Suit over list of electors in Belize Rural South

Posted By: Marty

Suit over list of electors in Belize Rural South - 11/25/18 11:59 AM

A legal team from the Belize Rural South (BRS) People’s United Party (PUP) was at the San Pedro Magistrate Court on Wednesday, November 21st, petitioning for the removal of 15 persons registered to vote in the BRS constituency. The PUP team argues that those 15 registered electorates do not reside on Ambergris Caye and thus, they should not be eligible to vote in BRS. Defending the electorates was a team from the United Democratic Party (UDP), along with an attorney, who tried to justify the electorates as legitimate residents on the island. Both sides presented their evidence before the Magistrate, and now the anticipated results of the case will be revealed on Wednesday, December 5th, when an official decision will be made.

Most of the evidence was based on the allegation that the persons in the objection list were not permanent residents in San Pedro, but simply visitors, as they lived permanently elsewhere on the mainland. The San Pedro Sun that the persons raising the objections have not provided the court with any proof or justification to substantiate their claim that any of the persons in the list are not living in San Pedro Town.

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