San Pedro Rallies for Mel Paz for Mayor

Posted By: Marty

San Pedro Rallies for Mel Paz for Mayor - 02/26/12 05:57 PM

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Last night, citizens of San Pedro gathered to support our Independent candidate for mayor, Mel Paz. Speeches, trampolines for the kids, food, free purple t-shirts and $2 beers (the hallmark of a solid San Pedro political rally), a good crowd had gathered by the end of the night.

I put on my purple "Mel Paz for Mayor" and went to Central Park a bit early. Mel was there helping set up. I'm surprised she is standing...and smiling...this campaigning business is HARD WORK.

Mary Gonzalez of the San Pedro Sun Newspaper was the first to speak. She introduced Ms. Paz and gave her endorsement. The bottom line with every one's speech was that the Blue and Red parties have had their chances and things are not getting better, in fact in many ways they are getting worse. It is time for change. It is time to break out of thoughtless familial connection to one or the other party and time to open our ears and really think about what the candidates are saying. No more empty promises, think about who is going to serve you and your town best.

CLICK HERE for the whole story and lots of great photos from the rally!

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