Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner

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Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/06/11 05:58 PM

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The PNP is proud to announce that William (Mike) Campbell a businessman of San Pedro Town will be a candidate for Area Representative for Belize Rural South in the up coming General Election. The PNP welcomes Mr Campbell and would like to encourage anyone else who would like to join the fight for good honest governance to please contact the PNP at 610-0978.

Wil Maheia
Chairman, PNP Executive Committee
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Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/06/11 06:24 PM

Interesting. I can't wait to hear what Mr. Campbell has to say and am wondering how the working relationship would be with Central Govt if he was elected.
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Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/06/11 06:35 PM

What could he do that would be worse that what is happening now.
I'm for a radical change and offense mike but that would be you.
Posted By: Marty

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/06/11 06:53 PM

huge laugh I LOVE IT!
Posted By: JZB

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/06/11 07:59 PM

I do congratulate Mike on seeing that changes need to be made and having the guts to step up and try to do something about it. Good for you.
Posted By: Mike Campbell

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/06/11 08:08 PM

Thanks guys, if we get a few PNP and a few VIP reps we will have some clout for sure. If I am elected and we can elect and independent town council and mayor we will have some clout. So far since I have been here we have had Blue/Blue, Red/Red, Blue/Red, Red/Blue and it always turns out the same. We have serious environmental and social issues that are being ignored as well as the rule of law.
Regardless I will never be a government lackey and will do everything I can to get San Pedro and Caye Caulker their fair share of the various budgets which is certainly not happening now. We produce lots of income for the country and get very little in return.
The voice of the people is shouted down, we will borrow money to have Saca Chispas when we have no hospital. We have a real problem because the people of San Pedro know what they need and the town board and central government will not listen. The priorities of the government are different than the priorities of San Pedro. If we want to change this is the time, we have hit rock bottom. Unfortunately Jr. and Elsa represent the government to the people not the people to the government.
Environmental issues are ignored and unsustainable developments are waved through to the detriment of the investor and the community. We do need to take our future more seriously.
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Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/06/11 08:58 PM

OK, so who is Mike Campbell? What does he do for income, and where is he from? Education background, family life etc. Thanks
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Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/07/11 03:31 AM

GOOD FOR YOU MIKE. But what does PNP stand for? Why PNP instead of VIP?
Posted By: Mike Campbell

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/07/11 05:45 AM

The PNP is the People's National Party and shares much philosophy with the VIP who are my friends. Roberto Lopez was my neighbor for many years until I moved up north in fact and he is a good guy.
I found that for me the PNP was a better fit for several reasons. One of those being the total commitment we have to protecting the environment and insisting on sustainable development. Another big factor is I am actively participating in the drafting of the party documents. I am currently preparing the draft constitution which I hope will help solve some of the problems the other parties have that have landed us in this mess. Additionally I have been guaranteed that San Pedro will be strongly represented in the party. We will have guaranteed seats on the executive committee and complete freedom to form our own priorities and agenda with full support of the growing national organization of which we will be an important part.
I am devoted to removing Jr. and Elsa from office before they do anymore damage to our beautiful home. The PNP shares that position. Members include both of the sustainable development organizations in Placencia and down south.
We are developing some concrete plans concerning crime, education and economic development that will actually offer solutions on a national level.

We are endorsing VIP candidates as we dont see it as a competition. We are all working for the same goal.

We will soon have a public meeting and of course everyone will be invited.

This is all very important and I would really appreciate everyones feed back as to what they think the priorities of San Pedro should be. My list includes , hospital instead of Saca Chispas, hooking up the whole town to the sewage system and fixing our streets, a comprehensive development plan that will prevent the rape of the island that is now happening which includes not building where you can not supply sanitary living conditions, taking control of our police force, transparency and accountability by our Mayor and Town Council, revitalize our tourism industry focusing on sustainability and environmentally friendly developments with stiff penalties for violators and of course making sure we get our fair share for the first time ever.
I welcome all suggestions and comments, as in the PNP, dissent is encouraged, thats how we learn.
Listen, Learn, Lead
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/07/11 01:39 PM

To Champion (who asked for info above) and others who may not know the various players here, I thought I'd clarify that last names not withstanding, I'm no relation to Mike, and neither is my husband.

No slight or insult intended to the new candidate by this disclaimer.

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Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/07/11 04:30 PM

It is a good sign you are asking your some of your constituents for their needs.Not too common over there.
Are you also researching the needs of CC and other areas or will this be the San Pedro candidate? in History there has always been help- San -Pedro -only candidates da plenty. The only exception any of us can remember is Arceo.
And Heredia helps our school.
That is pretty much it for the last 30 years of GOB benefits going to SP/CC and administered by SP.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/07/11 05:22 PM

Awesome. Thanks for stepping up!
Posted By: Mike Campbell

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/07/11 06:03 PM

Dane, I lived in Caye Caulker for a while in the '80s and regard Caye Caulker as very important in the district and the country. Caye Caulker on a per capita basis gives in huge amounts of revenue and gets little in exchange. The improvements are doled out so slowly that we loose track of the fact we get only a small fraction of what we should. That includes Caye Caulker and San Pedro. They make us feel grateful for giving us a fraction of what we are entitled to.
How long did it take to get the water system in Caye Caulker?
Our island communities contribute heavily to the national economy and we dont get our fair share. The high levels of tourism we experience not only gives revenue to the government but it also creates negative impacts in our communities. We should have some of that money back to help with these negative impacts such as environmental degradation, police protection, education and health care.
I welcome all suggestions as to what is needed to help make Caye Caulker the kind of place that its citizens want. Please encourage anyone to contact me with any ideas and together we can formulate a plan for Caye Caulker as we will for San Pedro. Thanks, Mike
Posted By: P.J.

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/07/11 06:43 PM

Haha....well here is what Peter Lawrence thinks about it Posted via Ambergris Daily.

Mike Campbell formerly William (Bill or Mike) Williams, a resident of the USA has chucked his cap into the political arena and has announced that hie is going to run for the Area Representative’s position in Belize Rural South.

Mike Campbell is a very popular member of the website and has made more than a few enemies with his more than sharp business practices. He now wants to persuade that he with his totally honest tendencies that he is the man to lead Belize Rural South which consists of an area South of Belize City, Caye Caulker and San Pedro that he is the man to lead us into a few years of prosperity.

The Ambergris Daily would be very interested in why he had a name change and why almost to a person that his investors are not very happy with his handling of their financial affairs.
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Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/07/11 07:47 PM

Bad link, you have to post the actual text...
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Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/07/11 08:48 PM

I think peter has this chap mixed up with someone else
he is not from the us .And has been living here for years
and is a belizean .I always new him as mike .I thouight he is a stright shooter and a real nice guy .And makes lots of sense about belize and his views .
Posted By: Mike Campbell

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/07/11 09:28 PM

As ridiculous as it is I must state I am not Bill Williams from the US have not changed my name and as far as "more than sharp" business deals are concerned I would love to hear the specifics. At this point I would like everyone who wishes to attack me in this manner to read our slander laws. Many people do not realize that when they post something on the internet it is the same as publishing it in the paper. I invite you to disagree with me but slander and libel will be met with litigation so I would advise checking facts before making accusations that can not be supported.
I have been a resident of San Pedro for 25 years hold dual British/ Belizean citizenship and have voted in every election since 1989. I have twice been elected as private sector representative on the CFZMA (Commercial Free Zone Management Agency) where I served under both governments and am well known nationally.
My construction projects include Lighthouse Reef Resorts, Royal Palms, Coconuts hotel as well as a lot more all over.
As I recall Mr Lawrence also believes we are having a drug war in San Pedro. Freedom of speech is essential in a free society but it can be abused, hence our libel laws.
It would seem that Ambergris Daily and Mr. Lawrence needs to get its facts straight and offer the appropriate apology. I have no investors of any kind and find this type of lie typical of our current political climate.
Posted By: P.J.

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/07/11 10:22 PM

I totally agree.....just letting you know whats out there on the internet about you. Hopefully you didnt take that as me speaking ill of you....I just happened to read his post late last night and then saw your posts on the forums today. Im sure you're no stranger to the island rumors so this isnt new to you. Best of luck either way and I hope you get a sincere apology.
Posted By: Dane

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/07/11 11:53 PM

I can tell you a story to illustrate how we feel about being administered from SP. During Keith they decided to send all GOB aid to San Pedro for both islands. During the critical first days we got nothing.It all was kept by the Pedro Gov. We complained so they sent a big shipment with Caye Caulker written large on all of it.When the barge stopped here we asked for it and was told it would all go to Pedro first no matter what it said on it. The Caye Caulker Village Council came down in the night and unloaded our shipment and offered to throw the crew over the side if they wanted. They went back to bed after the barge left. In the morning they CCVC found that the boat had picked up the goods on the way back to the city and taken them to San Pedro.Never saw them again or anything else.
Even when our people are dying and sleeping out in the rain we will always be ripped off by the Gov. of San Pedro.
Posted By: CaptOneIron

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/08/11 12:49 AM

Mike: I think what Belize needs is a new district - Belize Cayes (Ambergris and Caye Caulker). Put the district on an equal footing with the other administratie divisions instead of being a part of Belize District.
I freely admit I know nothing of the intricacies of the Belizean government's organiztion but it would seem to me this would be a good first step.
What do you think?
Posted By: Mike Campbell

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/08/11 03:56 AM

It is certainly a thought. One of the problems we have is under representation considering our size. It has been suggested that we need two reps considering our population. All this needs to be looked at closely. Right now everything is weighted toward Belize City and we certainly need to change that.
Posted By: Mike Campbell

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/08/11 04:21 AM

Dane that is a horrible story and is a testament to the party structures we have. The party rules the individuals and controls everything. Both have proven to be the same. I think it's great you guys elected Beto Villanueva as an Independent. Watching the clownery in our national assembly points out clearly how both parties have failed us miserably. Please dont blame San Pedro people we are your brothers. Its this cancerous party system we have that is eating up our democracy. It encourages and rewards favoritism and corruption. Lets all work and try to turn things around. One Iron has suggested a separate district for us. Thats an idea worthy of debate in my opinion. One of our cornerstone positions is more autonomy for our towns and villages. We know what is best for us and dont need Big Brother in Belmopan to tell us how to run our communities.
Posted By: belizeonthebeach

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/08/11 04:25 AM

How about a Mexican protectorat nation of Ambergris Caye?
Posted By: beachdude

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/08/11 05:43 AM

Excellent question, The guy is not Mike Campbell, and if you let him run without checking his background, you will all get what you deserve. If you think Obama has credential problems, this guy never existed. Marty is right on, laughable.
I will not go into the many reasons Mr. Campbell is not who he claims to be. Anyone concerned about the welfare, integrity of this office will go to the US Embassy or British, which he has sometimes claimed to be, and verify that no such man exists. He has been here so long fibbing to everyone that I think he is delusional and believes his own lies.
One of you upstanding concerned San Pedranos needs to do a reality check on this situation.
Posted By: Gaz Cooper

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/08/11 11:47 AM


If you have such evidence of your claims, then put it on the table and PROVE IT, Im sorry but you have NO CREDIBILITY by just posting such accusations without a SHRED of evidence and just spreading idle island gossip by the local drunken expats.

Put Up or SHUT UP

Gaz Cooper
Posted By: Gaz Cooper

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/08/11 12:23 PM

Again only throwing out bits of info and more unfounded accusations, if you know who he really is then why not let us all know, I am sure everyone reading this board especially Mike would be very interested in who he is.

So come on let us in on who he really is, are you saying that he is a wanted man in the USA or is that just another unfounded allegation. Why cant he go to the US.?

There are many islanders, locals, and ex pats that have known Mike for more than 20 years (myself included) but you seem to think you know more than they do, but are not prepared to spill the beans, so you must understand you look like a person with an agenda trying to tarnish his name and spread unfounded rumors.

Anyone running for public office has to know that any Skeletons in there closet will be revelaed by there political rivals, so it would seem really idiotic for Mike to run if he has such as massive skeleton as you imply. Sorry unless there is categoric proof or you can substantiate your claims I dont believe a word of it.

Gaz Cooper
Posted By: Mike Campbell

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/08/11 01:11 PM

Hey Dude, FYI I can go anywhere I choose and strongly urge you to contact the High Commission and or the US Embassy maybe they can straighten you out. If you continue to post such rubbish you will find you will have to prove your slanderous accusations in court.
Posted By: beachdude

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/08/11 01:16 PM

I know people from the Cayes to Cayo you have ripped off, And BTW, who you going to take to court?
Posted By: Mike Campbell

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/08/11 01:24 PM

So you are an anonymous troll who refuses to take responsibility for your statements, be a man and say who you are or shut up. It would seem you are the one trying to hide your identity which is probably wise if you dont want to get sued. I would like to hear from someone I have ripped off.
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/08/11 01:24 PM

WOW ! This is better than mini-chat smile
Posted By: Marty

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/08/11 01:47 PM

beachdude you have crossed the line. getting very personal. cease the personal attacks or be banned.i have deleted several posts that are over the edge. i left a couple so folks can see what the reactions are about. but come on man, you can't just throw trash out there like that.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/08/11 04:21 PM

Mike - What does it take to have the SP Town Council books audited? Is there any way citizens can find out who got paid and for what? I pay my taxes every year and read where only about 50% of the land owners here do so.

UDP last election ran on "transparency;" yet I have not once heard of any information given to the public.

I've met you and respect your involvement in this community. I think you have been at every public information meeting that I have attended. Here, on the board, you have often been the voice of reason. Good luck.

I was please to read that you would cooperate, not compete with, VIP. The way ruling parties stay in power is by splitting the votes of other parties.

MARTY - thanks for monitoring this in a sensible manner.
Posted By: elbert

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/08/11 06:06 PM

Mike, Most of the folks on the board don't live here and of those that do very few can vote.(no offence guys)
I vote! Honestly I would vote for you!I've know you about 25 years and for sure you would not be the Status Quo we all seem to be complaining about.
Transparency that Scubalady mentioned is very good and just volunteering information about what your doing instead of just surprise when the bulldozers show up is more than considerate its good PR.
The town has no idea of what the town-board is doing , its only after we see the evidence that we start guessing about how our money is being spent.
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/08/11 06:16 PM

Beach dude lots of bla bla bla . if you can talk the talk then walk the walk .Prove it or shut the hell up !!!
if you hide who you are then As far as most here we think you are a TROLL .SO PUT UP OR SHUT UP ..if you can not back up what you say take a HIKE please..Your looking silly .
Posted By: PROBUS

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/08/11 07:06 PM

Originally Posted by ScubaLdy
What does it take to have the SP Town Council books audited?

They're supposed to be audited every year, but when I asked the Auditor General last year I was told they hadn't been audited for seven years, and there were no plans to amend that. Part of the reason was that they didn't want to be audited. It was also acknowledged that San Pedro raises far less in property tax than it should, given the population and nature of housing - the Mayor's publicly-admitted policy of not charging her friends and family clearly has a part in that, but so does the abysmal collection record.
Posted By: Mike Campbell

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/08/11 07:46 PM

The area rep should demand transparency and financial responsibility. The laws are there, just ignored. There needs to be mandatory audits each and every year without fail. The more I learn about what has been going on the more obvious it becomes that an informed public is the best weapon. All public lands that are to be sold should be advertised and the highest bidder gets the land and its all published and recorded in the public records. Our handling of public finances and our national lands reflects directly on the integrity of those who are in charge. We need an independent mayor and town council. Both parties have let us down terribly. Soon we will be calling a meeting for any who want to know more and join the team. I really appreciate the show of support.
Posted By: Mike Campbell

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/08/11 07:56 PM

Thanks Elbert, I appreciate your support and your vocal stand on both the environment and this political nonsense we are experiencing. I have researched carefully and the technical term that applies is "mushroom treatment". Unfortunately it is not a laughing matter considering that the town board received 3,000 acres from Sunset Coves as a property tax settlement. I wonder if the contributions from David Mitchell to the town board are recorded, wonder also about the $ that Mitchell is to pay the town board as "royalties". $4,000 a lot as I recall. An audit would surely answer some questions. Maybe they were just campaign contributions.
Posted By: papashine

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/08/11 09:51 PM

Met Mike in 1989 when I moved here, watched him working hard on more then one project, if you are going to make accusations, at least have the decency to identify yourself..JMHO
Posted By: Mike Campbell

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/08/11 10:20 PM

LOL, Sorry but it just is not true. Now my name is Mark? Do you believe I would run for public office and not expect to be scrutinized? Having held elected position in Belize I know the drill. I have always been a building contractor, dont have and never have had investors or handled anyone else's money except in furtherance of a construction contract. Bring forth one person I have screwed or taken advantage.
Who are you? If you wish to make personal attacks please have the balls to use your name otherwise please restrict your comments to how we might change our current situation for the better.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/09/11 01:10 AM

bzguy - I was once told that when I found myself in a hole it was a good idea to stop digging.

You just don't seem to get that everything you write is a bad reflection on you. I went to your profile and there is nothing. You just joined this board under this name. I'm sure you are on here on other names and are hiding behind this one. OMG - are you the Mayor?
Posted By: Mike Campbell

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/09/11 01:18 AM

No ScubaLdy, beachdude?/bzguy? sounds like the same troll to me. I thought our moderator said no more personal attacks.
I would like some ideas on what everyone sees as our biggest problems and needs on Ambergris and Caye Caulker.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/09/11 01:40 AM

Hey - you couldn't see my tongue in my cheek?
Posted By: P.J.

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/09/11 02:16 AM is there really more than 1 person that agrees with Peter? Maybe the apology is not yet in order.

And who is Ed Gartner? Or maybe it was a different last name.

Anyways, "Mike" sounds legitimately concerned about the Cayes for now and hopefully it all works out with rainbows and unicorns for everyone. Although, politics tends to change people a bit.

Either way, hopefully some paperwork gets produced on these accusations....they're pretty serious. I didnt get to see any of the personal attacks, but those are always good for a laugh. Makes my Friday night fun!

Posted By: Marty

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/09/11 03:05 AM

bzguy, now you are on thin ice. idle speculative gossip has no place here. take it somewhere else. i will keep purging your trash then i will ban you if you don't cease.

sorry mike i was out for like two hours. hard to babysit this all day long.
Posted By: belizeonthebeach

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/09/11 04:42 AM

Go work your magic.
We will do this.
I know you are very busy.
Step it up Admins.

thanks bro. feel free to email me at home if i'm asleep at the wheel
Posted By: Gaz Cooper

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/09/11 06:29 AM

Listen Bz Guy if you have all this dirt on Mike and he did what you say why have you not reported him to the US Marshals FBI or whatever US agency chases down those types. Also in one word you say he took you for a lot of money and the next you say he is broke you are contradicting yourself and do not come across at all credible.

Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/09/11 01:32 PM

Suggest we live in the present and deal with issues in the present.

Principles, not personalities ....... please.
Posted By: lovey and thurston

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/09/11 03:19 PM

Think you mean "habla Ingles", and many of us would just like to listen to some of the ideas this candidate proposes. Let's leave the idle gossip off this site.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/09/11 03:25 PM

Mike Campbell - How about posting a picture of yourself? BZ - How about you post a picture of the guy who you say ripped you off?
Then we can end this pissing contest.
Posted By: elbert

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/09/11 03:54 PM

The Area Representative for Belize Rural South wields a lot of power..
Mike has had his ear to the ground on this island quite a while and could make a huge change in how we feel about government,
transparency is just one area.
Nepotism has always been a ridicules huge problem in the area, especially in the area of property taxes and permits. Mike would be outside of that.
A fortune in unpaid property taxes is buried in the files of the town board.
Posted By: Marty

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/09/11 03:56 PM

Here's MIke!!!! (and Tina)
[Linked Image]
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/09/11 04:02 PM


Posted By: iluvbelize

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/09/11 04:12 PM

Originally Posted by Diane Campbell
Suggest we live in the present and deal with issues in the present.

Principles, not personalities ....... please.

Let's hear what Mr. Campbell has to offer. He certainly has the passion to throw his hat into the ring to be a public servant, and what he has said thus far makes a lot of good sense, to me.
Posted By: elbert

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/09/11 04:14 PM

Mike your going to need a better campaign photo, I'll help, the bird has to go but I think the headban needs to come back!
Posted By: Marty

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/09/11 04:16 PM

I took that pic he doesn't even know its up yet!!! Hope he's ok with it for now!!! :>
Posted By: cracked up

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/09/11 04:25 PM

needs Cheech as a campaign mgr.
Posted By: gomerinbelize

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/09/11 06:53 PM

***blah blah slams and innuendo slander, BS i am deleting this***
Posted By: Mike Campbell

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/09/11 07:02 PM

Well gonadless gomerdude/beachguy I guess you have not read the board. Looks like I have more support than I had imagined. Soon I will publish my resume and you can indicate which one of my jobs you were. So I can sue you because I cheated you, Do I have that right? Now I am getting confused...
Posted By: Mike Campbell

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/09/11 07:05 PM

Thanks Elbert, they are pressing me for a photo, that one is old and I appreciate Marty posting it.
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/09/11 07:06 PM

Posted By: cracked up

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/09/11 07:34 PM

wouldn't call a few gringos on a message board, 1/2 that can't vote, a lot of support, but, good luck anyway.

entertaining though, for sure!
Posted By: Rigrat

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/11/11 11:11 AM

Originally Posted by Marty
Here's MIke!!!! (and Tina)
[Linked Image]

Hmm, that bird has seen better days. Not the best picture to put up for a future candidate I think. Should be noted that keeping an indigenous parrot without a licence in Belize is also against the law. This one appears to have foreign origins however.
Posted By: Mike Campbell

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/11/11 02:17 PM

Tina is a gold crowned conure from a small area in Brazil and this is the best she has looked. Not much is known about their habits but she acts like a ground bird, some what. She was abandoned twice and left once in customs for 6 months in a small box. When I got her she had been abandoned in an apartment where they had moved out and left her. She had been there 3 days before we got her out. I had known the bird for a while. She had never had any feathers except on her head where she could not bite them and pull them out. She is a product of inbreeding and maltreatment by unknowing but loving owners. She was originally purchased in a pet store in the US and brought here by someone...
Sheila in Corozal recommended the collar. Periodically I try her without it. She had never flown and only walked around on the floor before I got her. I have gotten her to fly a couple of times. Her outside cage is 6' high by 4'x12'. She comes in at night. Have finally gotten her where she will eat fruit and veggies. She remains a testament to man messing with nature and the horrors of the exotic pet trade.
I occasionally take in other wild birds knocked out of nests etc, get them healthy and then they fly loose in my house until they escape through the always open door. We have lots of parrots and all kinds of birds, sea birds and forest types, this year I have seen toucans on the coast and a pair of laughing falcons. Elbert has some great shots of the birds around here. Thanks for your interest in Tina, the exotic pet trade is a cruel and vicious business.
Never fear a new photo is coming and many thanks to Marty for posting this one. Elbert has volunteered to take a new one, might not be that much better though! The will also be a press release in the papers. Thanks Mike
Posted By: Marty

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 04/11/11 03:40 PM

Tina is a sweetheart. i love to play and chat with her. Mike is really good with animals. and birds. and beasts of all kinds. :>
Posted By: Marty

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 08/30/11 05:22 PM

by Pnp Mike Campbell



San Pedro Free Zone

Promotion of San Pedro and Caye Caulker as Green Tourism Destinations

Duty Concessions on Fuel for Tour Operators and Hotels

Proportional Sharing of Funds Between Constituencies and Creation of Northern Maritime District.

Basil Jones Community Development

The vibrant economy of San Pedro and Caye Caulker has allowed us all to prosper and grow. About 4 years ago our tourism/construction based economy started to decline until now we are seeing extremely low levels of economic activity. This wide spread decline is affecting most of our homes and businesses with no relief in sight except hopes for a good season in a few months. Resurrection of the growing economy we once enjoyed is of the highest priority for us. I have devised a plan that will restore our economy and put us on a path of sustainable economic development.

Considering the fickle nature of the tourism trade we have all long recognized the desirability of moving away from a 100% tourism economy. Now it is even more apparent that we must develop another cornerstone for our economy and work to rebuild the crumbing building that is our tourism industry.

Through my experience and research it has become apparent that if we can attract small industries and light manufacturing facilities that are environmentally friendly to locate in San Pedro we can make lots of jobs that are not tourism related and provide work for our construction industry. In order to attract these businesses which will all be export businesses we need to establish a Free Zone on the Island to facilitate these companies in producing goods for export.

Some examples would be jewelry manufacturing, boat building, furniture manufacturing and many others. High on this list should be Call Centers. Our population is better educated and has better skill levels than other parts of the country due to our extended international exposure and many could easily work in something besides tourism or construction. Manufacturing usually peaks during the months before Christmas hiring additional help. Of course that is the time of the year we need jobs badly as it is off-season for tourism every year. There are many who potentially would be interested in locating their businesses here if we give them the chance and take our community responsibilities seriously.

This plan can work and make an impact in within a year of inception. If you will elect me to serve you as Area Representative I will work diligently to see this Free zone established and populated with appropriate businesses.

The revival of our tourism industry is of primary importance. I firmly believe that San Pedro and Caye Caulker should be promoted separately from the rest of the country. Our brother Island communities are unique and very appealing to a lot of people. I believe the promotion of “Belize as a Brand” has failed to properly represent San Pedro and Caye Caulker as well as other destinations by placing us all under one BTB blanket when in fact we are all very unique and offer widely varied experiences to the vacationing tourist.

We can enhance our attractiveness and uniqueness by becoming as much as possible “green destinations”. All our environmental protocols need to be enhanced and respected. Solid waste disposal is an issue that must be dealt with. Recycling projects must be started and maintained. We need to promote ourselves as green destinations and do everything we can to be environmental models, respecting our environment and only allowing environmentally friendly economically sustainable developments while we expand and enhance community services to keep pace with growth. Each of the trade shows should have a booth that is only for San Pedro and Caye Caulker and should have extensive information about both. This booth should always be staffed by residents of San Pedro and Caye Caulker as they can best represent us. I would think this strategy could be effective for other destinations as well.

The current BTB strategy is not working. It is also vey important that the government realize that over-night tourism is the number one life-blood of our industry. It would seem that cruise tourism as received much more attention from the government due primarily to lobbying and the correct balance should place more emphasis on promoting ecologically sound over-night tourism rather than cruise tourism. These proposals can and should be enacted immediately by the government.

Considering the huge impact the tourism industry has on foreign exchange and the economy in general I believe that Tour Operators and Off-shore Hotels should be exempted from paying duties on fuel that is purchased for their businesses. The cane farmers are all allowed to purchase duty free fuel. This has been the case since 1994 I believe. I think we are entitled to the same benefits as are afforded the cane farmers considering our contribution to the general economy. This could be enacted immediately and would have a very positive effect. The additional cost burden to businesses that was created by zero rating fuel while not dropping the price has affected many of our tourism businesses in a negative way. Duty free status and GST changes could be accomplished immediately and would certainly help the current situation.

We are also impacted negatively by not being recognized as a separate District of Belize. Our dependence on Belize City and Belmopan is an economic drain on both us and the government as they attempt to supply services from long distance and we make repeated frustrating trips to Belize and Belmopan for services which are more economically supplied in San Pedro. A Supreme Court is needed as well as a professionally staffed D.O.E. office and all the other services we don’t have including a Ministry of Works. Becoming a separate District was promised by Mr. Barrow during the last campaign but has never materialized. We need this to happen as part of our economic recovery program as it will cut our costs. The government could and should immediately start this process as they promised.

Additionally all constituencies should receive a proportional share of funds and projects available from the government. The money should be shared among the people in a fair way as opposed to the money being doled out politically. This is the root of many of our problems as the parties make promises they don’t keep in return for your vote. It is the chief weapon in the politics of fear. You feel you should vote for a particular party or you will get nothing and in the end you get nothing anyway. Our past two Reps have been successful in getting us palapas and playground equipment but have not addressed our roads, schools or medical facilities and they have had ample opportunity. By law we should be entitled to those things considering our input to the national economy and we should not be dependent on party politics to give us what we should be entitled to by natural law. These are things I will fight for as area rep if you will elect me.

As the population continues to grow it becomes obvious that we must develop the north of the Island. It has long been recognized that the interior of the island in the Basil Jones area is an excellent place for a new community to spring up. There has been a landing area there for many years and the land is higher and more protected from storms and not as environmentally sensitive as the low lying lands of San Pedro which must be reaching its carrying capacity sometime in the near future. A new community would relieve pressure for lots and would provide an area that is more suitable to golf courses and other types of larger developments, an International airport would certainly be worth considering. First priority is to provide a properly engineered road to the north so that development can begin in an orderly and environmentally friendly manner.

If you will elect me to be your Representative these items will form the basis for my plan to revitalize our economy and make it more sustainable and resistant to global fluctuations.

William (Mike) Campbell BRS
Posted By: bywarren

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 08/31/11 01:17 PM

Either Mike's bird Tina's brain came up with those ideas, or somebody inhaling something other than the fresh sea air. frown
Posted By: Tracker

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 09/01/11 04:40 AM

LOL.....gott'a love it.
Posted By: Short

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 09/01/11 05:39 AM

I do notice that Mike is thinking for Ambergris Caye and not for any party. "Ambergris Caye, the 7th District" was high on the agenda 3 years ago, and both Said Musa and Dean Barrow supported it. Nobody talks about it now any more. An Ambergris Caye marketing initiative for tourism was high on my personal agenda 3 years ago, but none of the local groups picked it up; we are too divided here. Remember that the reason why Ambergris Caye became a tourist destination was because the local businesses started promoting San Pedro in the 70's, long before anyone else did in Belize.
Just my 2 cents for what it's worth.
Posted By: bywarren

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 09/01/11 12:38 PM

Before you can find solutions, you must first correctly identify the problems. The tourist industry in Belize is not in decline according to statistics. There are more tourists visiting Belize each year. If the tourist industry in San Pedro, AC is not doing well, there are reasons for this.
When AC decided to aggressively promote tourism in order to attract more jobs and opportunities for its residents, it did not take into consideration the prior and ongoing investments required. The bringing of more people and the population increase that accompanied these efforts put a demand on services like reliable and consistent water and electricity, adequate garbage and sewage disposal, traffic flow and volume, roads, fire and police protection, housing, education, etc.
When you have an industry that creates a demand and you are unable to handle that demand, compounding the problem by attempting to attract additional industry defeats the purpose and further lowers the standard of living for those already living and working on the island. Not to mention that trying to attract industry to a place where the cost of living is high, there lacks resources and the cost of bring materials and supplies is high, makes for a hard sell.
There is much that needs to be done to improve the future of AC, and anyone looking to improve the lives of those living on AC would do better to focus on correcting the problems and providing the resources and infrastructure to accommodate the opportunities that already exists before looking for new ones.
If the problem is the islands inability to provide for the population that is there, bring more people by attracting more industry is not the solution. AC needs to suspend the idea that more jobs creates more prosperity and concentrate on improving the prosperity and quality of life for those already living there. If you have one viable industry that you cannot run right, adding more is not the solution.

So let’s recap some of Tina’s main ideas. We are going to move from tourism and develop manufacturing on the island. Then we can promote it as a mini Detroit. One of those industries will be furniture manufacturing. Visitors touring the manufacturing facilities will also be offered tours of the former rain forest where selected furniture items manufactured will be on display where there used to be trees. We will promote our unique golf course where the fairways are jungle growth and mangroves, well maybe where mangroves used to be. Then there will be our highly successful call industry in a country that has some of the worlds highest phone rates and worse service. And then, well let’s just start with these ideas. I wonder if Tina lost sleep coming up with these or they came to her in a dream or some state of mind similar to a dream. laugh

Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 09/01/11 01:50 PM

Posted By: Marty

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 10/07/11 03:28 AM

The People's National Party announces that by amicable and mutual agreement, Mr. Mike Campbell will not be running for Belize Rural South as a PNP candidate. States party leader Wil Maheia, “Mike felt constrained by being a member of a party and decided that he could do a better job of representing the very special interests and needs of Belize Rural North by standing as an Independent. We look forward to his being a part of our informal alliance of smaller parties and independent candidates. We wish Mike all the very best, and believe he will be an excellent representative for the people of Belize Rural North.”
Posted By: Scuba-John

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 03/16/14 09:34 PM

Your not even worth it so Karma will get back to at some point
Posted By: Mike Campbell

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 03/17/14 06:50 PM

Scuba John, I have never met you, I have never taken money from you and have never entered into any business or other relationship with you and certainly owe you no money. You purchased some stock in Playa Blanca from Gary as did I and that is the total of our relationship. Gary has indicated that he made an arrangement to purchase your stock back from you and has made substantial payments to that end. You would be well advised to check the public records to see who owns what stock in Playa Blanca and desist in trying to unjustly besmirch my name. I owe you nothing and never have.
Further as you have never met me how is it that you can quote me as saying I hate Americans? I was married to an American woman for many years as you must know. Please desist in assigning me with quotes that you have never heard me make and please get your facts straight before you accuse me of anything and attempt to damage my reputation as you have in the past. I owe you absolutely nothing and have never even met you.
Posted By: Scuba-John

Re: Mike Campbell runs under PNP banner - 03/22/14 02:18 AM

Whatever Karma will come back to
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