Robert “Bobby” Lopez to contest elections in BRS

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Robert “Bobby” Lopez to contest elections in BRS - 02/12/12 01:41 PM

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Party Leader of the Belize Unity Alliance (BUA), Robert “Bobby” Lopez, will contest the upcoming March 7th general election in the Belize Rural South (BRS) Constituency. The official announcement was made on Monday night, February 6th, while he was on the local Reef TV show in San Pedro Town. Lopez, who is a member of the Vision Inspired by the People party, is contesting the general election under BUA which is the umbrella alliance for the VIP, the People’s National Party and most independent candidates for municipal and general elections 2012. Lopez is the 10th person that will contest the general election under the BUA for 2012.

Lopez is the fourth candidate bidding for the BRS constituency and will face the United Democratic Party’s incumbent Manuel Heredia Jr., one term Area Representative (1998-2003) People’s United Party’s Ana Patricia Arceo and the PNP’s William “Mike” Campbell. It’s a brave undertaking for Lopez who, while no stranger on the national scene, has less than 30 days to reach out to the BRS constituency that has over 6,000 registered voters.

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VIP candidate says his phone is being tapped illegally

Robert "Bobby" Lopez

[Linked Image] The leader of the Belize Unity Alliance and Vision Inspired by the People candidate in Belize Rural South Bobby Lopez is tonight crying foul. And the ire of his frustration is aimed squarely at the ruling United Democratic Party. Lopez is claiming that his cell phone is being tapped. In a statement issued this afternoon, Lopez blames the ruling party or its appointees for interception his telephone service. The statement, says, and we quote: “these tactics may have been deliberately employed to obscure, interrupt, and divert communications during these critical weeks leading up to municipal and general elections. We find it hard to believe that these occurrences, ongoing for consecutive days, have been a mere coincidence or casual system fault,” end of quote. Lopez claims that persons who have been trying to reach him via cell phone hear beeping noises at the beginning of a conversation, breaks in voice, voice muffled and frustrating static. He says there are also terrible echoes radiating endlessly during speech making it impossible to communicate. The VIP release ends by saying that members of the party should not be treated as criminals, nor should it or any other candidates be the targets of undercover political operations. The VIP statement calls the action nothing short of “elections sabotage” which it says is intolerable at any level of democracy. Our attempts to get word from the Public Utilities Commission this evening were unsuccessful.

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