans who currently control the US Senate continue to refuse holding hearings on Justice Merrick Garland who was nominated by President Obama to replace him. They are afraid that, if they approve his appointment, he will make the court more moderate or liberal leaning. Currently, it is being reported in the news that some Republican senators met recently and vowed that if Hillary Clinton is elected president, they will not approve any of the judges she nominate for the Federal or Supreme Courts who they dislike. This is causing the court to function with only eight members and end up with a tied vote on many important issues affecting our citizens. It is now clear that an amendment to the constitution is desperately needed to prevent both political parties controlling the senate from stalling presidential appointments in the near future. In the United States if there is a tied vote on any issue before the court, then the ruling that was made from the Circuit Court where the case originated from stands.

Caribbean countries receive US$8 million to reduce health risks from toxic chemicals
Eight Caribbean territories are to receive financial assistance totaling US$8 million to combat exposure to toxic chemicals found in household cleaning products, processed foods and even clothing that can severely damage a person’s health. Dr Ahmad Khan, director, Basel Convention Regional Centre for Training and Technology Transfer for the Caribbean (BCRC-Caribbean) has stated that some pesticides, cleaning agents and industrial chemicals contain hazardous properties, which can cause cancer, developmental delays, dysfunction of the reproductive organs and reduce immunity. Khan explained that one particular group of these toxic chemicals is referred to as persistent organic pollutants (POPs). He added that exposure to POPs can be through direct contact with the chemicals, consumption of contaminated foods or environmental exposure (by air, water and soil). In light of this, Khan emphasized the need for the Caribbean region to make the management of toxic chemicals to protect human health and the environment a priority.


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