11 year old Glenford needs your help

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11 year old Glenford needs your help - 03/10/12 02:39 PM

11-year-old Glenford Cadle Jr. was diagnosed with a rare genetic kidney malfunction which is now compromising his health. Glenford has been in and out of various hospitals in Belize City. Because the rare kidney disorder cannot be treated in Belize, the family is raising funds to have Glenford taken to a medical facility in the USA. A fundraiser is being planned for Sunday March 11th at the corner of Coconut Drive and Tarpon Street in San Pedro Town. Barbeque will be on sale for only $10 and will be served with a cold fresh juice starting at 11AM. Donations will also be accepted. Come support a worthy cause!

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Re: 11 year old Glenford needs your help - 05/24/12 02:20 PM

Child With Extra Kidney Goes For Corrective Surgery

A 12 year old boy is on his way to the United States to receive surgery to correct a rare condition: he was born with an extra kidney.

Glenford Cadle Jr., a standard 5 student from San Pedro Town, was born with three kidneys. He was diagnosed a couple months ago, and with the help of the World Pediatric Project, he may be able to live a normal life. Robin Schaffer has the story.

Robin Schaffer Reporting

12 year old Glenford Cadle Jr. may look excited as would any other 10 year old headed for the states.

Robin Schaffer
"Have you been to the States before?"

Glenford Cadle Jr. - 12 Year-old Born with 3 Kidneys

Robin Schaffer
"So, are you excited to be going?"

Glenford Cadle Jr.
"Yes, ma'am."

Robin Schaffer
"What are some of the things that you want your parents to do for you when you get there? Where do you want them to take you?"

Glenford Cadle
"A lot of places."

He was booked for an 11 a.m. flight for North Carolina en route to Richmond Virginia, but this std. 5 student isn't going for vacation; he's going for surgery.

Glenford Cadle Sr. - Father
"About 2 months ago, he was diagnosed with a Kidney problem, and we've been to the Belize Healthcare Partners, where he was treated. And we found out that his condition is a very serious. It's been over 2 months now that we've been back and forth to the doctors treating him, taking a lot of antibiotics to keep him going, until finally, this day, we are heading to Richmond Virginia, where he is going to be doing a surgery, probably in the next couple of days - maybe 3 to 4 days."

Glenford Jr. was born with 3 kidneys. He didn't find out about the extra 1 until he was 11 years old and started to get weak and tired.

Glenford Cadle Jr.
"I found out the Sunday night when I fell down, then the Monday morning I felt hurt, and I couldn't stand it. I told my dad how a felt, and they took me to the polyclinic. They gave me a checkup, and they all kinds of tests, and I couldn't feel it."

Robin Schaffer
"Are you nervous or scared?"

Glendford Cadle Jr.
"I'm not that scared for the surgery; I'm glad that they are doing it."

Glenford Cadle Sr.
"He had some small symptoms when he was about 8, but nothing too serious until now when he turned 11, that's when the situation got really bad. He started getting really sleepy, not moving around, and one time, we noticed that in the bathroom, he was passing some urine, and that's when we realized that he had a problem. That's when we first took him to the doctor. It turned out that on the right side, there were 2 kidneys coming together, on the left side, one kidney, which was working excellent, and it turned out where there's 2 kidneys, the top part was working well, and the bottom part was what was causing all the infections. So when we get over there, they're going to look at all of that to see how best they can treat this, and if they have to eliminate the bad piece, or they're going to take out the whole thing. We're going to know when we get there."

So, the family turned to the World Pediatric Project for help, and they say that they are very grateful.

Glenford Cadle Sr.
"It was very dramatic. We had our backs to the wall, and we didn't know what to do until we were sent over to the World Pediatric Project, where our case was submitted to the US, and after 3 weeks, we got a call that our case had been accepted. That was a great feeling for it to be lifted from us to know that our son was going to get good care and treatment to reach back in Belize in good health."

And now the prognosis that he'll live a regular life is good.

Alicia Cadle
"He should be living a normal life, according to the doctors; the US doctors were here in Belize. They had him checked at the Karl Heusner, and he is doing fine so far, and we'll hope for the best for him."

We will keep you updated on his condition...

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