Today's Belize News: January 5, 2020

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Today's Belize News: January 5, 2020 - 01/05/20 12:19 PM


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The San Pedro Sun

Ian ‘Lion’ Gordon ends 2019 with four additional medals; prepares to compete in Mexico
December 2019 was a very busy month for island marathoner Ian ‘Lion’ Gordon, after participating in four consecutive marathons in Belize and Mexico. According to the island runner, this is a record for an athlete around his age (42), as he continues to pursue his dream to someday represent Belize at the Olympics. As the New Year begins, Gordon is once again preparing to compete in the international arena at a competition in Veracruz, Mexico on January 19, 2020. He is appealing to the community for any possible assistance to finance his participation in this upcoming marathon.

2020 brings another increase in Social Security Contribution Rates
The second phase of the Belize Social Security Board’s (SSB) Contribution Reform will take effect on Monday, January 6th of this new year. Under the policy approved by the Government of Belize in June of 2019, the second phase in the reform will see the contribution rate increasing by 0.5% to 9% and the ceiling for insurable income go up from $440 to $480.

Various Belizean Sources


Additional locally-sourced generation unit is in Caye Caulker!
BEL informs customers in Caye Caulker that the used generation unit that was sourced from Independence Village to provide additional generation capacity in Caye Caulker arrived on the island today, Saturday, January 4, 2020. This is a fairly used generation unit but was the only one of sufficient capacity that was readily available in-country. Our teams are currently working to connect it to the Caye Caulker power system with the aim of having the unit operational by Monday, January 6. We will thereafter be able to assess the extent to which we can rely on this unit to help us meet demand until the new generation unit being sourced from abroad can be installed at the power station.

9th Annual Chili Cook Off in Consejo Village
Sunday, January 26, 2020 1:00 PM at The New Millennium Restaurant – Consejo Village. Cost is $10.00 Belize which allows you to sample all the chili you want. Chili providers have free admission. Fundraising will be held by having the 50/50 draw and Silent Raffle. Señor Jorge will be on hand to sell beer and other beverages. Chili providers should bring their Chili to the Millennium at 12:30. Each participant will receive a number for voting. Voting will end at 2:30 p.m. Winners will be announced at 3:00 p m. Please make sure to bring a spoon or ladle with your chili.

The Bluffs Music Series - Jan 2020
The Bluffs will be having music on 3 of the next 4 Saturdays. Rich Krieger will be performing on the 11th. Eddie and Aldo will be performing on the 18th. Planeta Vagabundo and Ascenthium will be performing on February 1st. "This is what our new years is starting to look like. Write down the dates so that you won't miss them."

Belize Tourism Board facilitates meeting between Caye Caulker Tourism Stakeholders and Utility Companies
Earlier today, the BTB facilitated a meeting between tourism stakeholders of Caye Caulker and Executives of Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL) and Public Utilities Commission (PUC) at the Sea Dreams Resort, on Caye Caulker. The meeting was organized to provide an opportunity for stakeholders to hear directly from the executives of the utility companies regarding the recent interruption of electricity and water services on the island. Over fifty (50) tourism stakeholders attended the meeting, during which the CEOs of BEL and BWSL presented their long term plan of action for utlitiy infrastructure designed to meet the growing demands of the island.

The Nukuch Tat is a powerful spirit which protects the jungle , animals and even humans . It is also known as Tata Duende,Tata Balam or el Dueño del monte. The word Tata Duende comes from the Yucatec Maya word Tata meaning elder or grandfather . Duende come from a Spanish word which originated as a contraction of the phrase dueño or Dueño de Casa . So Tata Duende means Old owner or Grandfather owner . Nukuch tat is a Yucatec Maya word meaning Great father or Great elder . Tata Balam can mean Old jaguar or Grandfather guardian .

CHILAM BALAM: On Christianity
"When Christianity was introduced by the real Christians .Then with the 'True' God ,came the beginning of our misery . It was the beginning of tribute,the beginning of church dues,the beginning of strife with purse-snatching ,the beginning of strife with blow-guns,the beginning of strife by trampling on people,the beginning of robbery with violence,the beginning of force debts,the beginning of debts enforced by false testimony,the beginning of individual strife,a beginning of vexation,a beginning of robbery with violence ."


First murder for 2020
There was a shooting on Ordonez Street last night. A teenage girl was fatally shot in her head. Samantha Connorqui, 15 who we understand to be a resident of Corozal Town was only visiting when she was fatally wounded.

The Reporter

Murders Down 6.3%, Says ComPol
The year 2019 may have seemed like a particularly bloody one, with news broadcasts flooded with stories of missing persons found dead, bodies in shallow graves, bodies floating at sea and gruesome multiple murders, but Commissioner of Police Chester Williams stated in his end of year address that contrary to that perception, murders were down in 2019, by nine, or 6.3% from last year’s tally of 142.

Same Old New Year
By Dr.Abigail Joseph - So the year 2019 has come to a close and let’s be honest – we ate the final days away!!! If you didn’t have to loose a button or two, you weren’t doing it right. Yes, its tradition to eat and then make the vow formally known as a New Year Resolution – where we make great plans on how much weight we want to lose and how better and healthier we are going to be in this new year.

Late Night Tragedy On Ordonez Street In Belize City
As the saying goes, we have seen everything !. But this is beyond our comprehension of the gun violence that is affecting our daily lives and our young people. Not only the fact that the victim is only 16 years old, but also the fact that it’s a young girl.

Four Men Remanded: New Years Day Machete Mob
At first glance they all look like good boys that just came out of high-school and who you might see standing around in some rural village talking football near the local grocery store.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

6.5 Earthquake shakes Mexico; felt in parts of Belize
Reports to Breaking Belize News is that a 6.5 magnitude earthquake shook the Southeastern part of […]

The cost of staying in The Jewel
The Immigration Department has responded to a complaint by a now-departed Canadian tourist who balked […]

U.S. Embassy in Baghdad fired at after Iranian general killed; oil prices spike
Picture: Al Jazeera The United States’s daring drone strike on a top army general of […]

Nine-year-old boy dies in Toledo; parents suspected of child neglect
The parents of 9-year-old Hernando Ack, who died on New Year’s Day in his home […]

Female teen is Belize’s first murder victim for the new year
Last night, Веlіzе rесоrdеd іtѕ fіrѕt murdеr for the new year, 2020. The victim is […]


Goff’s Caye
Off Belize City, there is a waterway, known locally as The English Channel. Goff’s Caye is on the north side of this channel. At only 1.2 acres, it is small and looks like a picture-perfect postcard. You can walk around or sunbathe as if it’s your own private island. Goff’s Caye is strictly for snorkeling, diving, and of course, swimming and relaxing. The beach is completely private, ideal for getting a suntan and taking a cooling dip. You will marvel that the reef is right there at your fingertips, crystal clear water, teeming with sea life. You will have to take your own picnic, since food options are limited, only sodas and snacks. But since a day trip is the most feasible, it shouldn’t be a deterrent. Snorkeling and Diving gear is available from outfitters, but you can bring your own equipment.

Belize Savannah Ecosystems – Rich and Wild
In Belize, there are two major types of savannah, separated by elevation. These are the Mountain Pine Ridge (an upland savannah) and Coastal Savannah (a group of lowland savannahs). The Mountain Pine Ridge system occurs on an elevated plateau, between 2000 to 3000 feet. The soils are layered granite topped by limestone. Nature uplifted the plateau and the limestone became eroded. What used to be broadleaf forest is now mostly pine. Rainfall is about 74 inches per year.

Buying Real Estate in Belize
The real estate market in Belize continues to be hot as more and more European and North American residents decide to invest. Whether you’re buying a property as an investment or as a place to live, it’s important to have an overview of how to buy real estate in Belize. The first thing to know is that buying real estate in Belize is very similar to buying real estate in North America. When you start the process of buying property in Belize, the first step is to begin searching current property listings.

International Sourcesizz

Earthquake in region felt in Belize
There are no reports of damages following the magnitude 5.8 earthquake that rattled the southern district of Oaxaca, Mexico late Saturday night. The United States Geological Survey said that the quake had a magnitude of 5.8 at its epicenter located 6 kilometers south of the town of Santo Domingo Zanatepec.

Strong earthquake hits southeast Mexico, causing damage
A strong 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck southeast Mexico on Saturday night, with tremors felt as far away as Mexico City and neighboring countries, seismologists and residents say. Some damage was reported but there were no reports of casualties. Residents said tremors were widely felt across the region, as far away as Mexico City, Guatemala, and Belize. There were reports of damage but there was no indication of serious injuries. Some buildings were evacuated as a precaution.

Only one of the original Seven Wonders of the World remains. Here author Aaron Millar elects a new seven wonders every year: the most awe-inspiring places on the planet for star-gazing, wildlife spotting and astonishing panoramas. 7. CARACOL, BELIZE: The ancient Mayans were a remarkable people. Without the wheel, or advanced tools of any kind, they managed to build vast stone cities in the middle of one of the densest jungles on Earth. Chichen Itza and Tulum, in Mexico, are perhaps the most famous sites, but today they are a crush of souvenir stalls and mass-market tourism. Caracol is different. Located in the rainforests of western Belize, this enormous 30 square mile site is utterly undeveloped, free of crowds (less than a dozen people visit per day) and, because of that, perhaps, the most authentic way to experience the mystery and magic of the ancient Mayans today.


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