Today's Belize News: June 4, 2018

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Today's Belize News: June 4, 2018 - 06/04/18 11:06 AM


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Specials and Events

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The San Pedro Sun

Doctor Love: Love is Love
Dear Doctor Love, I have known since puberty that I am attracted to girls but it has taken me almost ten years to accept that being with a man is not my future. I attract guys very easily and I’ve tried to have relationships but it has always felt as though I am trying to force something that isn’t real. With female friends, I am comfortable and relaxed and the only real physical attraction I feel is towards girls. I know I am gay. And I am clueless about being gay. How does a girl get a date with a girl? How do I tell my friends? I’ve accepted it, now where do I go from here? /s/ Name Withheld

Santander Sugar Factory accused of selling sugar without permit within Belize
Thousands of cane farmers in northern Belize are up in arms after the multinational sugar-producing company Santander began illegally producing and introducing Plantation white sugar into the local retail market. Santander, a company based in Spain, has apparently violated its terms of Export Processing Zone (EPZ) by selling its sugar in the local market. Under the EPZ status, the company is to export its produce to the external market only. On Thursday, May 29th, customs Comptroller, Colin Griffith instructed customs posts in the districts of Corozal, Cayo and Orange Walk to confiscate the Santander sugar from the premises where they have allegedly been sold.

Misc Belizean Sources


Gun wielding Minor Shot by police
A 13 year old minor pointed a .38 special revolver at the police on Raccoon Street in Belize City. The police say they were told about a “suspicious person” and the minor who matched the description, ran when he saw them. He then pulled a revolver from a knapsack and pointed it at the cops. One of the officers fired shots, hitting him on both legs. Police recovered the weapon in the presence of his grandmother. He was taken to the KHMH for treatment and he will be charged with two counts of aggravated assault: one count of keeping firearm without a license and another for keeping ammunition without a license.

We live in different countries but we are one people
From: The Officers and Members of the United Garifuna Association Inc. To: The Right Honorable Dean Barrow Prime Minister of Belize, Honorable John Briceno Leader of the People’s United Party and Honorable Patrick Rogers Leader of the Belize Progressive Party and the Belizean Public At Large Subject: The Registration of Belizean Citizens Abroad To Vote In the Upcoming ICJ Referendum and Subsequent Belize Elections through Proxy Voting To Exercise Their Fundamental Constitutional Rights As Citizens of Belize Dear Gentlemen, Under our constitution all of the citizens of Belize have the right to vote whether they live at home or abroad. It is the responsibility of you the elected officials to pass laws to make it convenient for our citizens to exercise their basic fundamental rights as citizens of our country.

GREAT 2018 Graduation
Congratulations, GREAT graduates! They had 815 graduates this year, and it was held at the Sacred Heart College auditorium. "San Ignacio Police Formation held its Gang Resistance Education and Training program graduation ceremony. At the ceremony, 815 primary school students from various schools in that municipality, received certificates of completion for their participation in the 13 weeks Gang Resistance Education. Congratulations to all instructors, students ,school administrators and parents who made this program a success."

Smart Belize Hurricanes grabs their second NEBL Championship in 3 years
The 2018 Pepsi NEBL season came to an end on Friday night at the Belize Civic Center as Smart Belize Hurricanes swept their city counterparts, DigiCell Belize City Defenders in two games to claim their second NEBL championship in the past three years. Game 1 witnessed a 29 point blowout, while game 2 was following a similar trend as Smart Belize Hurricanes had a commanding 21 point lead going into the half. At the midway point of the fourth quarter Defenders cut a once 26 point lead down to 9 points, but missed three opportunities to further slice the lead down, giving Hurricanes enough cushion to pull off the 78 – 66 victory. Smart Belize Hurricanes was led by Devin Daly who had the game high with 35 points, which is the most points scored in an NEBL Finals in its 5-year history.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Guatemala’s Fuego volcano claims lives in deadly eruption today
Today, hundreds of Guatemalans were affected by Guatemala’s Fuego volcano that erupted. Authorities have confirmed that at least seven people were killed and over 300 injured. […]

7 months later; still no bridge for Santa Teresita Village
BBN readers will recall that in October of last year, we reported on the collapse of a bridge in Santa Teresita Village, Cayo District. It is now 7 months and the village has still not received a new bridge. […]

A Belizean Cyclist’s Dream!
Tariq Cano has been active in the sport of cycling since the age of 11. At age 27, he became an internationally-recognized figure in the sport and is now using his experience and knowledge to take Belizean cycling to the international level. […]

Councilor Dr. Pitts selected as 2018 honoree by Anglican Diocese of Belize in New York
Belize City Councilor, Dr. Candice Pitts, has been selected by the Anglican Diocese of Belize in New York as one of its 2018 Honorees. Dr. Pitts is being honored for her, “dedication, hard work, achievements, women empowerment, contribution to family, church, and community.” […]

Michel Chebat endorsed for PUP Cayo North
This afternoon, over a thousand supporters of the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) gathered at the Octavia Waight Center in San Ignacio to endorse Attorney Michel ‘Micho’ Chebat as the standard bearer for the Cayo North division. […]

Belize Jaguars play friendly football today against the Barbados Tridents
Belize’s national football team, known as the Belize Jaguars, is competing in an international friendly football game this evening against the Tridents, the national team of Barbados. The game is being played at the Wildey Turf in Barbados at 7 p.m. Barbados time […]

Peruvian ship flying Belize flag detained for illegal fishing
A Peruvian fishing vessel flying a Belize flag, named the Damanzaihao described as the world’s largest fish factory vessel in the world, was seized by that country’s Ministry of Environment last Friday for reported acts of Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing. […]

4 men including a police officer busted with over 20 lbs of marijuana
According to reports, four men were busted yesterday in Corozal with 23 pounds of weed. One of the men is a police officer attached to the Community Policing Unit in San Ignacio Town. […]

Belize City minor, armed with gun, shot by police
Belize City police are investigating the shooting of a minor that occurred yesterday evening. According to authorities, around 5:15 yesterday evening, police went to the intersection of Racoon and Seagull Street after receiving reports of a person with a gun. […]


Corozal Community College Prom Night 2018
It's was time for the 2018 Oscars! Oscar host Corozal Community College and the nominees have quite a show lined up, so you did want to miss any minute of it! This Year's for Prom Night held by Corozal community College was "Oscars". It was held inside Dreams on June 2, 2018 and the event commenced at 7pm. 100's of people lined up at the entrance of Dreams to witness the 2018 best prom night in Corozal. Each group came in with their own entrance dance, dresses, and boys with their suit with various colors, fireworks presentation, Lemmo, and many other presentation. Corozal Commnuity College is the school that does Prom Night In Corozal Apart from other High Schools in the Corozal District like this Prom Night.

International Sourcesizz

Guatemala's Fuego volcano erupts, killing at least 25
Guatemala's Fuego volcano erupted, killing at least 25 people and leaving residents covered in ash as they fled from billowing plumes. The volcanic eruption Sunday spewed a river of red hot lava and belched thick clouds of smoke nearly six miles into the air, according to the CONRED, the government agency for disaster reduction. Ashen remnants covered neighborhoods. In addition to the fatalities, 20 others were injured, CONRED said. Survivors described the horror and destruction when the volcano erupted. "Not everyone escaped, I think they were buried," Consuelo Hernandez said in a video released by CONRED. "We saw the lava was pouring through the corn fields and we ran toward a hill." Hernandez told officials from the disaster agency that some of her relatives were buried. Images from the scene showed a firefighter weeping. Guatemala's President Jimmy Morales declared three days of national mourning.

Latin America and the Caribbean bidding goodbye to plastic bags
Last Wednesday, May 30, Chile became the first South American country to approve a nationwide ban on single-use plastic bags, garnering congratulations from around the world for its efforts to beat plastic pollution ahead of World Environment Day this Tuesday. Several other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean are using taxes, bans, and technological innovation to restrict the production and consumption of plastic bags, and reduce their harmful impact on oceans and marine species. It is estimated that the world consumes each year up to five trillion plastic bags, mostly made of polyethylene, a low-cost polymer derived from petroleum, which takes at least 500 years to degrade. Only nine per cent of all plastic waste is recycled.


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